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New York Super Lawyers Articles

Barry Berke Sees the Bullets

The famed litigator on trial prep, controlling the witness, and those impeachment hearings

'It's a Fraud, It's All a Fraud'

Ira Lee Sorkin and Marc Litt on the Bernie Madoff case

'We Need to Tell Other Stories'

Lisa E. Davis’ decades-long battle for inclusion in entertainment and law

A Long Island Kid in Queen Elizabeth's Court

How Thomas Foley came to be both a lawyer in New York and a solicitor in London

Class Dismissed

Kimberly Lau makes sure schools and universities do the right thing

Dollars to Donuts

Bankruptcy lawyer Janice Grubin comes into her own

Burmese Days

A summer among soldiers and refugees forever altered Kellen G. Ressmeyer

The Rules Rule

Ariana Tadler on her stint with the Federal Civil Rules Advisory Committee

The World Turned Upside Down

How New York lawyers are dealing with a pandemic that’s put the law on hold

The Straight Shooter

How Sylvia Goldschmidt fell into family law

500 Years of Legal Knowledge

Eight attorneys, each with 60+ years experience, talk about everything from LSAT-less law schools to Freedom Rides to John and Yoko

Gold Glove Defense

How Robert S. Fink kept Yankees legend Mickey Mantle out of IRS trouble

The Confidence Builder

How Jennifer Frankola’s work as a Bronx middle school teacher informs her special-needs practice

The Three H's

Fred Brewington combats the costs of unequal voting access: hopelessness, hatefulness and helplessness

The Room Where It Isn't Happening

How long can Broadway stay shuttered? A Q&A with entertainment attorney Loren Plotkin

New York State of Mind

Four New York lawyers talk about how the COVID pandemic is affecting real estate, estate planning, employment and bankruptcy law

No One Screams for Ice Cream like DJ

Discovery with Derrelle Janey

Not After the Big Part

Anne Vladeck and her family have been taking on big, fat firms for 70 years

The Closer

Steven Molo kept moving toward his perfect firm; then he created it

Not BigLaw

How Roger E. Barton developed a more transparent compensation system

Protecting the Plate

Phillies fan Mary L. Kevlin safeguards Yankees, Mets and MLB IP

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Steve Cohen began law school at 58; now, at 68, he’s on the Rising Stars list

'Someone Should Just Go Get Her'

Shaimaa Hussein goes the extra mile for refugees and asylum seekers

Vindicating Victims

Why did Trump supporter Douglas H. Wigdor take on Fox News? The same reason he’s sued the Weinstein Company, NY1 and, yes, Uber

Bellavia v. Cancer

How a mistaken diagnosis led to a fundraising movement

Keeping the Vision

Former TV producer Laverne Berry is now the star of a voting rights documentary

Distinguishing Herself

How Jean Chou took a virtual Park Avenue address and made it real

'None of Us Take It for Granted'

Eight lawyers recount their journey to America

Banking on Rodge

H. Rodgin Cohen looks back at the Great Recession—and guesses where the next banking crisis might come from

The Winning Ticket

Fran and Susan Hoffinger stick together in all kinds of weather

Raising Glasses, Funds and Spirits

How Block O’Toole & Murphy helped turn the St. Jude Autumn Wine Tasting into an event

The Things He Carried

Lewis Tesser’s book of his father’s World War II photos is now in the National Archives

Scientific Breakthrough

Why Siew Yen Chong gave up the lab for the law

Fire and Ice

Why John Mancebo cannot not succeed

‘You Dream of Crosses Like This’

The four attorneys who helped acquit Abacus bank

The Road King

“Motorcycle Mike” Levine’s goal is to educate every biker in New York

Taking the ‘A’ Train

John Mancebo makes a connection on the way to Ice Hockey in Harlem

Discovery with Kamilah M. Holder

Kamilah Holder of #TeamIP keeps on burnin’

‘Nobody Knew the Danger Yet’

Xiaomin Chen recalls 9/11

East Side Story

David Paget survived Lower East Side gangs to become New York’s go-to environmental lawyer

Conscience Coupling

Husband-and-wife team Randolph McLaughlin and Debra Cohen are building a new kind of civil rights practice

Probate Games

Lansing Palmer makes a novel argument in the dispute over Tom Clancy’s estate

Getting to YES

Sports lawyer Irwin Kishner’s highlight reel includes developing the country’s first regional sports network

Hallowed Ground

Renato Matos helps religious organizations survive through real estate

Another Inconvenient Truth

Victoria Cook’s viral Facebook post helped expose gender bias in documentary filmmaking

Discovery with Victoria S. Cook

Victoria “Cookie” Cook on why she’d make an effin’ bad morning-show host

Local Counsel with RoseAnn C. Branda

Brooklyn’s RoseAnn Branda tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Women's Day

An oral history of those who fought “We don’t hire women” law firms and handsy judges to make legal history

Oral History: 13 Ways of Looking at a Black Robe

Former clerks to the U.S. Supreme Court talk about their experiences at the center of American law

‘A Real Inspiration’

Getting the deal done and keeping quiet about it, with Marcia L. Goldstein

Captain America's Lawyer

After a troubled childhood in the Bronx, Ross J. Charap emerged to fight for truth, justice and intellectual property  

The Zonin’ Lobels

Richard Lobel follows in the footsteps of his father, Sheldon, who followed in the footsteps of his father-in-law

Practice: Runway

How CEO training and a sense of humor helped Monica Richman build a fashion IP practice

The Room Where It Happened

How did a bastard orphan go on and on to become a musical phenomenon? Loren Plotkin and Nancy Rose on the legal work behind Hamilton

Asking, Telling

18-year Navy vet Stephen Lessard reps soldiers with LGBT matters and PTSD issues

Practical Applications in New York

Handy legal technologies

Our Cousin Vinny

Move over, Atticus: Lawyers have a new favorite cinematic lawyer

Discovery with Priya Chaudhry

Priya Chaudhry brings a touch of Cleveland (LeBron/Browns) to the city

Local Counsel with Jonathan L. Mechanic

Real estate icon Jonathan Mechanic tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

The Dean of the Employment Bar

Betsy Plevan’s career has been based on finding the right fit: for her, for her clients and for a generation of female lawyers

Being a Little Guy

“You cannot be great at what we do if you don’t have compassion for people,” says personal injury attorney Robert Kelner

First Comes Love

Before same-sex marriage was the law of the land, business litigator Robbie Kaplan became a hero of the movement

Navigating China

The Chinese legal system has come a long way in a short time; but what’s getting lost in translation?

Stabilizing Rent-Stabilization

Ira L. Herman on the Santiago-Monteverde bankruptcy ruling

Brown for the Disabled

On Dan Brown’s pro bono work to make New York more wheelchair accessible

The Best Neutral

Mediating with John DiBlasi

Outdated Laws: New York City Edition

Some of the most bizarre crimes in NYC

An Innocence Man

Barry Scheck talks Louima, Lyons, and whether the state has executed an innocent man

Brew Master

How M&A ace Sabine Chalmers helped form the world’s largest brewing company

The Defining Civil Rights Issue of This Century

David Boies, Ted Olson, and the federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage

Appealing Appellate

How Kathleen M. Sullivan went from academia to the only female name partner among the 100 largest firms in the country


How Marshall Huebner helped rescue the economy

What’s So Funny About ... ?

Family lawyer Sue M. Moss talks comedy, the begging strategy and losing your mind on Oprah

Nerves of Steel

A look at the not-so-secret identity of Napoli Bern

A Damon Runyon Kind of Practice

Judd Burstein is mum on Fox News, but not on the mob or Don King

A Separation

Nooshin Namazi’s journey from Iran to Long Island

A Boardroom Lawyer

How Martin Lipton changed corporate law

The Queen of Breach

Privacy expert Lisa Sotto goes public

Environmental Energy

Susan Millington Campbell and the dirt aspect of environmental law

Avanti, Sempre Avanti

Michael J. Amoruso is known as a listener even though he was born with bilateral hearing loss; he’s known for seeing solutions even though he’s legally blind

Too Big to Not Fail

An oral history of the short life and quick death of Dewey & LeBoeuf

Basketball Theory

Med mal attorney Duane M. Fiedler strives to even the playing field—in the courts and on the court


Before taking up entertainment law, Marilyn G. Haft worked for the ACLU, Bella Abzug, the White House and the U.N.

Torch, Passed

Susan Brune represents a new generation of trial lawyers


Mary Kay Vyskocil reps insurance companies in cases ranging from the Rocky Mountain Arsenal to the collapse of the World Trade Center

Dan’s Law

At the intersection of law, history and literature, you’ll find Daniel Kornstein

The Former Outcast

Why personal injury attorney Marvin Salenger identifies with his clients

IP Man

J. Christopher Jensen talks Muppets, the Internet, and freeing a man on death row

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Courtroom

Labe Richman’s monologue benefits the Immigrant Defense Project

Where There’s a Will

Columbia student Andrea Johnson led a Care-A-Van to Native American tribal lands

The Four Lanes of Alphonso E. Tindall Jr.

As a child he walked the precincts for the first African-American running for mayor of New Haven; now he represents cities and states in a public sector-related practice

The Internet Frontier

NBCUniversal’s Rick Cotton works to combat Internet piracy and protect content

Stein’s Way

Joshua Stein, one of the first lawyers with a laptop, hangs a shingle midcareer

The Don of Criminal Defense Attorneys

Gerald Shargel defends collars of every color … as well as the mob

Protector of The Catcher in the Rye

Marcia Paul doesn’t relish being center of attention, but her clients, including J.D. Salinger, Mel Brooks and Dustin Hoffman, often put her there

Judge Pollack’s Boys

Thomas Kavaler, Peter Wang and other lawyers pay homage to their mentor

The Largest Pro Bono Effort in History

New York lawyers show TLC after 9/11

Real Heroes

Andrew “Duke” Maloney’s five-year battle for Glenn Winuk

The Rabbi’s Son

Bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman on tough cases, humorous deal toys, and how to handle power brokers like Carl Icahn and Donald Trump

Catching up with Gerald L. Shargel

Since appearing in the 2011 Super Lawyers Magazine article, Shargel has moved from small law to big

Protecting a Global Brand

Starwood Hotels & Resorts’ Ken Siegel helps craft a corporate culture that is globally minded and socially aware

Big Deal

Julie Jacobs navigates the new media frontier at AOL

The Ultimate Lawyer-Statesman

How Gary Naftalis beat Perry Mason, defended Michael Eisner, and sank a shot at Madison Square Garden

The Team Player

Brad Karp is the man behind the man in the hot seat

The Reality Check

The four commandments of Debra Raskin

Sea Change

How Vince DeOrchis helped update 80-year-old maritime law

“Let’s Put on a Show!”

Backstage with Broadway lawyers Seth Gelblum, Elliot Brown, Jean Ward, Loren Plotkin and Nancy Rose

Manhattan Transfer

Real estate lawyer David Alan Richards transfers everything from Kipling books to air

Law … and All That Jazz

A little night music from IP attorney Jonathan Z. King

The Fourth Lesson of Joe Flom

It has something to do with liquidity

The Decider

Sandra Leung stepped in when Bristol-Myers Squibb took the heat

Pfizer’s Legal Sentry

Amy Schulman forwent a career in academia for high-stakes corporate litigation 

The Expert

Greg Joseph is the corporate litigator you want answering that 3 a.m. (or 4 a.m.) phone call

A Minor Deity in the Bankruptcy Arena

From the Salad Oil Scandal of ‘63 to Lehman Brothers today, Harvey Miller is the bankruptcy lawyer you don’t cross

The Pioneer

Sheila Birnbaum was often the first woman in the room, but it’s in products liability that she blazed a trail

Juilliard Without the Drama

How Laurie Carter keeps the performing arts performing

'Who Did You Rep During the Global Financial Meltdown, Daddy?'

How an all-star line-up of lawyers helped ensure that Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers were bought, and someone, somewhere, cared about Bernie Madoff

Pirates of the Arabian

Lawrence Rutkowski on negotiating with men holding AK-47s

Lennon Law

How Leon Wildes helped John Lennon stay in the city he loved

Q&A With Murray Schwartz

Murray Schwartz of Schwartz & Perry has been practicing for 60 years. He currently focuses exclusively on all facets of employment law, including employment discrimination.


Noah Hanft leads the charge at MasterCard

Nice to Meet You, Mikhail Baryshnikov

Laurie Carter still gets star-struck on the Juilliard campus

Q&A: An American in China

Deryck Palmer on updating the nation's bankruptcy laws

Pepsi One

Larry Thompson stands behind an iconic American brand        

Modernizing a 16th-Century Tradition

Sharon Grubin keeps The Met apace with the times       

Rupert Murdoch’s Right-Hand Man

Lon Jacobs helped News Corporation take over The Wall Street Journal and MySpace

Boies v. Bush v. Gore

David Boies looks back at a brilliant career... and a Supreme Court decision that changed a nation

The Eagle Scout

Bankruptcy lawyer Deryck Palmer is nice 98 percent of the time    

Fire and Oxygen

Thomas Moore and Judith Livingston share three children and multimillion-dollar verdicts  

The Digger

An unhurried view of Roger Zissu        

The Second Life of Harriet Cohen

What the matrimonial lawyer learned to share with the world        

Staying Civil After 9/11

Three civil rights lawyers—Michael Ratner, Arthur Eisenberg and Manuel Vargas—and their organizations fight for our most basic rights          

His Excellency

Jonathan Mechanic knows New York better than you do

The Lawyers of Summer

Talkin’ baseball with the general counsels of the Yankees and Mets

The Lawyer Who Freed Prince

L. Londell McMillan learned business and advocacy from the best: his mother


The dust hasn’t begun to settle on 9/11 litigation

The First First Amendment Lawyer

Floyd Abrams on the Pentagon Papers, Judith Miller and why clerkships are great (it’s not why you think)

The Other Side of Raoul Felder

The most controversial lawyer in New York (this year) comes clean

Government Problems? Call Ted Wells

Lewis Libby, in big trouble, knew where to turn

On the Frontlines of Terror

Fireman-policeman-lawyer David Kelley strikes back at terrorists

One Woman's Ceiling is Another Woman's Floor

If you still think women can’t have it all, check out Valerie Ford Jacob

Hold the Line, Mia, Pacino is on Line Two

Bill Beslow’s celebrity divorce clients appreciate his closed-mouth policy

And on the Seventh Day, He Rested

No, he’s not God, but his clients rank Ben Brafman just a few rungs below that

The Ninth Member of the Chicago Eight

Gerald Lefcourt counts Abbie Hoffman, Sid Vicious and hotelier Harry Helmsley among the clients he’s had in his legendary career

Redford is NOT a Cigarette (and other entertainment law stories)

Martin Garbus tells stories as good as those told by the entertainers he protects

The Keepers of New York's Treasures

They may be invisible — they like it that way — but the lawyers who protect the Guggenheim, The Metropolitan Opera and The New York Public Library system watch over the city’s cultural icons

Tuned In

Ted Wells' pre-trial playlist

An Adventurer with Heart

Marsha Simms combines wanderlust with a passion for helping others

Passion Pays

Andrea S. Rattner says her paid work and her pro bono activities are symbiotic

A Parity of Charity

Carlyn McCaffrey views volunteering as a “natural outgrowth” of her law practice

Healing by Helping

Debra Brown Steinberg wants immigration status granted to the families of 9/11 victims

In the Express Lane

How Louise Parent moved up the AmEx corporate ladder

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