Mississippi Super Lawyers Articles

‘We Don’t Let Girl Lawyers Practice Up Here’

An oral history of women who persevered against sexism and discrimination to remake the legal profession

Featuring Christy D. Jones, …

‘Part of the History of this Country’

Wayne Drinkwater and Luther T. Munford recall clerking at the U.S. Supreme Court

Featuring W. Wayne Drinkwater, Jr., …

Anchor Away

She made her name in the news business, but Jamie Jacks’ lead story is the law

Featuring Jamie Ferguson Jacks

Discovery with Keishunna R. Webster

Keishunna Webster likes her Cosmos times two

Featuring Keishunna Webster

A Firm of One

It’s just Mark Chinn—and software

Featuring Mark A. Chinn

Disaster Duty

Gulfport lawyer Teri Wyly looks after the land, come hurricane or oily water

Featuring Teri T. Wyly

Anything You Can Do, She Can Do Better

Vicki L. Gilliam holds her own fighting for clients like Brandy Nicole Williams and the Ramapough Tribe

Featuring Vicki L. Gilliam

No Lies, Please

Criminal defense attorney John Colette tackles the tough cases—but expects clients to tell him the truth

Featuring John M. Colette


That would be Mississippi consumer law attorney Christopher Kittell

Featuring Christopher E. Kittell

Jason Norman

Handling the Disaster After the Disaster

Judy Guice fights for victims of Katrina and the oil spill

Featuring Judy M. Guice

His Roots Run Deep

Isaac K. Byrd Jr. is a force for racial equality and freedom of expression in his home state of Mississippi

Featuring Isaac K. Byrd, Jr.

Just Plain Fun

Christy Jones never wanted to be anything but a lawyer

Featuring Christy D. Jones

In the Footsteps of Big John

Cousins Steven Jr. and John S. Farese carry on a family tradition

Featuring John S. Farese, …

Like Father, Like Son

Rocky Wilkins credits his dad with teaching him the ways of law

Featuring Rocky Wilkins

The Rabidly Polite Attorney

Scotty Welch on Katrina, juries and mandatory retirement       

Featuring W. Scott Welch

The Mississippi Advocate

Wayne Drinkwater represents big business for a living, but he lives to help the little guy

Featuring W. Wayne Drinkwater, Jr.


Alan Perry posted the nation’s second-highest CPA exam score—while in law school

Featuring Alan W. Perry

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