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Super Lawyers Personal Injury - General Articles

What Is Considered a Personal Injury?

When an injury can lead to a legal claim

How To Find a Personal Injury Attorney

Knowing where to look can be crucial

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

How an attorney advocates for your needs and wishes

What Are Common Causes of Personal Injury Claims?

Here are some scenarios that can lead to a lawsuit

How Do I Know If I Have a Personal Injury Case?

Gauging the strengths and weaknesses of your personal injury case

7 Reasons To Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

An experienced attorney can make all the difference

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

The financial impact of making a crucial hire

The 10 Steps of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Here’s what to expect when you litigate a personal injury claim

The Ins and Outs of a Personal Injury Claim in Indiana

What you need for a successful lawsuit, according to personal injury attorneys

What Makes a Good Personal Injury Case in Texas?

Injury, liability and someone with the ability to pay

How Do You Navigate a Personal Injury Case?

Here's how it all works in Texas

How Do You Find a Good Personal Injury Attorney in Texas?

Things to look for when selecting the law firm to handle your personal injury claim

When Should You Settle a Personal Injury Case?

Why a jury trial isn’t always the best way to go

What to Do If You're Injured While Riding a Bike

How to expect the unexpected in NYC

Under What Circumstances Can I Sue for a Slip and Fall?

What Mississippi law says about premises liability

How do Kentucky courts protect sexual assault victims?

The law helps keep identities and personal details secure

Is My Personal Injury Attorney Right for Me?

Comfort and communication are keys

What Proves Recklessness or Negligence in a Wrongful Death Case?

How Kansas courts typically define it, and what you stand to gain with a wrongful death …

Can You Sue If Someone Gives You COVID?

What New Yorkers can do if someone knowingly puts you at risk of the COVID-19 virus

Do Injured Cyclists Need a Bicycle Law Attorney?

For serious injuries, or otherwise, most likely

Who's Responsible for an Injury in a Florida Home?

Who's at fault, who pays, and what do you do?

How Does Indiana Define Negligence in an Injury Case?

It's a crucial element to the state’s personal injury lawsuits

Lawsuits When Someone is Injured in Your Home (and Vice-Versa)

What happens in these personal injury claims, according to New York attorneys

Damages: What They Are and How They're Calculated

What you stand to gain in a Washington, D.C., personal injury case

Suing New York City for a Pothole Injury

Who's liable when you drive, bike or stumble over an NYC pothole?

When Arbitration and Mediation Meet Personal Injury

What to know if your case goes to alternative dispute resolution in Colorado

How Long Will My Personal Injury Trial Take?

Mediation may be the right choice for your claim

Protection for Domestic Abuse Victims in Texas

The Address Confidentiality Program may help

I Got Injured in an Amusement Park Accident. Can I Sue?

How California views liability and assumption of risk

Do You Have a Duty to Prevent Suicide?

Massachusetts May Have Limited Circumstances of College Liability

Is a Restaurant Liable for Allergens in Food?

Legal advice, if you have an adverse reaction in Illinois

To Victims of Sexual Assault: Please Seek Legal Help

Attorneys overcome bias and understand victim behavior in Washington sexual misconduct lawsuits

Suing for Sexual Abuse in Missouri

How to seek justice and stop future sexual assault

Slip-and-Fall Injury Claims Made Easier in Massachusetts

Don’t let your case for injury recovery slide by

Considerations When Looking for a Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring a lawyer is a major decision that requires careful thought

What to Do If You Find a Foreign Object in Your Food

An injury attorney can help with your beef. Literally

Attractive Nuisances: Shocking Liabilities for Homeowners

If a child gets hurt playing on your property, you could be responsible for their injuries

When Commercial Airlines Are at Fault for Injuries

What to do when a commercial airline is at fault for an injury

Who Pays for a Riot?

Tips for property owners when fans and demonstrators turn destructive in Pennsylvania

Recovering Damages Against a Texas Local Government

How “sovereign immunity” can affect your personal injury claim

When Fake Online Profiles Ruin Lives

What can be done when you’re a victim of Catfishing in California?

Can You Sue for Contracting an STD?

Georgia has created safety nets for its health crisis victims

If You’re Injured on a Bike in Minnesota

Resolving insurance and legal issues in a cycling accident

Personal Injury Damages and Proportionate Responsibility

Texas limits recovery to plaintiffs who are 50 percent or less responsible

What Payout Can I get in My Personal Injury Case?

Ohio unfortunately caps damages in personal injury lawsuits

What Oregon personal injury attorneys look for in a case

Personal injury cases aren't as simple as they seem

Laws of the Road for Minnesota Bicyclists

Bikes are vehicles in the eyes of the law (with a few exceptions)

Recovering Damages for an Injury Where I'm Partly at Fault

The basics of New Jersey's “modified comparative negligence” rule

An Overview on Construction Accident Law

Common claims and legal options

An Overview on Personal Injury Law, Plaintiff

Learning about one of the most prevalent areas of tort law

An Overview on Premises Liability Law

What you need to prove when you are injured on someone's property

An Overview on Sexual Abuse Law

Understanding types of abuse and your legal options

An Overview on Wrongful Death Law

If criminal charges fail, a civil case may be possible

An Overview on Aviation Accident Law

Several types of personal injury claims may apply 

Finding a Personal Injury Attorney in New York City

Painless tips to incorporate into your search

The Four Things to Look for in a Personal Injury Case in Colorado

People who complain about frivolous lawsuits have no idea

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