Montana Super Lawyers Articles

The Wading Game

From fly-fishing to courtrooms, Carey Matovich wades instead of floats, and it’s made all the difference

Featuring Carey E. Matovich

A Channeling in Billings

Chaos erupted after Steve Harman employed a Spence-style courtroom tactic

Featuring Steven J. Harman

New Ground

Jack Manning helped found his firm’s Native American law practice

Featuring John W. Manning

Putting the Cards on the Table

Brent Cromley: Litigator. Mediator. Politician. Magician

Featuring Brent R. Cromley

Law of the Land

Why Big Sky Country is Jim Goetz’s biggest cause

Featuring James H. Goetz

Cool Hand Lukes

If attorney Robert Lukes’ handshake is a little chilly, you can thank a tall, frosty mug of Highlander for thatFeaturing Robert Lukes

Trying to Set Things Right

Montana employment and labor law attorney Jean E. Faure knows about work troubleFeaturing Jean E. Faure


Montana attorney Lisa A. Speare found her calling in medical malpracticeFeaturing Lisa A. Speare

And Then There Was One

A talent for argument—along with Agatha Christie—brought Kelly J.C. Gallinger to the lawFeaturing Kelly J.C. Gallinger

Handing in Her Press Pass

How Carey Matovich’s early career as a journalist led her to lawFeaturing Carey E. Matovich

An Organized Mind

Montana attorney Bill Jones knows the facts—and big-fish clients know Bill Jones

Rocky Mountain High

Matt Hayhurst finds his calling back home in Montana        Featuring Matthew B. Hayhurst

The Visionary

At age 24, Mae Nan Ellingson helped draft Montana’s Constitution. Since then she has led a struggling Missoula into the future

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