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Luke Copping

The Kids Are All Right

Personal injury lawyer Jim Scime came out on the other side of trauma and helps his clients do the same

Featuring James T. Scime

‘Let Someone Else Make the Porridge’

Rochester lawyers Bernadette Catalana and Kelly Odorisi get candid about women and the law

Featuring Kelly L. Odorisi, …

Son of a Son of a Sailor

David Adams raced boats around the world before deciding to work for the rest of his life

Featuring David R. Adams

Soehl Power

Margie Soehl brings a global perspective to intimate situations—even her own

Featuring Margie A. Soehl

Luke Copping

All Out of Bubblegum

Ed Menkin knows his clients want a lawyer “who is bold, who is self-confident, and who is ready to kick some ass”

Featuring Edward Z. Menkin

Discovery with Theresa A. Conroy

Theresa Conroy gives it up for Hamilton, wit, secretive singing and a questionable sandwich

Featuring Theresa A. Conroy

Busy in Buffalo

Joe Hanna is the hardest-working person in the room

Featuring Joseph Hanna

Unarrested Development

How Phillips Lytle is helping revitalize Buffalo


Luke Copping

The Lawyer for the 20th Hijacker

Be it suspected murderers, sex offenders or terrorists, everyone deserves a fair trial in James Harrington’s book

Featuring James P. Harrington

Hope Does.

Our profession is especially at risk for depression, but you need not feel alone

Featuring Daniel T. Lukasik

Towne & Another Country

Building schools and clinics in Kenya with Jim Towne

Featuring James T. Towne, Jr.

Local Counsel with Laurie A. Giordano-Vahey

The Rochester lawyer tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Laurie A. Giordano-Vahey

Luke Copping

Waverly Pond

Farmer/attorney Ginger Schröder could give Henry David Thoreau a run for his (metaphoric) money

Featuring Ginger D. Schröder

Luke Copping

Covert Operations

Why scientific misconduct lawyer Barry Nelson Covert knows more about space dust than you do

Featuring Barry N. Covert

Paul O’Hanlon

Bearing His Name

How E. Stewart Jones Jr. deals with a powerful legacy

Featuring E. Stewart Jones, Jr.

Luke Copping

Debt and Taxes

Tax and estate planning attorney Deborah Weber talks eggshell audits, offers in compromise, and why she doesn’t represent tax protesters

Featuring Deborah Weber

Luke Copping

La Dolce Vita

How Mike Schiavone left Italy and came to represent one of New York’s most famous professional sports teams: the Buffalo Bills

Featuring Michael Schiavone

Luke Copping

The Scientist with a J.D.

IP attorney and hydrologist Alana Fuierer of Heslin Rothenberg is on the cutting edge of cleantech

Featuring Alana M. Fuierer

Paul O’Hanlon

The Builder

Few can frame a case better than construction-accident expert Daniel Santola

Featuring Daniel R. Santola

Douglas Lloyd

The Pioneer

Janet Callahan, partner at Hancock Estabrook, never intended to become a lawyer and yet became the first female managing partner at a large firm in Syracuse

Featuring Janet D. Callahan

Bob Wagoner

Leading By Example

Ann E. Evanko solves employment law problems and mentors the next generation

Featuring Ann E. Evanko

Ten Years Later

Three attorneys reflect on how they helped victims of 9/11 through Trial Lawyers Care

Featuring Andrew G. Finkelstein, …

From Constitutional Law to the Court of Appeals

Bruce J. Wagner, shareholder at McNamee, Lochner, Titus & Williams, on the strategy involved in matrimonial law, the importance of writing skills in appellate work, and his experiences as a town justice

Featuring Bruce J. Wagner

A Simpatico with the Underdog

Stephen R. Coffey earned his stripes in the Albany District Attorney’s Office before he was recruited to O’Connell & Aronowitz as the firm’s first and only trial lawyer. Three decades later, the criminal defense attorney and personal injury litigator is a senior partner at the firm, and has learned along the way that money isn’t everything, luck is crucial, and fallibility is just part of human nature.

Featuring Stephen R. Coffey

Helping Those Who Heal

Mae D’Agostino protects doctors and hospitals


‘Don’t Let It Happen Again’

Terrence M. Connors on the challenge and responsibility of personal injury law

Featuring Terrence M. Connors

The New Gold Rush

Fracturing rocks in the Appalachian Basin with Thomas West

Featuring Thomas S. West

Lady Liberty

Margaret Catillaz has the world knocking at her door

Featuring Margaret A. Catillaz

Q&A with Richard F. Griffin

Richard Griffin traces his evolution from pit bull to mediator and remembers Malcolm X

Featuring Richard F. Griffin

Defending the “Indefensible”

Alleged terrorists, accused cops: Joseph M. LaTona defends them all  

Featuring Joseph M. LaTona

Calling the Shots

Big or small, Donald W. Boyajian makes each case count        

Featuring Donald W. Boyajian

Change Agent

After more than four decades in practice, Susan Robfogel still enjoys a challenge        

Featuring Susan S. Robfogel

Home of the Brave

Three attorneys tell of serving their country        

Featuring James R. Muldoon, …

Rehabbing the System

Jim Grossman fights for the disabled and the organizations that help them       

Featuring James S. Grossman

Taking Care

From treating patients to defending doctors, Catherine Gale brings a human touch        

Featuring Catherine A. Gale

The Surf King of the Hudson River

Trial lawyer Mike Kessler rides giants in Maui when he’s not winning giant verdicts at home

Featuring Michael W. Kessler

Legal Drama

Mark J. Mahoney plays it straight

Featuring Mark J. Mahoney

A Law All Her Own

As a 1960s radical, Barbara Handschu reined in repressive police tactics with her eponymous decree


A Different Kind of Defense

Three upstate attorneys talk about the high secrets and public hysteria that come with representing accused terrorists

Featuring John J. Molloy, …

All Shook Up

Dan D. Kohane's snow globe collection keeps him working in a winter wonderland

Featuring Dan D. Kohane

All Shook Up

Dan D. Kohane’s snow globe collection keeps him working in a winter wonderland

Featuring Dan D. Kohane

Protecting the Press

First Amendment attorney Michael J. Grygiel keeps information flowing

Featuring Michael J. Grygiel

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