Finding a Place for Print in Your Law Firm's Marketing

Super Lawyers Playbook

Rumors keep circling about the death of print. Yet, it persists and performs. Yes, the landscape for print advertising has changed, but tangible marketing collateral remains a critical piece of a comprehensive plan.


No other medium can ensure readers’ attention like print. Consumers spend less time multitasking with hard-copy content than digital mediums, meaning advertising in print provides law firms with the undivided attention of potential clients.


When getting in front of and keeping the legal consumer’s attention has never been more difficult, you need to do everything you can to become the go-to attorney. Finding a Place for Print in Your Law Firm’s Marketing will show how print advertising still provides an opportunity to create positive brand sentiment and reach an engaged audience.


Download this playbook to learn more about:

  • Being Consistent Online and in Print
  • Using Clear Calls-To-Action
  • Utilizing Professional Photography
  • Analyzing Your Marketing
Finding a Place for Print in Your Law Firm's Marketing
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