North Carolina Super Lawyers Articles

The Reconstruction of David Rudolf

The verdict in the Michael Peterson case shook his very foundation. Now, thanks to Netflix, he’s on a new mission: fixing the criminal justice system

Featuring David S. Rudolf

Data, Data Everywhere

Craig Cannon and his team attempt to make e-discovery more manageable

Featuring Craig Douglass Cannon

A Little Bit Louder Now

Charlotte attorney Lori Keeton makes some noise for women entrepreneurs

Featuring Lori R. Keeton

C’mon and Raise Up

North Carolina, entertainment attorney Alonzo McAlpine Alston says you’re the next hotbed for entertainment

Featuring Alonzo M. Alston

Discovery with Michelle D. Connell

Michelle D. Connell would rather be laughing or organizing trial notebooks instead of whining about how hard things are

Featuring Michelle D. Connell

Dude, You Are So Dead

And other thoughts from no-nonsense litigator Sara Lincoln

Featuring Sara R. Lincoln


How the personal became political (and big business) for Rod Kight

Featuring D. Rodney Kight, Jr.

Started From The Bottom

Patrick Roberts’ path to the U.S., law and the top floor

Discovery with Karl J. Amelchenko

Karl Amelchenko will do just about anything for a solid bocadillo—except get a Twitter account

Featuring Karl J. Amelchenko

Fueling Communities

Stokely G. Caldwell Jr. works with NASCAR’s biggest names to give back

Featuring Stokely G. Caldwell, Jr.

‘Our Atticus Finch’

How Morehead Scholar Wade Smith ushered in a new generation of criminal defense attorneys

Featuring Wade M. Smith

The Dream Job

Tin Fulton Walker & Owen’s Katy Lewis Parker reflects on six years as legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina

Featuring Katherine Lewis Parker

Digital Media Matters

Charles Marshall works to build a digital dynasty 

Featuring Charles F. Marshall, III

Amendment Done

Amy Richardson fights for same-sex rights in North Carolina

Featuring Amy E. Richardson

‘You’re Just Here to Find a Husband’

An oral history of the first group of female attorneys in North Carolina in the 1970sFeaturing Carolyn Burnette Ingram, …

On the Fly with Ed Hinson

For the James, McElroy & Diehl lawyer, there’s nothing like the lure of a government investigation—unless it’s rainbow troutFeaturing Edward T. Hinson, Jr.

Garfinkel Will Get You In

This sought-after immigration lawyer opens the door for NASCAR engineers and other top economic driversFeaturing Steven H. Garfinkel

Jobs Are Like Weather

They can wipe you out. Employment attorney Meg Maloney fights to fix the damage.Featuring Margaret B. Maloney

Something is Rotten in the Condo Complex

From Park Avenue to rural North Carolina, Daniel K. Bryson advocates for plaintiffs whose homes are falling apartFeaturing Daniel K. Bryson

The Seventh Black Lawyer in Charlotte

James E. Ferguson II is fearless for his clientsFeaturing James E. Ferguson, II

A Voice Against Domestic Violence

Ashley Huffstetler Campbell strives to protect victims of abuseFeaturing Ashley Huffstetler Campbell

Soft Heart, Steady Hand

Family law attorney Marcia H. Armstrong, partner at Armstrong & Armstrong, on the importance of patience and mentoring, and how being a lawyer isn’t like the TV showsFeaturing Marcia H. Armstrong

Getting Off the Slope

Bankruptcy attorney Christy Myatt helps clients—and skiers—get back on their feetFeaturing Christine L. Myatt

In the Footsteps of His Father

Second-generation attorney Brent Rosser lets integrity and honesty guide his practice and pro bono workFeaturing Brent A. Rosser

Service Above Self

Robert H. Haggard, partner at The Van Winkle Law Firm in Asheville and in Hendersonville, on the responsibility he took on as a JAG officer, the active volunteerism of his trust and estate legal community, and his appreciation of antique tractorsFeaturing Robert H. Haggard

The Fact Man

Family law attorney Rich Stephens keeps the details straightFeaturing Richard D. Stephens

Law and Literature 101

Criminal defense attorney William Terpening looks to books for insightFeaturing William Terpening

No Women Allowed

Catharine Biggs Arrowood on bias then and now, the importance of networks, and how she got her very own Perry Mason momentFeaturing Catharine Biggs Arrowood

The Buddy System

How John “Buddy” Wester’s disarming nature earned him a good name and the North Carolina Bar Association presidencyFeaturing John R. Wester

The Interpreter

Leto Copeley translates Spanish and the language of lawFeaturing Leto Copeley

The Impromptu Marathoner

Personal injury attorney Marc Madonia ran 26.2 miles on a dareFeaturing Marc P. Madonia

At Economic Ground Zero

Ritchie Taylor on closing deals during the financial crisisFeaturing Ritchie Taylor

Soldier for Civil Rights

Geraldine Sumter stays true to her missionFeaturing Geraldine Sumter

Fifth-Generation Lawyer

Joseph B. Cheshire V lives up to expectationsFeaturing Joseph B. Cheshire, V

From DJ to J.D.

Coe Ramsey masters the art of mixingFeaturing Coe W. Ramsey

Hurricane Craig

How Craig Cannon got FEMA to let disaster victims sue FEMAFeaturing Craig Douglass Cannon

The Sleuth

Jack Cobb’s detective work has earned him the trust of GOP heavy hitters (not to mention Bank of America)Featuring John H. Cobb

Renaissance Man

At 11 he could program a computer. He nearly became a doctor. So how did Charles Calkins end up in a law office? Featuring Charles W. Calkins

The Connector

Jim Phillips is the most plugged-in attorney in North CarolinaFeaturing Jim Phillips

Hard Driver

Elizabeth Kuniholm fights for victims of abuse

How Jack Walker Got His Groove Back

An estate planning attorney dusts off his brassFeaturing Edwin J. (Jack) Walker, Jr.

The Soloist

Felicia Washington Mauney blazes her own trail

Defending the Delorable

Four North Carolina lawyers describe how and why they do itFeaturing James F. Wyatt, III, …

Divorce Horror Stories

Family lawyers recount some of their more memorable cases

Featuring Robin J. Stinson, …

Steady as She Goes

Leslie Winner takes in stride her responsibilities as top legal counsel for all 16 colleges of The University of North Carolina

The Pros of Giving Back

Four North Carolina attorneys share their thoughts on the importance of pro bono work
Featuring Judy D. Thompson, …

Setting the Bar

Anthony "Tony" Lathrop is a conservative foil to his flamboyant clients       Featuring Anthony T. (Tony) Lathrop

Medicine Man

When faced with malpractice allegations, many medical professionals turn to Dan McLamb to separate facts from emotionsFeaturing Dan J. McLamb

Concerted Effort

Haynes Lea holds a yearly Western bash to raise money for the blindFeaturing Haynes P. Lea

Both Candid and Kind

J.Norfleet Pruden III, a fourth-generation lawyer from Edenton, is Charlotte’s favorite son

The Quick Study

Leslie O'Toole's openness to new things led her to the courtroom

Featuring Leslie C. Packer

Another Kind of NASCAR Dad

Stokely Caldwell may be the only lawyer in North Carolina with a hunk of Jeff Gordon’s car hanging in his office
Featuring Stokely G. Caldwell, Jr.

Dead Man Walking Free

Alan Gell was wrongfully convicted and sat on death row for nine years; Jim Cooney set him free
Featuring James P. Cooney, III

Much to Do About Something

Civil rights legend Julius Chambers continues to fight the good fight

There She Is … A Plaintiff’s Lawyer

A former Miss North Carolina gets down to cases

Featuring Janet Ward Black

Have Barbecue, Will Travel

James Early and the universal bonding agent

Featuring James F. Early

Hollywood, North Carolina

Jim O’Brien brings moviemakers and investors together

Featuring James M. O'Brien, III

Daughter of the Revolution

Christine Walczyk celebrates pioneering women attorneys

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