Louisiana Super Lawyers Articles

“The New Lady Lawyer in Town”

An oral history of the first wave of female attorneys

Featuring Gracella Simmons, …

Back on His Feet

After risky surgery for a brain tumor, maritime lawyer David Sharpe dives into recovery

Featuring David B. Sharpe

Broussard For the Defenders

How Maggie Broussard found her calling working for public defenders—and foster children

Featuring Maggie A. Broussard

Local Counsel with Blake R. David

Lafayette’s Blake David tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Blake R. David

Romero & Romero

The Right Track

From railroads to secret fried chicken recipes, Ben Slater is a force in the courtroom

Featuring Benjamin R. Slater, III

Safe Haven

Michelle Roy takes an asylum case with the highest of stakes

Featuring Michelle M. Roy

Discovery with Erzsebet Pifko

Erzsebet Pifko talks particle physics, Bowie and Oreo cheesecake

Featuring Erzsebet Pifko

Local Counsel with Paul J. Masinter

New Orleans attorney Paul Masinter tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Paul J. Masinter

Romero & Romero

Quit or Get Better

James Boren has dedicated his life to tough cases in which clients’ lives are often on the line

Featuring James E. Boren

Tribulations About Trials

Whereby Judge Dodd gives young lawyers advice about ‘Wherebys’


Thrillers Gotta Thrill

Three local attorneys have second lives as historical thriller authors

Featuring Michael H. Rubin, …

Beating the Odds

Glenn Armentor pays it forward by giving needy kids a leg up

Featuring Glenn J. Armentor

Taking on Jimmy Swaggart

25 years ago, Hunter Lundy’s life and career took shape because of the televangelist suit

Featuring Hunter W. Lundy

State of Emergency

Mark C. Surprenant rallies fellow Louisiana bar members to improve access to justice

Featuring Mark C. Surprenant

Discovery with Sara C. Valentine

Notorious pen hoarder Sara C. Valentine on her courtroom walk-up music

Featuring Sara C. Valentine

Romero & Romero

‘Happy to Hear From Mr. Lee’

Business and insurance lawyer Wayne Lee is professional and humble

Featuring Wayne J. Lee

Romero & Romero

The Need of the Moment

Elder law and estate planning attorney Carole Cukell Neff on good pro bono work and bad actors

Featuring Carole Cukell Neff

Will Crocker

If the Robe Fits …

Lynn Luker returned to her business litigation and civil litigation defense practice in January after a six-month appointment to the Orleans Parish Civil District Court. We spoke with her in the middle of her judicial stint

Featuring Lynn Luker

Romero & Romero

Rock Solid

Coastal litigation, airplane rescues and J. Rock Palermo III

Featuring J. Rock Palermo, III

Will Crocker

From Clover Grill to the Courthouse

PI attorney Darleen M. Jacobs flipped burgers before she filed cases

Featuring Darleen M. Jacobs

Will Crocker

Fowler Libre

International lawyer George J. Fowler III of Fowler Rodriguez speaks freely on Fidel Castro, maritime disasters and intestinal fortitude

Featuring George J. Fowler, III

Will Crocker

The Unflinching Advocate

Business litigator Nancy Scott Degan plays hard and by the rules

Featuring Nancy Scott Degan

Will Crocker

Fundamental Fairness

Trey McCowan of Kean Miller in Baton Rouge speaks on the role of the judicial system after natural disasters, the quality of Louisiana’s environmental litigators and working to improve the quality of representation for post-conviction cases.

Featuring Charles S. (Trey) McCowan, III

George Long

Legal Knight

Trial lawyer Russ M. Herman battles pharmaceutical companies and Big Tobacco

Featuring Russ M. Herman

George Long

The Problem Solver

Former IRS attorney Jaye A. Calhoun of McGlinchey Stafford on how tax law can be a bit like the Wild West or Nintendo

Featuring Jaye A. Calhoun

George Long

Catching Up with Jaye A. Calhoun

Jaye Calhoun is still the problem solver that we featured in 2012

Featuring Jaye A. Calhoun

Font of Wisdom

Mike Fontham has saved Louisiana consumers more than a billion dollars

Featuring Michael R. Fontham

It’s Good to be King

Full-time med mal defense attorney and part-time royalty, Marc Judice represents doctors with pride

Featuring Marc W. Judice

A Sweat-Equity Kind of Job

New Orleans attorney James M. Williams hates to lose and will outwork you to make sure he doesn’t

Featuring James M. Williams

Ethics, Dignity and Judy Barrasso

The Barrasso Usdin Kupperman Freeman & Sarver attorney speaks on the importance of details and why she’s been in trial so often in the past five years

Featuring Judy Y. Barrasso

The Baroness of Bankruptcy

Jan Hayden has confirmed bankruptcy plans for casinos, oil companies—and an alligator farm

Featuring Jan M. Hayden

Cliff Notes

Cliff Rankin deftly handles the Shaw Group’s legal dealings 


Tongue of Fire

Johnny deGravelles on PI law, rock ‘n' roll and who gets to be Shadrach


Bringing New Orleans Back

Kim Boyle defends her clients—and her hometown

Featuring Kim M. Boyle

The Fine Line Between Mercy and Murder

Rick Simmons defends a doctor accused of post-Katrina ‘mercy killings'

Featuring Richard (Rick) T. Simmons, Jr.

Look, Up in the Sky!

A bird? Superman? No, it's a plane flown by Daniel Rester


Head Above Water

John Morton's life with Parkinson's and in the pool

Featuring John Morton

The Lawyer as Surgeon

Phillip Wittmann’s unshakeable poise and precise trial moves win cases for his big-business clients

Featuring Phillip A. Wittmann

The Born Communicator

From picking cotton to tackling some of the nation’s toughest class action suits, W. James Singleton isn’t afraid of hard work. And he’s never at a loss for words

Featuring Willie James Singleton

The Life Aquatic

Is your oil rig on its way to Davy Jones’ locker? Call Donald Abaunza

Featuring Donald R. Abaunza

Quitters Never Win, But Sometimes Winners Quit

Nancy Marshall turns New Orleans politics on its head

Featuring Nancy J. Marshall

The Empty Chair

How Robert Glass helped save an innocent man from death row

Featuring Robert S. Glass

The Greatest

In Jack Martzell’s half-century career, he has represented Muhammad Ali and the KKK has wanted him dead


In the Aftermath of Katrina

Three lawyers tell of their post-hurricane legal work

Featuring Allan Kanner, …

Louisiana’s Media Maven

Mary Ellen Roy’s lifelong love of the media has made her the state’s pre-eminent First Amendment lawyer

Featuring Mary Ellen Roy

The Perfect Gentleman

For Henry Alsobrook Jr., imagination is everything. That, and fine wine


The Son Also Rises

Robert Kerrigan has gone from errand boy to name partner at his father’s firm

Featuring Robert E. Kerrigan, Jr.

The Disgraces of Death Row

Neal Walker brings justice to what he calls an unjust system


Attorney By Day, Blogger By Night

Ernie Svenson’s double life

Featuring Ernest E. Svenson

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