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Michigan Super Lawyers Articles

Troubled Waters

Recounting the historic legal battle that resulted from the Flint Water Crisis

A Lot to Write Home About

How Lisa Schmidt’s penchant for writing took over her entire practice

From Sorrow to Salvation

How Gabi Silver helped free Richard Phillips from a life sentence

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lawyer

Miles Macik traded in his NFL jersey for a business suit

Taking Chances

Brian McKeen’s medical malpractice career is defined by cases that weren’t obvious winners

Facing the Fear

When the pandemic hit, Lori Becker geared up to help as an emergency responder

'These Are the Women to Call'

Great Lakes Legal Group was born of, and defined by, a tight relationship

We Invited Everyone

Justice Brennan’s 80th birthday and other fond memories from Marie Deveney’s clerkship

Advocate Butterfly

Outside the office, Madelaine Lane’s high notes come on the opera stage

Sorting Out Estate Plans, Divorce and Custody Under COVID-19

Rather than giving up, Ryan Kelly has found ways to adapt in clients’ time of need

The Writing's On the Wall

The signs that guided Jennifer Salvatore to open her own employment and civil rights firm

The Lawyer in Wolf's Clothing

Bodybuilding, engineering and even martial arts influence Wolfgang Mueller’s law practice

Tales Out of School

Timothy J. Mullins represents school districts and their myriad legal issues

Books and Cable Shows and Podcasts, Oh My!

A Q&A with Henry Gornbein about his many irons in the fire

Finding My America

Six immigrants share their journeys to become Michigan attorneys

Sheila Eddy’s Stout Defense

The IP attorney uses humor to protect a brewery and fight off the band LMFAO

The Way Back Home

Homayune Ghaussi works to bring law back to Afghanistan

Notes from Justice Souter

Clerking for a SCOTUS judge left a lasting impact on Riyaz Kanji

Mr. Bursch Goes Back to Washington

John Bursch has had 14 U.S. Supreme Court cases, and won 10 of them

A Chemical Action

Bud Roegge litigates an agricultural disaster

Their Greatest Gift

What Amy Tripp’s grandparents taught her about life and elder law

Local Counsel with Jody B. Lipton

The Southfield attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

The Classic American Urban Story

“Lifetime Detroiter” Saul Green fights every day for his city and its people

The Conversationalist

Disciplined for talking too much in school, Kathleen Lang now uses those skills to relate to others in the courtroom

Walking in Their Shoes

How Barone Defense Firm uses psychodrama to help clients cope with traumatic events

‘Pretty Damn Obvious’

How Doug Donnell and John Anding busted Huntington National Bank

Horse Sense

Julie I. Fershtman brings legal knowledge to the equine industry

Clean Water Runs Deep

Mike Turco helps provide potable water to the communities that need it most

Discovery with Raquel A. Salas

The Wyoming attorney doesn’t need coffee to feel refreshed—just travel, laughter and ABBA

Last Gladiator Standing

Civil rights and employment attorney Deborah L. Gordon gets in the pit

The Benefits of Raising Your Hand

Scott A. Wolfson of Wolfson Bolton in Troy on bittersweet boom times and how a bankruptcy lawyer wound up trying a freedom of religion case

Walking Tall

Riyaz A. Kanji goes to bat for tribal clients

The Natural

Litigator E. Powell Miller loves the national pastime and has one of his own: winning multimillion-dollar cases

Defending People after the Worst Day of Their Life

Criminal defense attorney Margaret Sind Raben of Gurewitz & Raben shares stories of incorrect paperwork, double jeopardy and the legal definition of a dating relationship

Solid Foundation

Ronald Strote keeps his feet on the ground in his construction law and ADR practice

Something More Than Civil

Darcie R. Brault embodies the Midwestern qualities of Michigan’s labor and employment bar


Taking a ride through Divorce Land with family law attorney Susan E. Cohen

She Isn’t Afraid of ERISA

Mary Jo Larson demystifies the world of employee benefits law

Dignity for Detroit's Down and Out

Bodman PLC provides much-needed aid to the city’s homeless and low-income residents

Broke, But Not Broken

Ralph E. McDowell, bankruptcy attorney at Bodman PLC, talks about the supply and demand balancing act, and his belief that Detroit can prevail through hard times.

The Low-Key Litigator

Keefe Brooks stays calm in the courtroom

Love of the Deal

Aleksandra “Aleks” Miziolek, the director of Dykema’s automotive industry group, follows the golden rule of transactional law: get the deal done

Shannon Smith's Calling

She represents clients accused of some of Michigan’s worst crimes

David Kotzian Shoots From the Hip

The employment law attorney prides himself on being straightforward with clients and colleagues

From the Fields to the Courtroom

Former migrant worker Cirilo Martinez is determined to help immigrants

The Spartan Way

Michigan State’s many legal clinics assist residents all over the state

Scientific inquiry

Sharon M. Woods, of Barris, Sott, Denn & Driker, applies scientific thinking to her business litigation practice

The Ride of a Lifetime

Through nearly four decades of litigation, Jon Muth says it’s the people along the way who count

The Star-Studded Career of R. Terrance Rader

Meet the attorney who trademarked the KISS faces and patented Neil Young’s model-train control—and hadn’t even planned to go into law

Sue Ellen Eisenberg: Writing History

She helped level the playing field for women and minorities

Whistler’s Lawyer

Qui tam lawyer David Haron helps clients come forward

Full Speed Ahead

David Leitch led Ford’s legal team through the auto crisis, preserving an iconic American brand

Tell Aviv

To Joseph Aviv, positive word-of-mouth speaks louder than academic accolades

Wheels of Justice

Four lawyers tell why they defend—or do battle with—the troubled auto industry

You Can Call Him Mayor

Or you can call him counselor. Ralph A. Castelli Jr. wears both hats well

The Networker

Raj A. Malviya believes in people power

The Spirits Move Her

But life hasn’t always been smooth pouring for liquor-law expert Kelly Allen

The Slam-Dunker

Cary McGehee plays above the rim

Talking the Walk

Henry S. Gornbein takes law to the airwaves

Rx for Hospitals: Q&A with Robert P. Roth

Robert P. Roth practices medical malpractice defense at Portnoy & Roth in Bloomfield Hills. He recently became a troubleshooter for Hospital Corporation of America, the nation’s largest hospital chain

The Grand Plan

To Richard Victor, nothing can take the place of a grandparent        

Heart of the Matter

To George Googasian, every case is personal        

Supreme Thrill

Three local lawyers get their day in the nation's highest court        

Ties That Bind

Families who litigate together stay together  

Master Mentor

Atleen Kaur means business when it comes to helping Michigan's South Asian community

In Brian Etzel’s Perfect World …

... hodgepodge city planning just wouldn't exist  

The "Aw, Shucks" Lawyer

David Christensen, a knight of the Order of the Dannebrog, hasn’t lost the common touch

That's Entertainment

With clients ranging from rappers to famous authors, Howard Hertz’s career is a roller coaster. Just how he likes it.

Beyond the Water Cooler

When tensions reach the breaking point between bosses and employees, it’s time for the lawyers to sort things out

Order in the Chorus

Justin Klimko’s musical parodies target most everyone

The Lawyer Who Takes Your Temperature

Gretchen Colter moonlights as a nurse

The Good Fight

Lisa Gleicher's victory for cancer patients

The Storyteller

Eugene Driker on preparation, inspiration and the essence of the case

The Team Player

Dennis Archer has been a state Supreme Court justice, two-term mayor of Detroit and president of the ABA — and he still considers it a privilege to practice law

Playing Atticus

Jon March is one of the best lawyers in the state, but last fall he got to play the greatest of them all

Justice at Abu Ghraib

Since 9/11, Shereef Akeel has fought for American Muslims; but his biggest case is a class action lawsuit on behalf of the prisoners of Abu Ghraib

Our Prisoners, Ourselves

Deborah LaBelle is using the state Legislature and international law to reform U.S. prisons

Reflections on the Bar

Tom Cranmer tells what he’s learned as president of the Michigan Bar Association

Defending the Despicable

Michigan’s top criminal defense attorneys make a case for defending the bad guys

Putting the "Pro" in Pro Bono

Michigan's top attorneys set the bar for helping others

Divorce Lawyer War Stories

Four of Michigan's top divorce attorneys recount their most memorable cases

What's Going On?

Henry Baskin represented Marvin Gaye and hosts a cable law program, but his legacy may be in family law

When the Revolution Didn't Happen

John Willems went from representing unions to management, but he still preaches the same gospel

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