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Super Lawyers Trademarks Articles

It Pays to Be Proactive When It Comes to Trademarks

Business advice from New York IP attorneys

What is Involved in Searching and Clearing Trademarks?

How to effectively make your mark in Ohio

Should You Trademark Your Business' Name or Logo?

The importance of brand standing in Michigan

How to Prepare for the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

What Texans need to know about trademark oppositions and cancellations

What Are Trademark Agreements and How Do They Work?

A breakdown of consent, concurrent use, and coexistence agreements

Trade Dress: What It Is and How to Protect Yours

An overview of what New Jersey and federal trademark laws say

Trade Dress Law and the Hidden Protections It Provides

Don’t let interlopers in Minnesota steal your image

What If My Business or Product Name is Already Being Used?

Intellectual property issues in selecting a name in Pennsylvania

Can I Sue if My Brand is Used in a Domain Name?

How to resolve trademark disputes in Washington state

Is a Trademark Worth the Cost?

When to register a trademark or service mark in Pennsylvania

How Do I Enforce My Trademark?

Planning a legal battle for your intellectual property

Trademarked in Tennessee

How musical acts in Nashville can claim and defend their names

Do I Need an Attorney to Apply for a Trademark?

Potential legal hurdles in the trademark application process

Should I Register My Trademark?

It’s not required, but there are advantages for Georgians

An Overview on Trademark Law

The registration process and how to enforce your mark

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