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Luigi Ciuffetelli

A Sea Change

In the tumultuous age of #MeToo, employment lawyer Christine Amalfe has the right skills at the right time

Featuring Christine A. Amalfe

One Weird Trick to Beat the Government in a Click-Fraud Case

How Simone Bertollini won the landmark case may shock you

Featuring Simone Bertollini

Mom Genes

Tanya Helfand practices family law with family

Featuring Tanya N. Helfand

Full-Court Press

Bruce S. Rosen expands rights in a field he used to work in: journalism

Featuring Bruce Rosen

Discovery with Elizabeth Adekunle

Elizabeth Adekunle: Offline and in living color

Featuring Elizabeth Adekunle

Luigi Ciuffetelli

Alan Zegas Plays the Bridge

His greatest hits have one thing in common: a Chris Christie chorus

Featuring Alan L. Zegas

Vikki Ziegler Can’t Sit Still

From reality TV projects to a matchmaking app to her own body-products line, Vikki Ziegler is always creating

Featuring Vikki S. Ziegler

Bases Covered

Jorden N. “Nick” Pedersen Jr. is on call for civilian contractors killed or injured abroad while on the job for the U.S. government

Featuring Jorden N. Pedersen

Practical Applications in New Jersey

Handy legal apps used by fellow attorneys

Featuring Melissa Skrocki, …

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‘This Is Family Law Now’

AAML President Madeline Marzano-Lesnevich on assisted reproductive techniques and the new House tax bill

Featuring Madeline M. Marzano-Lesnevich

Discovery with Nola Rooney Bencze

Clark Hill’s Nola Rooney Bencze praises Post-its and wishes dancing psychologists were a thing

Featuring Nola R. Bencze

Local Counsel with Theodora McCormick

Princeton’s Theodora McCormick tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Theodora McCormick

Luigi Ciuffetelli

Doing, Working, Hustling

Michael Sirota went from delivering eggs to representing The Donald

Featuring Michael D. Sirota

Luigi Ciuffetelli

Split Screen

Remi Spencer doesn’t just play a lawyer on TV

Featuring Remi L. Spencer

Luigi Ciuffetelli

Williams v. the Rubber Stamp

Family law litigator Allison C. Williams doesn’t sit in the sandbox and sing ‘Kumbaya’

Featuring Allison C. Williams

Clearing the Air

David B. Farer on his new gig as president of the American College of Environmental Lawyers

Featuring David B. Farer

The Person She Always Was

There were never two sides to Robyn Gigl

Featuring Robyn B. Gigl

Luigi Ciuffetelli

Q&A: Paulette Brown

We caught up with the American Bar Association president after her keynote speech at a recent Minnesota Black Women Legal Network event to talk about diversity and mentorship in the legal world


Luigi Ciuffetelli

‘Straight Love, No Chaser’

From judges to book clubs, Paulette Brown, the incoming president of the American Bar Association, tells it like it is

Featuring Paulette Brown

Luigi Ciuffetelli

Promise Keeper

Kevin H. Marino, involved in the Bridgegate and Flash Boys trials, doesn’t believe juries believe ‘innocent until proven guilty’

Featuring Kevin H. Marino

Luigi Ciuffetelli

The Detail Man

PI plaintiff’s attorney Michael Maggiano drills down and connects dots

Featuring Michael Maggiano

Encountering Mrs. Smith

It would take more than a doubting guidance counselor to keep Miguel Alexander Pozo from his dream

Featuring Miguel Alexander Pozo

Election Protection

Rajiv Parikh’s idea of a happy ending is when every vote counts

Featuring Rajiv D. Parikh

Not Forks and Knives

Amy Sara Cores knows when to hold ’em and fold ’em in family law cases, but international kidnapping cases weigh heavily

Featuring Amy S. Cores

Michael Paras

Noto Bene

Take note—criminal defense attorney Maria DelGaizo Noto is one tough cookie. Don’t believe us? Ask the U.S. government

Featuring Maria D. Noto

Michael Paras

Out to Right the Wrongs

E. Drew Britcher is the antithesis of flashy and flamboyant

Featuring E. Drew Britcher

Michael Paras

The Pusher

Envelopes, arguments, limits—Jeffrey S. Mandel pushes many things, but nothing more than himself

Featuring Jeffrey S. Mandel

When Life Gives You Lemon Law …

How Amy Bennecoff makes lemonade for her clients

Featuring Amy L. Bennecoff Ginsburg

Divorce, Business Style

Nicholas San Filippo helps clients deal with deadbeat partners

Featuring Nicholas San Filippo, IV

Business, Globalization and the American Dream

Dornbaum & Peregoy immigration lawyer Kathleen Peregoy on the evolution of American business, and navigating the changing landscape of global mobility

Featuring Kathleen M. Peregoy

Luigi Ciuffetelli

The Most Dangerous Man in the Courtroom

Just try and pull a fast one on Paul Rowe—chances are he’s already seen it

Featuring Paul A. Rowe

Luigi Ciuffetelli

‘The Blonde Blur’

Opposing counsel must move fast to keep pace with employment law innovator Nancy Erika Smith

Featuring Nancy Erika Smith

Luigi Ciuffetelli

Just the Facts, Ma’am

Eric Kahn and Rubin Sinins ‘make it right for Molly’ in the Tyler Clementi case

Featuring Rubin M. Sinins, …

The Letter of the Law

Former Morristown postman Sal Simeone strives to make a difference for families

Featuring Salvatore A. Simeone

From Liberia to Liberty

The Gibbons environmental lawyer arrived in America from Liberia to follow her dreams

Featuring Uzoamaka N. Okoye

An Audience with the Pope

Anthony Pope on the murder trial he had no business trying, working the Newark narcotics beat, and casting calls with Sidney Lumet

Featuring Anthony Pope

Luigi Ciuffetelli

Domenick Carmagnola’s Recipe for Success

It’s nothing fancy—just a lifetime’s worth of lessons learned at his family’s restaurant

Featuring Domenick Carmagnola

Luigi Ciuffetelli

Blue-Collar Ethics

Hard work—and a knack for presentation—make Raymond Gill Jr. a courtroom powerhouse

Featuring Raymond A. Gill, Jr.

Luigi Ciuffetelli

True Devotion

Real estate lawyer Lloyd Tubman helps religious groups—and other clients—break down barriers


Luigi Ciuffetelli

Going the Distance

As a boxer, bricklayer or family lawyer, Michael A. Gill has ‘all the guts in the world’

Featuring Michael A. Gill

The View

When Keith Biebelberg’s clients lost their panoramas, he took the developer to task

Featuring Keith N. Biebelberg

Good Works

Three New Jersey attorneys take time out to serve the homeless and the injured

Featuring Steven Benvenisti, …

The Winner’s Circle

When the choice is win, place or show, Christina Vassiliou Harvey opts for win-win

Featuring Christina Vassiliou Harvey

Engineering Solutions

Richard H. Steen’s mix of strengths makes him a powerhouse at the negotiating table

Featuring Richard H. Steen

Luigi Ciuffetelli

The Compassionate Lawyer

Linda Ershow-Levenberg has made a career of helping the elderly

Featuring Linda S. Ershow-Levenberg

Luigi Ciuffetelli

Keeping Divorce Civil

Lynn Fontaine Newsome makes partings more peaceful

Featuring Lynn Fontaine Newsome

Luigi Ciuffetelli

Bob Peckar Builds Harmony

The construction lawyer tames a rough-and-tumble industry

Featuring Robert S. Peckar

Luigi Ciuffetelli

Tenacious Defender

Carl Poplar is still tougher than anyone else

Featuring Carl D. Poplar

Luigi Ciuffetelli

Working Knowledge

Paul Castronovo and Wayne Positan untangle employment disputes from opposite ends

Featuring Paul R. Castronovo, …

Google This

Mitchell J. Makowicz Jr.’s fight for the right to bring his laptop to court

Featuring Mitchell J. Makowicz, Jr.

First One In, Last One Out

Michael D. Sirota makes it his business to work harder than the competition

Featuring Michael D. Sirota

Business Man

Nikitas Moustakas can draft leases, handle real estate transactions and make spaghetti for hundreds

Featuring Nikitas Moustakas

Michael S. Berger: For the People

Q&A with a medical malpractice attorney—and activist at heart

Featuring Michael S. Berger

We Can Hear Him Now

Verizon’s Randy Milch wins approval from the FCC to open up America’s long-distance telephone lines


The Environmental Encyclopedia

Honeywell’s Kate Adams learned a thing or two from those who came before her


Walder’s Pond

Justin Walder doesn’t let winning or losing change his essential self (although he usually wins)

Featuring Justin P. Walder

Suzanne Cerra’s Better Way

She used to have bold ideas on how to run a firm; now she’s using them

Featuring Suzanne M. Cerra

LaSallian Tradition

The trickiest cases, like the mystery involving insolvent software company AremisSoft, find their way to Joseph LaSala’s desk

Featuring Joseph P. LaSala

In-House at the White House

Cheryl Stanton talks about working as a counsel and special assistant to President George W. Bush


Hany Mawla’s Judicial Temperament

Abused women have a friend in the former Greenbaum partner and recently appointed judge


Meet the Parents

Special education attorney Robin Ballard does and doesn’t always agree with them

Featuring Robin S. Ballard

Q&A With Paul D’Amato

Plaintiff’s lawyer Paul D’Amato of D’Amato Law Firm in Linwood on building pyramids, walking three feet above the ground and practicing with his daughter Alexa

Featuring Paul R. D’Amato

Mr. Connected

Angelo Genova goes from coffeehouse crooner to power player

Featuring Angelo J. Genova

The Killer

When Stephen Haller raises and lowers his voice, people listen

Featuring Stephen P. Haller

Bearing Witness

Raymond Brown believes no one is beyond redemption

Featuring Raymond M. Brown

Ron Rosen’s Universe

After handling stressful marital dispute cases all day, he comes home to his trains


Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Mike Griffinger will tackle any challenge for a good cause

Featuring Michael R. Griffinger

That’s Not a Real Cohiba

And Owen McKeon would know

Featuring Owen J. McKeon

A Clean Slate

Geoffrey Rosamond helps ex-convicts prepare for re-entry

Featuring Geoffrey N. Rosamond

Laser Show

Gina Longarzo stays grounded, even during cases with alleged national security implications

Featuring Gina L. Mendola Longarzo

The Music Man

Peter Nussbaum proves that hanging out all night in rock clubs can lead to good things

Featuring Peter E. Nussbaum

O Solo Mio

When Marina Solo arrived in America 16 years ago, religious freedoms, and Halloween, were foreign concepts

Featuring Marina Solo

Huang Time

Eugene Huang tears himself away from ESPN to advocate for Asian lawyers (and his daughter)

Featuring Eugene Huang

Help Me

Joseph Hayden answers the call

Featuring Joseph A. Hayden, Jr.

He Worries So You Don’t Have To

Prisoners at Guantanamo are glad Arnold Natali sweats the small stuff


Let's Get Some Justice

Wherever civil liberties are curtailed, Larry Lustberg is there

Featuring Lawrence S. Lustberg

Everybody’s Richard Nixon and We’re G. Gordon Liddy

Just try to stand in the way of Veronica Norgaard and John Koufos  

Featuring Veronica R. Norgaard

Hanging Out Their Own Shingle

Meet five lawyers who decided to hire themselves  

Featuring David Bahuriak, …

Look for the Union Label

Bennet Zurofsky sings the praises of the labor movement—literally

Featuring Bennet D. Zurofsky

The Human Drama of Life

Patricia Barbarito specializes in spooling unraveled lives

Featuring Patricia M. Barbarito

Let's Be Careful Out There

Victor Rotolo has gone from making police busts to courtroom arguments

Featuring Victor A. Rotolo

An Idea Takes (West) Wing

Michael Gordon had an idea for the Emmy-winning show—and got it on the air


The Tattler

Hydro-bikers, multitasking meatheads and more

Featuring Michael M. Horn, …

Miss Congeniality

Tiffany Williams has gone from winning beauty pageants to cases


Don't Drink the Water

Shari Blecher cleans up contaminated situations

Featuring Shari M. Blecher

Gambling Man

Want to make a deal in Atlantic City? Call Damon Tyner


Heart of a Lyons

A trained social worker as well as a lawyer, Theresa Lyons preaches compassion

Featuring Theresa A. Lyons

Don't Vote for Pedro

Chris Gramiccioni and Deborah Goldklang bonded over their mutual disdain for the Red Sox


Sullivan's Travels

Princeton's Diane Sullivan will go to any lengths to defend Merck

Featuring Diane P. Sullivan

Crossing the Line

Bruce Nagel isn't afraid to shake things up

Featuring Bruce H. Nagel

Fine Cutler

Larry Cutler's enthusiasm for life and matrimonial law knows no bounds

Featuring Laurence J. Cutler

Legal Spokesman

Whether in court or on his bike, Peter O’Mara approaches life at full speed

Featuring Peter M. O'Mara

Master of Disaster

Jim Tyrrell has argued in court against Agent Orange victims and 9/11 survivors. Why?

Featuring James E. Tyrrell, Jr.

The Supreme Thrill

Meet three lawyers who have argued in the Super Bowl of law


The Real McKoy

Growing up in gang-ridden Paterson, Vaughn McKoy could have easily slid into a life of despair. He had other plans


Lady Liberty

Shereen Chen is there for those trying to find their way to America

Featuring Shereen C. Chen

Head of the Class

Marc Zitomer gets straight A’s from his school district clients

Featuring Marc H. Zitomer

The Fighter

Kelly Strange Crawford knows to keep her left up and not take no for an answer

Featuring Kelly Strange Crawford

Action Jackson

Desha Jackson's job is to prosecute state troopers who step out of line

Featuring Desha Lang Jackson

Twins' Peak

Jonathan and David Wolfe grew up sharing everything from a face to a fraternity. Now they share their firm’s future

Featuring David B. Wolfe, …

A Lawyer Who Sticks to His Ribs

Jarrod Cofrancesco’s three-day approach to barbecue


Skippy Weinstein's Second Chance

He rose from a life on the streets to become one of the top lawyers in New Jersey

Featuring Stephen "Skippy" Weinstein

The Suffragist

Few have done more to advance the cause of women's rights in New Jersey than Bonnie Frost

Featuring Bonnie C. Frost

First Call for Freedom

Sohail Mohammed had little experience with immigrant detention issues before 9/11. But how could he turn his back on his people?


The Warrior

A tip to any witness about to be questioned by David Mazie: Get your story straight

Featuring David A. Mazie

The Catalyst

Wherever Ed Zimmerman strikes a spark, great things are sure to follow

Featuring Ed Zimmerman

American Dreamer

Zulima Farber arrived from Cuba at age 16 and today is New Jersey’s first Hispanic attorney general

Featuring Zulima V. Farber

Super Lawyers and Serendipity

Bringing people together, one attorney at a time


The Bard of the Bar

Stephen Wiley finds himself in his poetry


Show David Pepe the Money

He practically grew up at Yankee Stadium. Now he makes his living negotiating big-league contracts

Featuring David P. Pepe

The Goliath Slayer

Need a lawyer to take on the medical industry, the NFL or some other massive entity? Alan Milstein is your man

Featuring Alan C. Milstein

Rosemarie's Baby

At Rosemarie Arnold's firm -- where more than a thousand cases are open at any given time -- the client is king

Featuring Rosemarie Arnold

Public Defender

Whether through his work on the bench or in Iraq, Stephen Orlofsky is driven by a need to serve

Featuring Stephen M. Orlofsky

First Lady

Karol Corbin Walker has made a career out of doing what has never been done before

Featuring Karol Corbin Walker

Pull a Fast One on David Chase’s Lawyer? Fuhge ddaboudit!

Nothing in entertainment law is likely to get past Peter Skolnik


Nurse Forte to the Courtroom, Stat!

Carol Forte traded in her stethoscope for a briefcase and has become one of the best medical malpractice lawyers in the land

Featuring Carol L. Forte

Pit Boss

Casino lawyer Nick Casiello’s clients always seem to hit the jackpot

Featuring Nicholas Casiello, Jr.

The Renaissance of Sig Silber

He picked up a paintbrush at age 50 and an artist was born

Featuring Siegmar Silber

Expanding Sir Richard’s Empire

Peter Lurie on co-founding Virgin Mobile USA


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