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Collective Wisdom

John Kenney knows how to speak to juries—and country music fans, too

Featuring John A. Kenney

Making a Life-Size Difference

The community’s need can be overwhelming, but Rachel Gusman just keeps chipping away

Featuring Rachel Gusman

M. Shane Henry Knows No Labels

The Tulsa attorney helped launch a hands-on trial-advocacy program

Featuring M. Shane Henry

Discovery with Amy D. White

Amy D. White dreams of horse farms—and another conversation with her grandparents

Featuring Amy D. White

Kit Petersen’s Magic Touch

Though she keeps some ‘fairy dust’ on hand, her real power lies in listening

Featuring Catherine Holland Petersen

They Give at the Office … Literally

Doug Sorocco helped turn Dunlap Codding’s law office into a free community-event space

Featuring Douglas J. Sorocco

The Graduate

Taking part in Gerry Spence’s first Trial Lawyer’s College brought the human side back to David Humphreys’ practice

Featuring David Humphreys

Shannon Davies: on the Creative Side

The business litigator turns on the inspiration both in front of juries and on the pages of her novels

Featuring Shannon F. Davies

Discovery with Lauren Barghols Hanna

Why Lauren Hanna never gets a sunburned nose

Featuring Lauren Barghols Hanna

He Loves to Argue, Period.

The many trials (and few tribulations) of George Corbyn

Featuring George S. Corbyn, Jr.

Holding for Carl Albert

When J. Angela Ables worked for the ‘Little Giant from Little Dixie’

Featuring J. Angela Ables

Bringing Public and Private Together

Leslie V. Batchelor makes economic development partnerships happen

Featuring Leslie V. Batchelor

Passing Down Preservation

Lisa and David Riggs devote much of their time to protecting the environment

Featuring M. David Riggs, …

Discovery with Sheila D. Stinson

The Edmond attorney on Strom Thurmond, jury clothing etiquette and the joy of being hyper-organize

Local Counsel with Cheryl A. Jackson

The Tulsa lawyer tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Practicing Peace

For environmental lawyer and guardian ad litem LeAnne Burnett, it’s not about competition; it’s about relationshipsFeaturing LeAnne Burnett

You Can Believe What Terry West Says

Personal injury attorney Terry West finds the missing linkFeaturing Terry W. West

On the Side of the Angels

Tulsa litigator Joe Farris’ clients range from laid-off employees to activists bent on scuttling a nuclear power plantFeaturing Joseph R. Farris

Lawyer, Heal Thy Doctor

Oklahoma City’s Linda Scoggins is just what the doctor ordered for her health-care industry clienteleFeaturing Linda G. Scoggins

Marshaling the Evidence

Drew Neville does his homework. And then he does it againFeaturing Drew Neville, Jr.

A Woman in a Room Full of Men

Is intellectual property law a boys’ club? Ask Tulsa’s Rachel BlueFeaturing Rachel Blue

Pillar of Strength

Widowed at 28, Judy Hamilton Morse battled her grief by going to law school. Now she’s one of Oklahoma City’s leading litigatorsFeaturing Judy Hamilton Morse

The Kid Who Didn’t Sit Down

Pat Cremin took a chance on law school after a career in journalism

The Common Man’s Lawyer

Reggie Whitten’s straightforward style results in multimillion-dollar verdicts against the kinds of companies he used to defendFeaturing Reggie N. Whitten

Knowing the Realities

Teresa Meinders Burkett’s experiences as a nurse inform her current role as partner at Conner & Winters, where she directs the firm’s health care practice group. She talks with Super Lawyers about why her practice is one of the most interesting areas of law, why we shouldn’t be afraid of consolidated medical records and why she’s such a happy lawyer.Featuring Teresa Meinders Burkett

A Commitment to Justice

Karen Long aims to keep school districts compliant with Title IXFeaturing Karen L. Long

Beer Man

Transactional business lawyer Adam Marshall knows business and brewsFeaturing Adam K. Marshall

From Taxes to Trials

Sidney G. Dunagan on the importance of writing, how Vietnam changed his career path, and the question you can’t ask in a deposition

Under the Radar

The unassuming Frank Hill closes multimillion-dollar deals and has helped bring the NBA to OKC … twice Featuring Frank D. Hill

In a Word: Moxie

Linda Crook Martin tends to get what she wantsFeaturing Linda Crook Martin

Hanging Their Own Shingles

Who’s the boss? Three area lawyers told us how they turned the answer into “I am.” They left other legal jobs—or never really had them to begin with—and mustered up the courage to go it alone. Their firms are dreams realized, but entrepreneurship also means figuring out accounts payableFeaturing Catherine Zilahy Welsh, …

Q&A With James M. Sturdivant

James M. Sturdivant looks back on almost 50 years with GableGotwals and the $5,000 verdict that remains his favorite caseFeaturing James M. Sturdivant

Lawyer in the White Hat

Whether he's prosecuting terrorists or defending executives, Patrick M. Ryan keeps things classy        Featuring Patrick M. Ryan

An Appetite for Deduction

Mary Quinn Cooper, born trial lawyer        Featuring Mary Quinn Cooper

Kid-Friendly Divorce?

Moura A. J. Robertson's kinder, gentler family law practice        Featuring Moura A.J. Robertson

Prescription for Success

From social worker to health care lawyer, Elise Dunitz Brennan is all about healing        Featuring Elise Dunitz Brennan

Cowhand, Esq.

Terry Tippens practices law so he can tend to his ranch       Featuring Terry W. Tippens

Patent Pending

When IP attorney John Kenney isn’t protecting his clients’ inventions, he’s coming up with his own

Featuring John A. Kenney

High Plains Lawyer

Clark Brewster isn’t afraid to kick up some dust for his clients

Featuring Clark O. Brewster

Children's Crusader

After D. Kent Meyers saw the plight of children in the Oklahoma court system, he knew he had to help

Featuring D. Kent Meyers

On the Shoulders of Giants

Robert H. Alexander Jr. credits his success to the struggles of his ancestors; now he pays it forward

Featuring Robert H. Alexander, Jr.

Carrying the Flame

Elaine Turner brings home the gold for Special Olympians

Featuring Elaine R. Turner

Oil in His Blood

James C.T. Hardwick works with the stuff that moves the world

Featuring James C.T. Hardwick

The Redeemer

R. Thomas Seymour couldn’t make up for the 14 years Arvin McGee spent in prison for a rape he didn’t commit. But Seymour did help clear his name and win $12.3 million from the system that failed him

Center of the Storm

Stephen Jones invited controversy when he decided to represent Timothy McVeigh in 1995. And he isn’t done with the case yet.

Featuring Stephen Jones

King of the Mountain

Bruce Day’s idea of fun starts at 13,000 feet above sea level
Featuring Bruce W. Day

The Supreme Thrill

Three attorneys share their experiences in front of the nation’s highest court
Featuring Karen L. Long, …

Ministering to Multitudes

Oliver Howard and his “big tent” theology

Superhero in High Heels

Purse-snatchers beware: Erin Donovan is on the case

Featuring Erin Donovan

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