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Super Lawyers Landlord/Tenant Articles

How the Pandemic Affected Tenants' Rights in NYC

Talking to attorneys about eviction prevention

Can You Get Out of a Lease Agreement?

Yes, but there are some caveats in Northern California

What Can You Do If Your Lease Looks Unfair?

Missouri real estate attorneys give tips for tenants

Guidelines for Renting a Home in Florida

Being prepared before you sign a lease can prevent problems later

How to Avoid Losing Your Home in the Time of COVID-19

Washington state rushes to protect renters from eviction

Your Legal Defenses to Wrongful Eviction

A Connecticut attorney’s advice for tenants against the landlords that want them out

Can I Keep a Tenant’s Security Deposit?

Minnesota landlords face steep penalties if not cautious

How to Respond to a Rent Escrow Action

Minnesota landlords should ensure their properties aren’t at risk

How Do I Evict a Tenant in Minnesota?

Understanding the legal requirements is key for residential and commercial landlords

Can My Tenant Land Me in Jail?

What Minnesota landlords need to look out for

What Building Owners Can Do When Tenants Sublet on Airbnb

Landlords still have liabilities from short-term rentals in San Francisco

Free Legal Advice for Twin Cities Landlords and Tenants

Housing court programs help low-income residents in Hennepin and Ramsey counties

Beware of Rent Control Coming to Northern California

Rather than raising rent, landlords would be better off with a more cooperative approach

Does My Landlord Have to Fix My Refrigerator?

Massachusetts rentals may not require all that you think they do

Preparing to Rent in New York City

What to know before entering into the landlord-tenant relationship

Untangling New York's Super-Confusing Rent Regulations

It’s complicated, so let the experts tell you

Steps to Take if You're Being Wrongfully Evicted in Texas

A landlord cannot just change the locks without warning

Security Deposit Law in Maryland

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, protect your rights

Tenant Rights in New York City

Attorneys talk Renters v. Landlords

An Overview on Landlord and Tenant Law

Understanding your rights and whether you have a legal issue

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