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Missouri Super Lawyers Articles

Going It Alone

Six attorneys share the risks and rewards of a solo practice 

'As Iron Sharpens Iron'

Mike Blumenthal’s journey into the martial arts

Fully Engaged

Ashley Atwell-Soler’s language skills have put her in high demand

Ed V. Traditional Advertising

How Ed Herman amassed millions of YouTube views

'A Box Seat at the World Series'

Chip Robertson on his stint with Missouri’s highest court

Intensity Personified

Robert Haar doesn’t talk for the sake of talking

A Star in Her Role

Kerensa Cassis honed her competitive edge on the basketball court

Close to Her Heart

Kristine Helen Bridges has helped dozens seek protective orders

A Lifetime of Service

Former intelligence officer Jane Francis continues to defend the Constitution

'When We Fight, We Win'

Lawyer and activist Rod Chapel has lived his father’s lesson

Rewriting the Narrative

Five Missouri and Kansas women attorneys recount their life in the law

Attorney's Bees

Don’t test Bill Ford—he once shook up 10,000 live bees

Long Overdue

How (and why) Mickes O’Toole made diversity its brand

The New Kid on the Block

From the Philippines to LA to St. Louis to KC, and now into new digs in midtown, José Bautista brings it all back home

Just Rewards

Bill Beck and Mike Abrams recover financial restitution for the wrongfully convicted

Tales from the Cryptocurrency

Capes Sokol goes all in on blockchain technology

All About that Bass

Charlie Harris can play the other side like a bass guitar

Turning Over the Soil

Whether in law, cattle or politics, Todd Graves knows if you strategize too long, you’ll never get the hole dug

After Ferguson

How NBA president Pamela Meanes helped wage war on police brutality

The Survivors’ Club

After losing his twin to suicide, Kurt Reeg dug in to help others

Cold War Calling

What do an army intelligence officer, a police officer and a lawyer have in common? Communication skills, says Melody Rayl

Take Care of Your Cup of Credibility

A possible win today isn’t worth lost integrity tomorrow

A Conservationist’s Close Up

National Geographic-published photographer John Rollins on how he doesn’t let anything get in the way of the perfect shot—not even a gorilla’s fist


Brian Kaveney called on his Marine Corps training to build Armstrong Teasdale’s security clearance practice from scratch

An Ensemble Drama

Stueve Siegel Hanson’s Patrick Stueve on his starring role in Bezich v. The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company

Discovery with Felicia R. Williams

The St. Louis attorney praises Intellivision, Fitbit and the Notorious R.B.G.

Local Counsel with Wendi S. Alper-Pressman

St. Louis’ Wendi S. Alper-Pressman tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Half a Century and Counting

An oral history of attorneys who have been practicing since the 1950s

From the Uneven Parallel Bars to the Bar

Anne Schiavone of Holman Schiavone on employment law, working with kids and the study habits she developed as a competitive gymnast

Appeal to Adventure

Susan Ford Robertson attacks appellate cases with the same intensity she honed as a competitive cyclist

‘It Matters to Me What Happens to Them’

Michael Yonke makes his mark in both civil and criminal court


Ian Cooper of Tueth, Keeney, Cooper, Mohan & Jackstadt in St. Louis tells us about representing universities and handling controversies

'Where Do We Even Start?'

In the wake of the Ferguson protests, Saint Louis University’s legal clinics take on long-simmering issues

Ready to Wrangle

Cheryl A. Pilate and Melanie S. Morgan wage all-out war for their clients

Up to Chapter 19

Corporate litigator Charley German specializes in high-stakes storytelling

The Persistence of Mary Anne Sedey

The St. Louis-based employment litigator speaks on pushing through discovery, her voir dire strategy and giving legal advice to Thurgood Marshall

The Good Seed

Don Downing grew up around Missouri cotton, soy and rice farms. So when a genetically modified seed ended up in the U.S. rice supply, he got the call.

The Lawyer Who Levels the Playing Field

Teresa Woody advocates for small towns against corporations in toxic disasters

Living the Dream

From top athletes to top companies, South African native Leon Versfeld guides clients through immigration law with a global touch

Frozen In Tme

Amy Lorenz-Moser works to free battered women from prison

A Deeper Empathy

Denise Henning was a great lawyer before cancer; now she’s better

Mary Daniel Finds Her Voice

How the health care attorney learned to speak up

Passion for Charity

Larry Katzenstein, of St. Louis’ Thompson Coburn, on the joy of helping charities help society, making estate planning clients feel at ease, and conducting the St. Louis Symphony

In Love with Kansas City

Real estate and railway attorney Allison Bergman keeps one of America’s great cities moving forward

Warsaw Pact

While growing up in Poland, St. Louis litigator Zofia A. Garlicka pledged to become a lawyer, just like her legendary father

Trial attorney Ted Williams Jr. of St. Louis’ Williams Venker & Sanders

On steam engines, military service, the jury system and the greatest hitter who ever lived

Esquire, M.D.

Dr. Samuel K. Cullan hasn’t just studied medicine; he’s studied how to teach medicine to juries

Hanging Their Own Shingles

Who’s the boss? Four area lawyers told us how they turned the answer into “I am.” They left other legal jobs—or never really had them to begin with—and mustered up the courage to go it alone. Their firms are dreams realized, but entrepreneurship also means figuring out accounts payable

Q&A With R. Lawrence Ward

Larry Ward of Polsinelli Shughart tells the story of his escape from a career in accounting and how he discovered the joy of business litigation.

Defending Monsanto

David Snively doesn’t mind the stress

An Attorney and a Gentleman

Rob Adams represents big auto clients ... nicely        

Easy Lawyer

Harley-riding attorney R. Pete Smith mixes two-wheel adventure with a historic practice

Fair Play

Allan H. Zerman went to bat for free agency        

The Listener

Laura Clark Fey's secret weapon: her ears        

The Bulldog & The Ballerina

Gary and Anita Robb founded the biggest little aviation firm in town

The Right Man for the Job

The law was Robert Ritter's destiny

The Selflessness of the Long-Distance Runner

Run 12 marathons in 12 months? no problem for Steve Gorny … as long as it’s for a good cause

Domo Arigato, Mr. Miller

Marshall Miller brings Kansas City and Tokyo together

Hall of Famer

Fifty years after his athletic triumphs, Donald Schlapprizzi is still MVP

The Defense Never Rests

James Wyrsch has dedicated his life to two words: “fair trial”

The Last Best Hope

Sometimes Melinda Pendergraph is the only thing standing between her clients and execution

The Cleaner

Berry F. Laws III likes to handle messy cases

Stadium Filler

Anthony Romano helped keep the Chiefs and Royals where they belong

The Aviator

James Cooling’s father was an aviation pioneer; he is a pioneer in aviation law

The Pilate Program

A night of exhaustion created an inexhaustible lawyer who fights for the wrongfully convicted

If at First You Don't Succeed, Try, Try Some Cases

Ken McClain revitalizes Truman’s hometown and fights for the little guy

Sleepless in St. Louis

During the day he trades legal blows; at night he invents Rachel Gold

The Nicest Bulldog in Town

Mark Bryant began advocating for his family in high school; now he’s the president of Freedom, Inc.

The Right to Last Rites

Before Terri Schiavo there was Nancy Cruzan

Up on Cyprus Avenue

Bill Shapiro spins the platters that matter

A Small Lawyer in High Places

Construction lawyer Susan McGreevy wears high heels and a hard hat

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