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Massachusetts Super Lawyers Articles

All Eyes On Her

Rosemary Scapicchio wins long-haul cases for Sean Ellis and others

Catching Up With the Coluccis

Darin and Dino on brotherhood, making clients happy, and who Mom liked best

Super Friends

When one of Batman’s creators needed justice, Stacey Friends swooped in

Helping the Next Generation

Mahsa Khanbabai knows the challenges immigrants face — she’s faced them herself

The Whole Picture

Tax lawyer Ameek Ponda combines the macro and the micro

Science Fiction and Science Fact

Kirsten Mayer takes on junk science one wrongful conviction at a time

Patent Portent

Giovanna Fessenden’s family history of inventing presaged her career in IP law

Navigating Court Closures During the Pandemic

Massachusetts' Bar Association president shares advice and resources for attorneys

Steady Under Pressure

Russell Beck excels when business disputes come in “short, fast and hot”

Changing the Balance

How Mala Rafik tips the scales toward plaintiffs in employee benefits litigation

“The Collective Failure”

Ropes & Gray attorneys on investigating Larry Nassar

An Everyday Guy from Dorchester

Neil Sugarman looks back on more than 50 years in the law

Keep Calm and Litigate On

Lisa Arrowood wins cases with tranquil intensit

J.D., JD

James “J.D.” Smeallie of Holland & Knight in Boston speaks out on athletic conference realignment litigation, leading the Boston Bar and being quoted in Sports Illustrated

An Interview with Lani Guinier

The Harvard law professor and civil rights activist talks about road-tripping with Clarence Thomas, the next generation of lawyers, and what still divides our country

The Details and the Big Picture

White-collar defender Karen F. Green has the rare ability to see both

Jason Allen Rosenberg’s Sense of Community

The real estate lawyer builds bridges with legal work and disability advocacy

The Code of Law

Former computer programmer Michael A. Albert of Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks has developed one of Massachusetts' most significant IP litigation practices

The Man Behind the Largest Pro Bono Effort in History

Leo Boyle knew everything would change after 9/11. He vowed to make some of that change positive

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, Class Is Now in Session

Julia Huston brings an educator’s eye to the law

Wearing Harvard Crimson

Robert Iuliano on Larry Summers, life in Cambridge and the university as a corporation

Palin in Comparison

Lisa Palin stood up for an attempted rape victim and helped set an important precedent in the process

Q&A With Paul Sugarman

The co-founder of Sugarman & Sugarman with his brother Neil, Paul Sugarman has, over the course of a 50-year legal career, scored victories over General Motors and Eli Lilly in personal injury cases and has championed court reform.

Wearing Harvard Crimson

Robert Iuliano on Larry Summers, life in Cambridge and the university as a corporation

All the World’s a Courtroom

Joan Lukey's flair for the dramatic       

Nancy Shilepsky's Legacy

Losing isn't an option

When the Dishes Start Flying

Family law attorneys tell us how they deal with good people at their worst

The Most Important Time Is Now

Boston attorney Sam Kim's penchant for Christian charity leads him to serve more than his clients

Josh Dalton and the Green Monster

One Boston attorney’s tale of defending baseball’s most famous wall

Gina Barry's Pet Project

Here’s one lawyer who cares what happens to your pet after you’re gone

The Man Behind the Camera

Michael Rader wants you to be informed on Middle East issues

The Storyteller

The appeal of a well-told tale inspired Kathryn Conde to become a commercial litigator

The Power of Marsha Kazarosian

How one attorney got a country club to play fair

Albano's Crusade

Jonathan Albano forced the Catholic Church to open its sealed records on sexual abuse

A Fireside Chat with James Roosevelt Jr.

The only thing he has to fear is … that the Bush administration will try again to privatize his grandfather’s Social Security system

The Road to Equality

Mary Bonauto fights for love and marriage

Oh Henry!

Vickie Henry has made a career of winning difficult fights and doing it with a smile

A Valuable Deduction

Tax attorney Eric Rothenberg invests in big-screen success

Catching the Shutter Bug

Fine-art photographer Clyde Bergstresser captures the world on film

Monkey Business

Ellen Epstein Cohen doesn’t clown around when she represents the circus

Freedom Fighter

Jennifer Chunias can't rest knowing innocent people are in prison

"He Helped Me With Everything I Have in America"

Halim Moris came to the United States at age 15 with only a backpack and $25 in hand, now he's one of the top immigration lawyers in Boston

Striving for Perfection

Anna Sankaran works hard to set an example for Boston's growing south Asian legal community

Wonder Woman

There is exactly one life sciences patent attorney in the state with a side practice in quantum mechanics: Brenda Herschbach Jarrell

The Conservative Libertarian

Mike Williams chafes at the use of racial preferences anywhere in society

Beautiful Days in The Neighborhoods

Lee Harrington looks back on his life as a rock god

Fever Pitcher

David T. Mitrou takes his throwing arm to the big screen, courtesy of the Farrelly Brothers

The Storyteller

Ike Williams knows a good tale when he reads one. Just ask Norman Mailer.

To Russia With Love

Natasha Lisman has come a long way from a primitive hovel in Kazakhstan

Leader of the Pack

When Russia’s richest man needed defense counsel, he turned to John Pappalardo

Saving Ray Charles

Ed Masterman and Paul Redmond convinced a Boston judge to send the music legend to drug rehabilitation instead of prison

Patriot Games

Super Lawyer Jack Mula never tires of Super Bowls

Chart Topper

Maggie Lange knows her tunes from her torts

David Hosp's Dark Harbor

Lots of lawyers dream about writing a novel one day. This guy did it, and it’s getting worldwide distribution

Most Valuable Player

Rachel Splaine Rollins has channeled the competitive drive that made her a top lacrosse player into a groundbreaking legal career

Soul Man

Dan Rabinovitz performs in court by day and with rock ’n’ soul legends by night

The Evel Knievel of Boston Law

Think Darin Smith is daunted by much after taking turns at 125 mph? Not likely

New England Patriot

Few take the responsibilities of US citizenship as seriously as Peter Vickery

Top Gun

Whether in a cockpit at 3,000 feet or on stage with the Boston Pops, Alison Reif stays in control

The 50 Masks of Judson Pierce

For Judson Pierce, the play’s the thing

The Lawyer as Swinger

Doug Clapp scores low on the golf course and high in his law practice

Is Randy Bodner the Bravest Lawyer in Boston?

After standing up to the Luchese organized crime family and the notoriously violent Medellin cocaine cartel, not much scares Randy Bodner these days

Portrait of the Artist as an Attorney

Forget about left-brain/right-brain and consider these whole-brain lawyers, who somehow manage to function at high levels in two distinctly different worlds: art and the law

The Problems of Sticking to Principle

What do you do when your client seems to stand for the opposite of everything you believe?

Jeff Newman Goes From Reporting the News to Making It

Where do you train to learn First Amendment rights? The National Enquirer, of course

Lyman Bullard's Wide World of Sports

A man who never stopped playing games

Alimony from a Dead Man

In a feat akin to getting turnip blood, Shannon Fitzpatrick blazed a trail

The Trial Lawyer's Gift to America

After September 11, the threat of lawsuits hung over the American economy — until Leo Boyle and the trial lawyers took over

How to Handle a Merger

Bill Lee knew it was grow or languish for his firm, but the waters he had to navigate were filled with sharks

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