Minnesota Super Lawyers Articles

Richard Fleischman

The Steady Boat in the Storm

Lymari Santana makes the most of every opportunity

Featuring Lymari J. Santana

Richard Fleischman

David Bradley Olsen Hates Making Headlines

But when you represent Jesse Ventura and Brock Lesnar, sometimes you can’t help it

Featuring David Bradley Olsen

'The Trees are Gone'

Lymari Santana returns to Puerto Rico for the first time since Hurricane Maria

Featuring Lymari J. Santana

Marty Swaden’s Encore

The singer-turned-lawyer moonlights as a theater performer

Featuring Marty Swaden

Small Community, Big Boosts

Jennifer Miernicki on the nuances of working in tribal finance

Featuring Jennifer D. Miernicki

Traffick Alert

How Karla Vehrs helps the most vulnerable of immigrants

Featuring Karla M. Vehrs

Discovery with Kristi A. Hastings

Kristi Hastings on baking, hockey-season dinners and power-mad 11-year-old judges

Featuring Kristi A. Hastings

Local Counsel with Andrew R. Peterson

Born and raised in Virginia, Minnesota, curling enthusiast Andy Peterson shares his favorite Iron Range spots

Featuring Andrew R. Peterson

Richard Fleischman

Order & Law

How Eric Magnuson’s devotion to deductive thinking took him to the state Supreme Court and back

Featuring Eric J. Magnuson

House of Hanson

How Laurie Hanson’s family life informs her elder law practice and advocacy efforts

Featuring Laurie Hanson

Sometimes When You Lose, You Still Win

A tough case turned into a pro bono passion for Kate DeVries Smith

Featuring Kate DeVries Smith

The Mission for Our Profession in the 21st Century

The Minnesota State Bar Association president on challenges and possibilities

Featuring Robin M. Wolpert

A Golden Age

An oral history of lawyers who began practicing law more than 50 years ago, and are still at it today

Featuring Paige J. Donnelly, …

Discovery with Timothy C. Cook

Tim Cook on pizza, mediation and everything in-between

Featuring Timothy C. Cook

Local Counsel with Jane C. Poole

Jane Poole takes us on a tour of Duluth and the North Shore

Featuring Jane C. Poole

Ron Meshbesher: ‘I Love Practicing Law’

Remembering a candid Q&A with the legendary Minnesota criminal defense attorney from 2010


‘Still Dancing Backwards in High Heels’

An oral history of Minnesota women who started practicing law in the 1960s and ’70s

Featuring Rebecca Egge Moos, …

Richard Fleischman

Matters of Life and Death

Susan Link has a deep devotion to estate planning. Her pro bono work with Wills For Heroes is a big reason why

Featuring Susan J. Link

Richard Fleischman

The Counter-Balancing Force

Dan Gustafson doesn’t shy away from representing society’s biggest pariahs

Featuring Daniel E. Gustafson

A Solid Foundation

How Jeffrey W. Coleman built a construction law career out of an engineering degree

Featuring Jeffrey W. Coleman

Telling Their Stories

Lisa Lamm Bachman gives a voice to children and victims of domestic abuse

Featuring Lisa M. Lamm Bachman

Discovery with Michael S. Gaarder

Vacuum cleaner salesman-turned-lawyer Michael S. Gaarder on outdoor adventures, ill-advised courtroom shirts and his other odd job

Featuring Michael Scott Gaarder

Local Counsel with Jessica L. Durbin

Duluth-based attorney Jessica Durbin tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Jessica L. Durbin

Richard Fleischman

‘An Uncommon Level of Common Sense’

Jim Carey spent the first part of his life unsure of his path; he’s spent the second at a full sprint

Featuring James P. Carey

Richard Fleischman

Dancing Outside the Shadows of the Law

Jan Conlin is at times a war-room general and at times a self-described softy

Featuring Jan M. Conlin

Richard Fleischman

The Whistleblower’s Best Friend

Clayton D. Halunen aims to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted

Featuring Clayton D. Halunen

Richard Fleischman

Finding the Good

Deborah Ellis defends cops and the people arrested by them

Featuring Deborah Ellis

The Amazing World of Nadia Hasan

When the business litigator talks pro bono work, one word keeps coming up over and over 


From Posner to Scalia

Aaron Van Oort on the jurists who shaped his career

Featuring Aaron D. Van Oort

Turning the Page

A few months before retiring from the state Supreme Court, Justice Alan Page sat down with us to look back at his judicial career


Richard Fleischman

There’s No “I” in Greene

Legendary Minneapolis litigator Cliff Greene has made teamwork his legacy

Featuring Clifford M. Greene

Richard Fleischman

Care for the Caregivers

Civil defense attorney Deborah Eckland is any in-home day care provider’s best friend

Featuring Deborah C. Eckland

Richard Fleischman

Under Center

Eric Hageman uses his legal know-how on behalf of his NFL-bound son, former Gophers star Ra’Shede

Featuring Eric Hageman

Richard Fleischman

Smart From the Heart

Employment law attorney Sheila Engelmeier aims to make a difference as pragmatically as possible

Featuring Sheila Engelmeier

Rich Fleischman

Around the World with Inchan Hwang

From South Korea to Japan to the U.S., the attorney has developed an international practice

Featuring Inchan Hwang

From the Red River Valley to the Iron Range

Fergus Falls-based attorney and former state bar president Dick Pemberton of Pemberton Law has tried dozens upon dozens of cases in every corner of the state


Steve Niedorf

Best Man

Keith Nelsen uses his leadership skills to help renew Best Buy


Rich Fleischman

The Daley Show

Annamarie Daley grew up on a farm, went into complex commercial litigation and is considered by clients to be capable of anything

Featuring Annamarie A. Daley

Rich Fleischman

There and Back Again

Sam Hanson’s journey from the bar to the bench

Featuring Samuel L. Hanson

Rich Fleischman

The Gunslinger, the Bulldog or the Pit Bull

Call her what you want—Cecilie Loidolt just wins

Featuring Cecilie M. Loidolt

Rich Fleischman

Wall of Protection

How trademark lawyer Tim Kenny safeguards local and national brands

Featuring Timothy M. Kenny

Rich Fleischman

A Better Way

Nancy Zalusky Berg advocates for family law clients and human rights

Featuring Nancy Berg

Rich Fleischman

The Wide Out

Former Gophers wide receiver Lee Hutton III traded in his pads for a thriving and diverse legal practice

Featuring Lee A. Hutton, III

Expecting the Unexpected

Duluth-based defense attorney David Keegan of Keegan Law Office on authenticity, courtroom surprises and representing the man who turned a recliner into a vehicle

Featuring David C. Keegan

Rich Fleischman

Bringing Down Trevor Cook

How John Harper III did it

Featuring John Harper III

Rich Fleischman

The Advocate

Jim Schwebel is in the business of rebuilding lives

Featuring James R. Schwebel

Rich Fleischman

The Patent Protector

Steve Lundberg conceived of a firm over a game of Ms. Pac-Man. He helps others protect their inspiring ideas

Featuring Steven W. Lundberg

Rich Fleischman

The System Does Not Always Work

David Schultz never loses sight of this in his professional and pro-bono work


Rich Fleischman

From Scrubs to the Courthouse

Law may be Mary Shearen’s second career—she started out as a nurse—but it’s her true calling

Featuring Mary E. Shearen

Rolf Hagberg

Seeing How The Evidence Comes In

After 45 years as one of Duluth’s busiest—and most successful—trial lawyers, Tom Thibodeau still considers himself a student

Featuring Thomas R. Thibodeau

The Combiner

Andrew Humphrey is a mergers lawyer who last year pulled off one of his own–between Faegre & Benson and Baker & Daniels. We sat down with him in March to ask him how he did it

Featuring Andrew Humphrey

Steve Niedorf

A Steely Calm

General Mills’ Rick Palmore keeps the Pillsbury and Betty Crocker brands strong


Larry Marcus

The Crusader

Jeff Anderson on law school, legal tactics and his ultimate goal—deposing Pope Benedict XVI

Featuring Jeffrey R. Anderson

Larry Marcus

An Entertaining Practice

Ken Abdo rides with the band

Featuring Kenneth J. Abdo

Larry Marcus

At the Crossroads

A train collides with a car full of young people, slicing the vehicle in two. There are heart-wrenching phone calls. One is to attorney Sharon L. Van Dyck

Featuring Sharon Van Dyck

Larry Marcus

After the Collapse

Personal injury lawyer Chris Messerly tackles the 35W bridge collapse

Featuring Chris Messerly

Larry Marcus

The Quiet Passion of Shamus O’Meara

The Johnson & Condon attorney advocates for those with developmental disabilities

Featuring Shamus P. O'Meara

Ann Cathcart Chaplin

How a 38-year-old is leading Fish & Richardson’s litigation practice group


The Doyenne of Dorsey

Dorsey & Whitney’s Marianne Short on what it’s like to manage one of the state’s largest firms, her role as a leading female pioneer, and lessons learned from a certain vice president


The Man From Medtronic

Cameron Findlay keeps the medical device company moving forward


In the Swing of Things

Joe Anthony has every lawyer’s dream assignment: serving as general counsel of the USGA

Featuring Joseph W. Anthony

Road Warrior

Dick Bowman has made a habit out of winning products liability trials for automakers


A Solid Foundation

Affordable housing attorney Angela Christy opens doors for the underprivileged

Featuring Angela M. Christy

The Change of Heart of Don Nichols

For years he was a leading DWI defense lawyer but suddenly stopped to handle employment class actions


Marsh Halberg’s Equal Protection

Criminal defense lawyer Marsh Halberg gives all clients his best, even the questionable ones, so he can stay sharp for the innocents

Featuring Marsh J. Halberg

Divorce With Dignity

Family lawyer Debra Yerigan has a knack for making the transition bearable

Featuring Debra E. Yerigan

A Serious Man

Ron Meshbesher talks about his legendary career and what it’s like being name-checked in a Coen brothers movie


Copyrighting Obama

Kristine Boylan helped protect an amateur photographer's college pics of the president 

Featuring Kristine M. Boylan

Nose for Business

Stephen Ling's past informs his present

Featuring Stephen A. Ling

Providing Closure

Employment attorney Nicholas May protected sheriff's department vets from retaliation

Featuring Nicholas G.B. May

Joani Loves Family Law

Bringing calm to crisis is Joani Moberg's goal

Featuring Joani C. Moberg

The Big Sister

Ann O'Reilly is on the rise


Carrying the Burden

Steven Sitek is willing to settle, until his opponents aren't

Featuring Steven M. Sitek

Larry Marcus

The Dwight Stuff

Dwight Opperman went West as a young man, and the rest is history


In the Strike Zone

James Cavanaugh's trial by fire at Hormel


Inside the Chaos of Iraq and Pakistan

Assistant U.S. Attorney Cliff Wardlaw steps into foreign courts


Around the World with Cargill

Steven Euller brings a wealth of international experience to his post       


Post-It Man

Marschall Smith safeguards 3M's intellectual property   


Dan in Real Life

How Dan Satorius went from Normal to Sweet Land

Featuring Daniel M. Satorius

The Defense Never Rests

It’s rarely tea time for the hard-charging Earl Gray

Featuring Earl P. Gray

The Storyteller

Bill Mauzy pays close attention to plot, character and motivation

Featuring William J. Mauzy

Can a Pagan Priest With a Beard Work in Food Service?

Such are the questions that keep Christopher Harristhal busy

Featuring Christopher Harristhal

Ciresi Does It

Mike Ciresi tops the Super Lawyers list and looks to become our next U.S. senator

Featuring Michael V. Ciresi

O Solo Mio

What enables young attorneys to take the risk of hanging out their own shingle––and succeed?

Featuring John D. Lamey III, …

Good Wil Hunting

Wil Fluegel, is hard to find, but worth the effort

Featuring Wilbur W. Fluegel

Minnesota Lawrence Preston

Perry who? John Koneck was inspired by a different TV lawyer

Featuring John M. Koneck

Rhode Scholar

Susan Rhode’s journey to family law

Featuring Susan C. Rhode

Seeing Red

Scott Borene spends his days wrapped from head-to-toe in red tape

Featuring Scott M. Borene

Assisting the Asylees

Nancy Wolf realizes that for some, the U.S. is home; for others, it is a safe haven


The Blog is Mightier Than the Sword

When he isn’t taking on powerful interests as a commercial litigator, John Hinderaker takes them down with his conservative blog Power Line


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