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3 Legal Issues Stemming from Postpartum Depression

Detentions, criminal acts and employment insurance in Illinois

Does Suicide Invalidate an Insurance Claim?

It all depends on the language in the policy

If a Tree Falls in Minnesota and No One is There

Insurance companies will make a sound, assuming it hit someone’s property

In the Eye of a Legal Storm

Minnesotans’ rights when it comes to fighting insurance companies on severe weather …

Don’t Lose to Washington’s Crappy Weather

Be legally prepared in case a flood, wildfire, or earthquake hits home

Home is Burning

Fighting insurance denial in the event of an earthquake, landslide or wildfire in California

Don’t Throw Caution to the Wind

Filing an insurance lawsuit in the event of flooding, windstorms and wildfires in Texas

If a Worker is Injured on Your Property in Ohio

Independent contractor or household employee? It’s the million-dollar insurance …

When Disaster Strikes Florida

Being a savvy insurance consumer pays in the event of coastal storms and flooding

Weathering the Legal Storm

Before the hurricane hits, find out if your insurance policy will leave you under water

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