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How Long Do I Have to Make a Malpractice Claim in Ohio?

The statute of limitations to file suit is quite short

Autonomous Car Crashes: Who is to Blame?

For now, it’s humans; but it may soon be the car manufacturers

When Fake Online Profiles Ruin Lives

What can be done when you’re a victim of Catfishing in California?

Can You Sue for Contracting an STD?

Georgia has created safety nets for its health crisis victims

If You’re Injured on a Bike in Minnesota

Resolving insurance and legal issues in a cycling accident

Everybody Hurts

Painless tips for finding a personal injury attorney in Florida

Personal Injury Damages and Proportionate Responsibility

Texas limits recovery to plaintiffs who are 50 percent or less responsible

A Deadly Delay in Diagnosis

Filing a medical malpractice claim in Florida for errors in diagnoses

How Much Can I Get in My Personal Injury Case?

Ohio unfortunately caps damages in personal injury lawsuits

Fault Lines

What Oregon personal injury attorneys look for in a case

Hell on 18 Wheels: Crashes Involving Semi-Trucks

How to build a case if you were in an accident with a commercial vehicle in West Virginia

Is My Personal Injury Worthy of a Case?

Four Missouri attorneys weigh in

Another Driver Caused My Accident. How Much Can I Get?

When motorcycles, cars, and the law collide in South Dakota

Rules of the Road for Minnesota Bicyclists

Bikes are vehicles in the eyes of the law (with a few exceptions)

Recovering Damages for an Injury Where I'm Partly at Fault

The basics of New Jersey's “modified comparative negligence” rule

Whose Fault is It?

How to determine fault and recover damages in a Tennessee car accident suit

Getting Damages from a Car Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault

How to establish proportional comparative fault in a Wisconsin

I Fell and I Can’t Pay Up

How to recover damages in a West Virginia slip-and-fall accident

Establishing Fault in a Car Accident Lawsuit

Who is liable and considered negligent in a San Diego auto accident?

Finding a Personal Injury Attorney in New York City

Painless tips to incorporate into your search

Accidents Will Happen

Here’s what to do, just in case, in New York 

The Four Things to Look for in a Personal Injury Case in Colorado

People who complain about frivolous lawsuits have no idea

Liability, I Choose You!

Legal concerns surrounding Pokémon Go in Illinois

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