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Rick Dahms

Dina Alexander Leans In

The real estate attorney helps guide Portland through its growing pains

Featuring Dina E. Alexander

The Least Bad Choice

Health care attorney Eric Neiman fears the legal implications of Volk v. DeMeerleer

Featuring Eric J. Neiman

‘Leave Things Better’

Joshua Stadtler’s pro bono work stems from the Jewish tenet Tikkun Olam

Featuring Joshua Stadtler

Faster Each Year

As peers retire, Kelly Andersen climbs and cycles mountains

Featuring Kelly L. Andersen

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss in Tax Law

Three of Bill Manne’s clients learned the hard way that you can’t dodge the IRS

Featuring William S. Manne

Discovery with Jovita T. Wang

Jovita Wang on bitcoin dreams and Kafka cocktails


Craig Mitchelldyer

The New Oregon Trail

How immigration attorney Stephen Manning is fighting exclusion orders and deportations

Featuring Stephen W. Manning

Where He’s Calling From

Jim McDermott’s first novel is set in a blue-collar town like the one he left behind

Featuring James T. McDermott

Postcards from the Edge

Banafsheh Violet Nazari survived the Iran-Iraq War to represent the marginalized in employment law


Discovery with Deanna L. Wray

Deanna Wray admires Michelle, Betty, RBG, J-Law and the Mother of Dragons


Local Counsel with Leora Coleman-Fire

The Portland employment and labor lawyer tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Leora Coleman-Fire

Craig Mitchelldyer

Stephen Manning: 'The World is Watching'

Oregon immigration attorney is named top legal innovator of 2017

Featuring Stephen W. Manning

Craig Mitchelldyer

Sullivan for the Plaintiff, Angeli for the Defense

How two employment attorneys from across the aisle joined forces

Featuring Courtney Angeli, …

Downhill Lawyer

To improve his practice, Brad Stanford hit the slopes

Featuring Brad C. Stanford

WANTED: Trial Opportunities for Young Lawyers

We want the jury system to thrive, not just survive.


Featuring Daniel H. Skerritt

Discovery with Paul Southwick

The litigator talks Judge Darleen Ortega, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and which politician he can imitate

Featuring Paul Southwick

Local Counsel with Kimberly A. (Sugawa-Fujinaga) Stuart

The Portland attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Kimberly A. Stuart

Craig Mitchelldyer

Boutique Buddies

Four of Oregon’s top attorneys, from different practice areas and boutique firms, have been getting together for decades

Featuring Albert A. Menashe, …

Craig Mitchelldyer

Schroer as in Prayer

Appellate attorney Janet Schroer on repair work, staying in Oregon despite a gubernatorial directive, and why you have to know everything about everything in the case

Featuring Janet M. Schroer

The Unashamed Progressive

Business lawyer Steven Berman works for same-sex marriage, GMO labeling and marijuana legalization; and note the pedigree

Featuring Steven C. Berman

Craig Mitchelldyer

When You Say “I Do,” But Now You Don’t

Family law attorney Tom Bittner tells his clients, “It’s never going to hurt me like it hurts you”

Featuring Thomas A. Bittner

Craig Mitchelldyer

Work, Life, Balance

Diane Polscer launched a small law firm when her daughter was three days old

Featuring Diane L. Polscer

Something Positive from Something Bad

How Personal Injury Law Hooked Don Corson

Featuring Don Corson

Craig Mitchelldyer

We Are Repeat Players

Bankruptcy attorney Teresa H. Pearson knows it’s all about practice, practice, practice

Featuring Teresa H. Pearson


How John McGrory saved an empire for his yogi-practitioner clients

Featuring John F. McGrory, Jr.

Craig Mitchelldyer

That Knock on the Door Might Be the FBI

Although his father was a police officer, David Angeli knew he was destined for criminal law from an early age. He has never second-guessed himself.

Featuring David H. Angeli

Craig Mitchelldyer

Hometown Hero

How Robert Weaver helped free Central Oregon from the clutches of a red-robed cult

Featuring Robert C. Weaver, Jr.

Craig Mitchelldyer

Her Own Way

Judy Snyder tells how the Civil Rights Act of 1991 transformed the nation—and her practice

Featuring Judy D. Snyder

Creative Outlet

Parna Mehrbani enjoys the free flow of ideas in intellectual property law

Featuring Parna A. Mehrbani

When Jerry Carleton talks …

Clients should listen, because he’s been in their shoes

Featuring Jerry F. Carleton

Michael Jones

The Storyteller

Carol Bernick’s way with words sways judges and juries

Featuring Carol J. Bernick

Team Player

Richard Meneghello promotes collaboration—in court and on the soccer field

Featuring Richard R. Meneghello

Brad Maier Knows No Boundaries

Helping foreign professionals realize their American dreams

Featuring Bradley D. Maier

Michael Jones

Man of Science

From Coast Guard icebreakers to hydroelectric projects, Don Haagensen, with Cable Huston Benedict Haagensen & Lloyd, takes on knotty problems

Featuring Donald A. Haagensen

The Lawyerly Lineage of Thomas H. Tongue

The acclaimed Portland trial attorney is filling the oversized shoes of three namesakes


Talent Scout

How intellectual property attorney Michael Cohen ended up with pages of doodles by Miles Davis

Featuring Michael A. Cohen

Family Man

Dylan Cernitz begins and ends his day on the farm—and eases people through sticky divorces in-between

Featuring Dylan M. Cernitz

Tim Resch’s Life-Changing Assignment

An employment law attorney crosses the globe to tackle injustice

Featuring Timothy J. Resch

Kathleen Evans

The 2010 president of the state bar practices estate law out of a charming old house in Salem with her husband, daughter and dog close at hand. She defines her career on her own terms

Featuring Kathleen A. Evans

The 800-Pound Piranha

David Markowitz is a courtroom giant—and a gentle soul

Featuring David B. Markowitz

Money Matters

With an economy hard-hit by the recession, Oregon’s financial lawyers are burning the midnight oil 

Featuring Albert N. Kennedy, …

Picture This

David Wilson Jr. captures courtroom wins—and breathtaking landscapes


Green Is Good

Construction lawyer Eric Grasberger builds on eco-sensitivity

Featuring Eric A. Grasberger

Balancing Act

Laura Caldera Taylor seems to find extra hours in the day

Featuring Laura Caldera Taylor

Mr. Schpak, The Next Generation

How Andrew Schpak is helping save Hollywood … the theater

Featuring Andrew M. Schpak

He Just Does It

Jim Carter defends the Nike brand


On the Side of the Angels

N. Robert Stoll fights the good fight for the downtrodden       


The Remarkably Resilient Richard S. Yugler

For this Portland attorney, defeat has never been an option

Featuring Richard S. Yugler

The Akin Heart

Akin Blitz and his dog, Annie, dispense a special brand of medicine       

Featuring C. Akin Blitz

Sweet Spot

Steven Ungar hits his rhythm in the courthouse and on the drums        

Featuring Steven B. Ungar

Home Runner

Portland attorney Darius Hartwell puts family first       

Featuring Darius L. Hartwell

The Cattleman

Dan O'Leary is at home on the range       


The Challenge Junkie

Brenna Legaard keeps her motor running        

Featuring Brenna Legaard

A Good Move

Lynn Nakamoto fights for Oregonians' civil rights       


The Family Man

For Shawn Menashe, no other kind of law feels like home       

Featuring Shawn N. Menashe

Q&A: Barnes Ellis, Stoel Rives, Portland

Ellis reflects on 44 distinguished years in law. Though his practice tends toward the complex—consumer class actions and corporate governance—his formula for victory is simple: common sense, respect and a dash of humor      


English Lesson

Plumbers’ pensions were down the drain till Stephen English taught their scheming fund managers a thing or two

Featuring Stephen (Steve) F. English

The Last Laugh

William Barton may have been the class clown in law school, but today he's one of Oregon's finest trial lawyers (no joke)

Featuring William A. Barton

Helping Hands

Four local lawyers have a soft touch and a long reach

Featuring Robert D. Newell, …

All in the Family

Just when you thought you knew all about relationships, new laws—and attitudes—are changing the rules

Featuring Jane Paulson, …

Will Dodge Jellyfish for Money

Timothy Haslach braves the English Channel for charity


The Bet-Your-Company Lawyer

Richard Stone lands the biggest jury award of the year

Featuring Richard J. Stone

Widows' Best Friend

Brent Renison takes on Immigration

Featuring Brent Renison

Watching Out

Michael Williams keeps a sharp eye on the pharmaceutical industry

Featuring Michael L. Williams

From Sci-Fi to Synergy

Karen Williams’ transition from ‘Deep Space’ to Volunteer of the Year


Damage Control

When Lawrence Wobbrock shows up in court, he comes to win. The personal injury attorney’s jury award against Philip Morris  was the largest in state history.


Representing the Reprehensible

Why would anyone want to make a living defending society’s deviants? Four of Oregon’s best criminal defense attorneys explain their motivations

Featuring Lisa J. Ludwig, …

Many Thanks

Five successful lawyers offer a few words of thanks for the mentors who got their careers on track

Featuring Thomas C. Sand, …

Supreme Thrill

For a lawyer, arguing a case before the highest court in the land brings supreme satisfaction

Featuring Timothy R. Volpert, …

When Dishes Fly ...

... most folks get out of the way. But not divorce lawyers: They stick around to help pick up the pieces

Featuring Albert A. Menashe, …

Against the Odds

The obstacles for women and minorities in the legal arena are shrinking—and for this group of diverse Oregon lawyers, the remaining hurdles are just asking to be cleared

Featuring Al AuYeung, …

The Earth-Watchers

Lawyers in the midst of the environmental fray

Featuring Larry Nides Sokol, …

Where There's a Will...

...there's a Super Lawyer

Featuring Patrick J. Green, …

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