Super Lawyers securities-and-corporate-finance Articles

The Penalties and Defenses for Insider Trading

Advice from a Florida securities fraud attorney

Brokers and Advisors Have Different Standards of Care

Texas investors must understand the difference when weighing investment advice

Must Investment Brokers Disclose Conflicts of Interest?

New rules proposed by the SEC could assist Illinois investors

PACs Can Solicit Campaign Contributions from Employees

But businesses in Indiana must ensure contributions are voluntary

What Corporate Records Are Shareholders Entitled To?

A limited amount for most in Georgia, unless they can show a purpose for more

Forms Companies Must File with the SEC

An overview of the documents required to avoid charges of fraud

The Shocking State of Securities Fraud

And how to avoid being a Ponzi scheme victim

When Blockchain, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Come Under Attack

A new legal frontier has formed around digital currency fraud, hacking and disputes

The Penalties of Delaware’s Blue Sky Laws

How securities law violations are enforced on the state level

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