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Can You Sue a School for How It Deals with Student Misconduct?

The laws Montana schools must follow to avoid a lawsuit

Tips to Navigate Virtual Schooling

Even virtually, students with special needs are still entitled to a free, appropriate education

How Title IX Changes Impact School Enforcement of Sexual Assault

New federal proposals call for districts to step up their training and reporting

The Difference Between Bullying and Harassment in Massachusetts

One falls under civil rights law, the other anti-bullying law. Here’s how it works.

Trainings and Dedicated Staff Are Crucial to School Investigations

A Massachusetts education attorney’s tips for investigating discrimination and harassment

The Laws Dealing with Special Education in New York

How parents can advocate for the education of a child with special needs

Do I Have to Reach a Collective Bargaining Agreement?

In Connecticut, public teachers cannot legally strike

Can My Special Needs Student be Suspended or Expelled?

“We shouldn’t punish kids for their disability”

How to Seek Academic Advancement for a Special Ed Student

Brighter IDEA: The Supreme Court has clarified standard of free, appropriate public education

An Overview on Education Law

U.S. law requires that every child be given access to an education

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