Maryland Super Lawyers Articles

‘The City was on Fire’

Six African-American attorneys on rising up in the backyard of Thurgood Marshall—and navigating Baltimore’s legal landscape, before and after Freddie Gray

Featuring Michael A. Brown, …

Cruz Control

Levin & Gann’s first female managing partner keeps things steady with levelheaded calmness

Featuring Debra B. Cruz

You Had Me at Hello

Meet Gary Leibowitz, who runs a one-stop agent-and-lawyer shop for athlete clients

Featuring Gary H. Leibowitz

Oh Snap

Lawyer-photographer Leslie Billman went from snapping still lifes to capturing the world’s most dynamic athletes

Featuring Leslie G. Billman

Shedding Light

What’s the long-term effect of true-crime series like Serial and Making a Murderer? C. Justin Brown mostly sees positives

Featuring C. Justin Brown

Discovery with Cecilia B. Paizs

Cecilia Paizs passed three different bar exams on the first try—if she didn’t already have a gold medal, we’d give her one.

Featuring Cecilia B. Paizs

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Estate Planning

Steven Widdes lightened the mood with self-deprecating humor

Featuring Steven A. Widdes

The Protector of Families

Montgomery County family law magistrate Bibi Berry says attorneys guided by the core value of steadfast integrity can do no wrong

When Love Walked In

As lawyer John Cord and his wife, Kelly, were working their way through their bucket list, they decided it was time to open their doors to a foster child

Featuring John Cord

An Empire of Concealed Assets

How Richard Goldberg and David Shuster got terminating sanctions in a bankruptcy case

Featuring David J. Shuster, …

(R)IP Address

What happens to our e-pulse after death? Estate planning Anne Coventry is on the case

Featuring Anne W. Coventry

Local Counsel with Robert Brewer Jr.

The Bethesda attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Robert G. Brewer, Jr.

The Untouchables

Whether defending public enemy No.1 or Baltimore’s most reviled organization, Joshua Treem takes the clients no one else will

Featuring Joshua R. Treem

The Crisis at Hand

Stuart Knotts Skok’s unique knowledge of divorces involving children with special needs

Featuring Stuart Knotts Skok

The Music Man

Steve Elville helps tune up local music programs

Featuring Stephen R. Elville

The Riveter

Lisa Sparks opens doors to the law for underprivileged girls

Featuring Lisa D. Sparks

Tech Support

How an early fascination with programming led Michael Oliver to computer law

Featuring Michael D. Oliver

Ever Ready. Ever Faithful. Ever on the Watch.

How will the DOJ report impact criminal law in Baltimore?

All the President's Men

Ninety-four, to be exact, in President Donald Trump’s graduating class at New York Military Academy. Baltimore’s Paul Bekman was one of them

Featuring Paul D. Bekman

Local Counsel with Emerson L. Dorsey Jr.

Real estate attorney Emerson L. Dorsey Jr. tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Emerson L. Dorsey, Jr.

The Human Touch

Kerry D. Staton is such a good lawyer he almost bankrupted BaltimoreFeaturing Kerry D. Staton


Forget a sports car—Heather Hostetter and Amy Strent made the most of a “mid-life crisis” when they struck out on their ownFeaturing Heather Q. Hostetter, …

Under the Microscope

How Serial helped C. Justin Brown’s case for Adnan Syed—and how it opened his every legal move to scrutinyFeaturing C. Justin Brown

The Long Recovery

Ron Karp is still fighting for the victims of the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombing in KenyaFeaturing Ronald A. Karp


McGuireWoods’ Ava Lias-Booker on why she’s tired of ‘first’ but not ‘more’Featuring Ava E. Lias-Booker

Not The Secretary, The Assistant, The Typist, The Helpmate

Even though lawyering is in her blood, in the male-dominated legal world of the 1970s, M. Natalie McSherry had to prove all the things she wasn’t before she could prove what she wasFeaturing M. Natalie McSherry

Across The Aisle Style

Benjamin Rosenberg wants to beat his opponents, not beat them downFeaturing Benjamin Rosenberg

How Dondi West Was Won

The Baltimore lawyer keeps his eyes on the frontiers of technology while helping fellow service membersFeaturing Dondi West

From the Barre to the Bar

Rebecca A. Nitkin traded in her pointe shoes for a criminal defense practice

The Constant Constables

James Constable, the fifth generation of Constables to practice law in Maryland, tells us about his passion for preserving land, growing up in the country, and that time his great-great uncle almost clobbered a U.S. presidentFeaturing James W. Constable

Killing Them with Kindness

Plaintiff’s lawyers hate to face Donald L. DeVries Jr. in a courtroom because he is so darn niceFeaturing Donald L. DeVries, Jr.

The Humanizer

Criminal defense attorney Rene Sandler has one job: defendFeaturing Rene Sandler

Blind Spot

Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum works to shed light on the issues those with disabilities faceFeaturing Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum

Defiant DNA

Companies that place people over profit should fear Robert K. JennerFeaturing Robert Jenner

The Boy on the Bay

It didn’t take a message in a bottle for M. Hamilton “Tony” Whitman Jr. to grow up to be a maritime lawyer. Instead, it was sailing on the Chesapeake Bay as a boy and, later, serving time in the NavyFeaturing M. Hamilton Whitman, Jr.

Chasing the Issue

Caroline Ciraolo always liked numbers; but it’s her people skills that make her a top tax controversy attorneyFeaturing Caroline D. Ciraolo

The Quiet Man

A family law case with Michael G. Hendler means intelligent dialogue and client resolutionFeaturing Michael G. Hendler

Silver Lining

From fundraising to pro bono work, bankruptcy lawyer Irving E. Walker helps break down barriers for the homeless of MarylandFeaturing Irving E. Walker

Whistle Blown

Genevievette Walker-Lightfoot had evidence in 2004 that Bernie Madoff was committing fraud; no one listenedFeaturing Genevievette E. Walker-Lightfoot

Maryland Law & Politics

Timothy F. Maloney talks ’70s politics, civility among lawyers, and having a gun pointed at his headFeaturing Timothy F. Maloney

Maryland Law & Politics

Timothy F. Maloney talks ’70s politics, civility among lawyers, and having a gun pointed at his headFeaturing Timothy F. Maloney

The Sharecropper’s Son

Colleagues say Ken Ravenell is one of the hardest-working lawyers in the state; but he says he knows what hard work really isFeaturing Kenneth W. Ravenell


Employment lawyer Kathleen Cahill shakes things up locally and nationallyFeaturing Kathleen Cahill

Love and Documents

Lawrence Jacobs helps same-sex couples plan their estatesFeaturing Lawrence S. Jacobs

Insurance Exchange

Jeffrey A. Wothers, managing partner of Niles, Barton & Wilmer, talks insurance, Lloyd’s of London, and why the founder of his firm was jailed by Abraham LincolnFeaturing Jeffrey A. Wothers

Catching Up with Kathleen Cahill

Since appearing in the 2012 Super Lawyers Magazine article, employment lawyer Kathleen Cahill continues to have a full plate. 

Featuring Kathleen Cahill

The Devil and Paul Mark Sandler

For the noted trial attorney, argument, in its scholarly sense, is central to his lifeFeaturing Paul Mark Sandler

Lien Machine

Deborah Hunt Devan is a stock speculator, a private investigator and a CEO; in other words, a bankruptcy lawyer


Aisha Braveboy is both lawyer and delegateFeaturing Aisha N. Braveboy

Small Oil

Harry Storm represents the corner gas station

Unnecessary Roughness

Workers’ comp lawyer Benjamin Boscolo represents plumbers, bus drivers and Baltimore RavensFeaturing Benjamin T. Boscolo

Rifkin, Not Ripken

Alan Rifkin has represented Maryland’s Senate, governor, jockey club, and, yes, its baseball teamFeaturing Alan M. Rifkin

‘If You Run Big, Dangerous Things, You Have an Obligation to Run Them Safely’

The philosophy of Constellation Energy’s Charles Berardesco

Medium Cool

How Susan Preston went from fiery protester to cool med-mal attorneyFeaturing Susan T. Preston

A New York Yankees Fan in Baltimore’s Bankruptcy Court

Paul M. Nussbaum succeeds at helping failing businessesFeaturing Paul M. Nussbaum

Some Little Ol’ Lawyer in Rockville

For 50 years, Albert D. Brault has fought for the righteous cause; he also changed lawFeaturing Albert D. Brault


Jeffrey Nusinov used to fix what you used to wind on your wristFeaturing Jeffrey E. Nusinov

‘Brace for Impact’

Venable’s James Hanks Jr. was the last passenger out of Flight 1549Featuring James J. Hanks, Jr.

The Very Model of a Modern General Litigator

Brian Goodman has fun every summer with Gilbert and SullivanFeaturing Brian S. Goodman

Q&A With Ward B. Coe III

The Gallagher Evelius & Jones attorney talks about taking on country clubs, S&Ls—and skunksFeaturing Ward B. Coe, III

High Hurdles

How Olympian Edward Neufville overcame civil war, immigrant status and a speech impediment to amend the U.S. Patriot ActFeaturing Edward W. Neufville, III

We Will Sell No Astrachan Before Its Time

James Astrachan is a "professionally focused attorney" mixed with the "nuttiness of an intuitive ad man"Featuring James B. Astrachan

The Collector

Robert T. Franklin is a maniac for Baltimore sports memorabilia and die-cast model trucks

Mr. Everything

A soldier, a cop, a deacon and a lawyer walk into a bar—and they're all Francis LawsFeaturing Francis R. Laws

The Lawyer’s Lawyer

Why Andrew Jay Graham believes any case can be wonFeaturing Andrew Jay Graham

The Lawyer Who Cleaned Up Baseball

Charles Scheeler on The Wire, WorldCom and the worst middle seat everFeaturing Charles P. Scheeler

The Pit Bull

To Michele Nethercott, innocence is more than a project

The Amazing Snyder-Man

Stephen Snyder is the master of the nine-figure case; now he’s going for 10!!

The Gentleman

Paul Bekman puts people at ease—which works well with allies and even better on opponentsFeaturing Paul D. Bekman

Still the Authority

How Alison Asti survived someone else’s turf war

More Than a Game

Jeff Schwaber has raised $3 million (and counting) for D.C.’s homeless

The Littlest Brother

The best prep for law and life, Paul Sweeney knows, is two older brothersFeaturing Paul M. Sweeney

Weekend Renaissance Man

Jonathan Claiborne acts, motorcycles and provides color commentary for Terrapins football

Changing the Face of America

How Sheela Murthy went from immigrant to immigration lawyerFeaturing Sheela Murthy

The Complete Trial Lawyer

How Arnold Weiner brought down a vice president, rehabilitated a congressman and won the preakness stakesFeaturing Arnold M. Weiner

The Barracuda with a Big Heart

Whether representing the Black Panthers or Bill Gates, Billy Murphy knows when to go for the killFeaturing William H. "Billy" Murphy, Jr.

On the Side of the Underdog

Med-mal lawyer Kathleen Howard Meredith switched from defendant to plaintiff representation, and that has made all the differenceFeaturing Kathleen Howard Meredith

Nice Guy Finishes First

Ron Shapiro's long-term relationship-building approach lost him Oprah, but won him Cal Ripken Jr., the respect of his peers and a Hollywood endingFeaturing Ronald M. Shapiro

The Supreme Thrill

Six Maryland attorneys talk about arguing before the U.S. Supreme CourtFeaturing Kenneth W. Ravenell, …

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