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Roger Mastroianni

Mike Ungar’s Town

The business litigator is part of a Cleveland legal community that punches above its weight class

Featuring Michael N. Ungar


How Brock Denton, Kelley Brandstetter Tracy and their KMK colleagues helped Cincinnati soccer make it to the majors

Featuring Kelley Brandstetter Tracy, …

Discovery with Andrea L. Cozza

When life gets stressful, Andrea Cozza picks up the clarinet

Featuring Andrea L. Cozza

From Spittoons to Specialization

Five local lawyers mull the changes in their industry over the past six decades

Featuring Charles E. "Buzz" English, Jr., …

Ross Van Pelt

Reflecting with Marie-Joëlle Khouzam

To this Columbus lawyer, it’s all about listening before jumping in

Featuring Marie-Joëlle C. Khouzam

Family Recipe

Charles and Ellen Rittgers built a thriving firm together—and brought son Charlie into the fold 7 years ago

Featuring Ellen B. Rittgers, …

Motorcycle Man

Anthony Castelli tries to make the riding easier for Cincinnati riders

Featuring Anthony D. Castelli

In the Bees

If Jeff Spangler isn’t advising banking clients, he’s most likely out checking his hives

Featuring Jeff J. Spangler

Ohio Fertility Clinic Hit With Lawsuits Over Destroyed Embryos

Storage tank alarm did not warn of rising temperature

Featuring Tom Merriman, …

Custody Battle

Family law attorney Andrew Zashin asks the 6th Circuit to bring consistency to cases involving vulnerable children

Featuring Andrew A. Zashin

Custody Clarification

Cleveland family law attorney Andrew Zashin gets a 6th Circuit ruling that brings consistency to cases involving vulnerable children

Featuring Andrew A. Zashin

Discovery with Seth Briskin

A lesson Seth Briskin learned along the way: Never bring a briefcase to a gunfight

Featuring Seth P. Briskin

Ross Van Pelt

Looking Around Corners

Janet Gilligan Abaray is all about doing the research, learning the science, then visualizing how the pieces of a case will come together

Featuring Janet G. Abaray

The Incredible Shrinking Jury Trial

For better or for worse—depending on your perspective—lawsuits and criminal cases are increasingly being resolved outside the courtroom

Featuring Douglas N. Godshall, …

Cleveland Calling

Zashin & Rich works to the beat of its own drum

Featuring Andrew A. Zashin, …

Tackling an Epidemic

Cleveland’s Stephen Walters focuses on fighting the opioid crisis

Featuring Stephen E. Walters

Discovery with Victor P. Kademenos

Victor Kademenos can do a mean imitation of Bernie. But not that Bernie.

Featuring Victor P. Kademenos

Roger Mastroianni

Family Ties

How Craig Bashein helped the Chardon High victims’ families

Featuring W. Craig Bashein

Ross Van Pelt

A Planner and a Poet

Susan Wheatley likes things organized—in estate plans or stanzas

Featuring Susan E. Wheatley

Ross Van Pelt

The Lawyer Lawyers Need

When a professional colleague gets in hot water, Alvin Mathews Jr. is on the case

Featuring Alvin E. Mathews, Jr.

‘A Tremendous Ability to Do Good’

A Christmas epiphany led Doucet & Associates to help people avoid eviction

Featuring Troy J. Doucet

Games Over

Bankruptcy lawyer Laura Day DelCotto isn’t playing around when it comes to protecting her clients

Featuring Laura Day DelCotto

Ross Van Pelt

Defending the Product

Cincinnati litigator Carolyn Taggart takes the sting out of facts that might trip up a jury

Featuring Carolyn A. Taggart

Roger Mastroianni

The Candy Man’s Lawyer

John R. Climaco helped Sammy Davis Jr. battle financial failures, negotiated with Cesar Chavez on behalf of the Teamsters union, and took on the tobacco industry

Featuring John R. Climaco

Ross Van Pelt

Alex Shumate on Taking Care of Business

The Columbus lawyer puts public policy to work for his clients

Featuring Alex Shumate

Family Matters

Barbara K. Roman is all about minimizing the trauma of breakups

Featuring Barbara K. Roman

Ross Van Pelt

When the Officer Says “Step Out of the Car”

Jon Saia casts doubt on the results of field sobriety tests, and advocates for less convoluted OVI laws

Featuring Jon J. Saia

Ross Van Pelt

That Samurai Charm

For her work in his defense, one client gave malpractice attorney Susan Blasik-Miller a sword as a thank you gift

Featuring Susan Blasik-Miller

Quadrant Photography

Find Something I Say That Isn’t True

Louisville litigator David Tachau dares his adversaries to find a hole in his story

Featuring David B. Tachau

Contamination Counselor

Environmental law attorney Andrew L. Kolesar on the consequences of toxic decisions

Featuring Andrew L. Kolesar

Break It Down

Carol Dan Browning’s cases can get abstract, but she speaks to juries in concrete terms

Featuring Carol Dan Browning

Legal Aid is Alive and Well

And Cleveland’s Deborah A. Coleman is proof

Featuring Deborah A. Coleman

Roger Mastroianni

The Battle For the Next Best Thing

Patrick Perotti has collected more than $25 million for charity using the cy pres doctrine

Featuring Patrick J. Perotti

The Real Deal

How personal injury attorney James Michael Kelley III outwits the experts

Featuring James M. Kelley

Ross Van Pelt

It’s All Personal

When family law gets complicated, it’s good to have Phyllis Bossin in charge

Featuring Phyllis G. Bossin

Ross Van Pelt

Champion of Diversity

Employment attorney Carl D. Smallwood is all about opening doors

Featuring Carl D. Smallwood

Nancy Valentine’s Idea of Fun

Complicated bankruptcy cases make this attorney’s day

Featuring Nancy A. Valentine

Helping Larry Flynt

Intellectual property lawyer Joshua A. Lorentz is no stranger to big-name clients

Featuring Joshua A. Lorentz

Joseph P. Thomas’ Patient Approach

The class action defender at Ulmer & Berne in Cincinnati changes perceptions about big pharmaceutical firms

Featuring Joseph P. Thomas

Ross Van Pelt

The Craftsman

Charles Faruki practices simplicity in complex business litigation


Roger Mastroianni

A Caregiver’s Friend

Former nurse Marilena DiSilvio’s heart is with doctors, hospitals and care providers

Featuring Marilena DiSilvio

Ross Van Pelt

Citizen of the World

How Martijn Steger created a top-rated international law practice based in an unlikely locale

Featuring Martijn Steger

The Analytical Mind of David E. Mills

Detail work is this Cleveland appellate lawyer’s forte

Featuring David E. Mills


Lisa Orlando Pays Tribute to Suellen Oswald

Featuring Suellen Oswald, …


Andrew Zashin: Reminiscing About Robert Zashin

Featuring Andrew A. Zashin

Ross Van Pelt

The Fixer

Nothing makes estate lawyer Ruth I. Rounding madder than witnessing injustice. Colleagues at Kohnen & Patton say (good-naturedly) that her middle initial stands for “Irate”


Ross Van Pelt

The Crisis Preventer

From the FTC to P&G, Deborah Platt Majoras keeps consumers in mind


The Consensus Builder

Carol Rolf is a real pro at health care law—and at finding common ground

Featuring Carol Rolf

A Straight Shooter

Business litigator James Burke calmly calls the shots—even when a presidential election is at stake

Featuring James E. Burke

From Courtroom Observer to Pete Rose’s Lawyer

Robert Pitcairn Jr., whose clients have also included the Cincinnati Bengals, doesn’t do anything halfway

Featuring Robert A. Pitcairn, Jr.

Douglas Suter’s Crusade to Make Schools Safer

The Columbus lawyer brings attention to dangers in the classroom

Featuring Douglas J. Suter

Representing Obama’s Aunt

Scott Bratton and his fight to keep the president’s relative from being deported

Featuring Scott E. Bratton

Amy Schermer’s Incredible Journey

How a Columbus business attorney made the most of her second chance

Featuring Amy K. Schermer

Building Excitement

It’s not quite Disneyland, but Dayton real estate attorney Alan B. Schaeffer’s current project is one of a kind

Featuring Alan B. Schaeffer

The Man To See

Super-connected trial attorney David Kamp built his career by being the ‘lawyer’s lawyer’

Featuring David P. Kamp

The Open-Minded Professor

Frank A. Ray passes on the lessons of his success: tireless energy, an open mind and caring enough about your case to get scared

Featuring Frank A. Ray

Staying Grounded

Anna Moore Carulas saves the day for her health care clients, but she only brags about her kids

Featuring Anna Moore Carulas

LEEDing the Way

Lesley Avery helps create the green buildings of the future

Featuring Lesley R. Armour

Fighting for (and Sometimes Against) City Hall

Jeff Forbes usually represents cities but ended up on the other side in the influential Norwood v. Horney case

Featuring Jeffrey D. Forbes

Q&A With J. Michael Cooney

Dinsmore & Shohl’s J. Michael Cooney on the yin and yang of estate law

Featuring J. Michael Cooney

An Appealing Practice

Chiquita’s James Thompson on the complexities of global trade


From Brussels to Cleveland

While practicing law in Belgium, Eaton Corp.’ s Mark McGuire learned to improvise 


Play Ball!

George Yund hits home runs for Minor League Baseball

Featuring George E. Yund

Serving a Higher Power

Whether her client is the U.S. government or a convicted mobster, Carole Rendon is always working for justice


On the Side of Angels

Michael Gire on representing doctors and defending hospitals

Featuring Michael K. Gire

Home of the Brave

Three attorneys tell of serving their country

Featuring Robert G. Palmer, …

Hanging Their Own Shingles

Who's the boss? Three area lawyers told us how they turned the answer into "I am." They left other legal jobs—or never really had them to begin with—and mustered up the courage to go it alone. Their firms are dreams realized, but entrepreneurship also means figuring out accounts payable.        

Featuring Ian N. Friedman, …

The Politics of Nice

Kathleen Trafford has made a career of keeping it clean

Featuring Kathleen M. Trafford

The Scioto Redemption

Alphonse Gerhardstein helps protect Ohio's youngest prisoners

Featuring Alphonse A. Gerhardstein

The Best Defense

Whether it’s the scene of a car wreck or a mine collapse, Larry Sutter sends his best man: Larry Sutter


Practical Magic

Richard La Jeunesse makes his clients' legal problems disappear

Featuring Richard T. La Jeunesse

Head of the Class

Hugh E. McKay rounded up 700 lawyers to help Cleveland’s public schools

Featuring Hugh E. McKay

Deposition in Aisle 5

Hilary Vollmer, behind the scenes at the nation’s largest grocery chain


True to His Schools

Eric Johnson gets gold stars from his school district clients

Featuring Eric J. Johnson

The Root of the Problem

Brad Koffel’s clients get a little bit more

Featuring Bradley P. Koffel

Shifting the Odds

Richard W. Schulte and the best spot in America for a fair fight

Featuring Richard W. Schulte

Not So Civil Service

Stephen Funk joined the board of education to improve local schools. He didn’t expect the riots.

Featuring Stephen W. Funk

Stranger Than Fiction

Christopher W. Thompson’s cases range from ordinary to extraordinary

Featuring Christopher W. Thompson

Family Valued

Jeffrey Grossman and Mary Ann Rabin make their law practices a family affair

Featuring Jeffrey A. Grossman

Where in the World is George von Mehren?

Whether he's in London, Prague or Madrid, von Mehren stays plugged in

Featuring George M. von Mehren

Lighting the Fire

José Feliciano sparks Hispanic empowerment


Walking the Walk

Attorney and agent Bret Adams may be loud and ornery, but that's just what such clients as Nuggets Coach George Karl love about him

Featuring Bret Allen Adams

The Supreme Thrill

Three attorneys tell what it’s like to appear in front of the nation’s highest court

Featuring Marvin A. Sicherman, …

Memories of My Lai

Merle F. Wilberding shares lessons learned from the famous Calley case

Featuring Merle F. Wilberding

Following in Her Footsteps

Susan Grogan Faller helps pave the way for today’s young women attorneys

Featuring Susan Grogan Faller

The Barrister

Tony White is still scoring from way downtown

Featuring Anthony C. White

Brokering Billions

Christopher Hewitt helped bring Federated and May together

Featuring Christopher J. Hewitt

A Geek Squad of One

Ron Raether knows his bits from his bytes

Featuring Ronald I. Raether, Jr.

In Vino Veritas

Ashley Hess and Kevin Ghassomian raise their glasses to worthy causes

Featuring Kevin R. Ghassomian, …

Mr. Wagoner Goes to Columbus

Ohio State Rep. Mark Wagoner is both lawyer and lawmaker

Featuring Mark Wagoner

He Oughta Be an English Teacher

Peter Hahn grades the essays kids actually want to write

Featuring Peter W. Hahn

The Jazz Man

David C. Greer plays the music of old New Orleans

Featuring David C. Greer

The Wrong Men

Tim Howard and Gary James spent 26 years proclaiming their innocence. James Owen forced the system to listen


Mississippi Learning

A childhood visit to the Deep South helped propel Sharon Zealey into a life spent fighting inequality


A Lawyer Without Borders

Richard Herman is taking Cleveland international

Featuring Richard Herman

Survivor's Tale

Caryn Groedel knows ‘Tribal Council’ is just another way to say ‘courtroom’

Featuring Caryn Markowitz Groedel

Demolition Man

The ambulance chases Donald S. Scherzer

Featuring Donald S. Scherzer

From JD to DJ

David K. Greer charms both juries and radio listeners

Featuring David K. Greer

Where There's Smoke...

There’s Larry Bennett, firefighter and fire lawyer


The Kindly Counselor

Steve Hartman helps clients stay out of jail and rebuild their lives

Featuring Stephen D. Hartman

The Storyteller

Jonathan Leiken remembers Sept. 11 a little differently than most


The Long Strange Trip of Mr. Silk

On his way to becoming a lawyer, Richard Silk stopped for rock stardom and the bass fishing circuit


Speaking for the Speechless

When schools ignore their disabled students, Kerry Agins takes up the cause


Taking It to the Streets

Katherine Cook Morgan sends law students back to high school to help teenagers make sense of the law


Get on the Bus

Concerned by the lack of political interest among young Americans, Tracy Turoff decided to get them energized. All of them


One Kid at a Time

Kent Wellington connects children who need advocates with lawyers who can help — starting with himself

Featuring Kent Wellington

Marathon Man

Joe Oldham’s journey through Guillain-Barré Syndrome started in a hospital bed and ended on a finish line

Featuring Joseph Kibble Oldham

Mr. Lewis Goes to Washington

John Lewis’ pro bono case lands him in rare company

Featuring John Q. Lewis

Making Cleveland Cleveland

Fred Nance is helping push Cleveland to the top ranks of American cities

Featuring Frederick R. Nance, Jr.

A Fearless and Ferocious Fraud Fighter

Crime doesn’t pay, but the criminals do — when Joseph Dehner goes after them

Featuring Joseph J. Dehner

Does Captain America Live in Cleveland?

Defending peace and justice in Cuyahoga County


King of the Road

Michael Leizerman’s career just keeps on trucking

Featuring Michael J. Leizerman

Tour de French

Judi French: Without Limits


So Sous Me

Chef knife in hand, Terry Monnie cooks for great causes


An Appetite for Deduction

Five Columbus attorneys don’t mince words when moonlighting as restaurant critics

Featuring John S. Marshall, …

The Collector

How do you break writer's block? Fly to Tierra del Fuego, of course


If It's Thursday, It Must Be Zambia

Will that be a red or a white with your crocodile steak?


Ohio's Least Famous Sports Hero

Imagine Cleveland without the Indians. Now relax. That likely will never happen, thanks in large part to Tom Chema


Shattered Glass Ceilings

For Trish Smitson and Missy Wright at Thompson Hine, being a woman hasn’t stunted their professional — or personal — growth one bit

Featuring David J. Hooker

Mob Boss

Mild-mannered Jim Wooley takes on a real-life Tony Soprano

Featuring James R. Wooley

Hoop Dreams

Chris Russell knows his way around courts of all kinds

Featuring Christopher C. Russell

The Art of Law

Petrie’s vision of the Lytle Park Lincoln

Featuring Bruce I. Petrie, Jr.

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