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Pennsylvania Super Lawyers Articles

A Philadelphia Story

Entertainment law pioneer Lloyd Remick is still evolving at 84

My Name is My Name

Five Pennsylvania solo acts on why they stepped out alone


Amy B. Ginensky’s second act

Come. Sit. Stay.

Visiting Matt Andersen’s dog-friendly beertopia

Fighting for Air

Robert McKinstry Jr. works to tackle climate change

'Everywhere We Went, We Were First'

That’s how it feels to work side-by-side with trailblazer Sherrie Savett

Coming to America

Immigrant attorneys share their journeys to, and visions of, America

Philadelphia Athletics

Renee Hykel Cuddy went from Boathouse Row to the Beijing Olympics, thanks to some good old-fashioned Philly grit

Stopping the Scroll

Salene Mazur Kraemer says in a high-stress field, photography is a saving grace

The Not-So-Secret Origin of Joe Gushue

Talking comics with the Philly patent lawyer

Have Immigration Attorney, Will Travel

Dana Imperia helps sports stars get in the game

Shop Talk

For Bernard W. Smalley, it all started in his father’s West Philadelphia barber shop

Here Come the Millennials

Six lawyers talk about the unique challenges of being young in a profession that prizes age

'Nobody Wants to Be the Guy That Shuts Down a Hospital'

Yet that's exactly what Gary Samms had to do

From Perry Mason to The Good Wife

The decline of civility and rise of bullying in the profession

The 300

Richard Serbin’s 32-year fight to uncover the truth of clergy sexual-abuse

Electoral College

Charles Gibbs was involved in politics at an early age; now it’s a niche practice

The Unsticking Point

How Miriam Barish arrived at the intersection of law and gender

Our Man in Nicaragua and Guatemala and Germany

Aaron Freiwald wrote his way through the world before taking to the law

Kill ’em With Calmness

Before you know what hit you, Patti Dodge has opened you up

Swift Justice

Thirty years later, Bob Swift’s first-ever human rights class action lawsuit still influences the law

Blank Rome Keeps Growing and Growing and ...

Alan J. Hoffman on the firm’s non-competitive culture

So you think you know Peter Meltzer?

The Philly lawyer digs into words, music and the national pastime

Local Counsel with Jane Goldblum

The Jenkintown lawyer tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Pushing at the Edges

An oral history of women who began practicing law in the early 1970s

Uncommon Decency

Empathy is Mark Aronchick’s primary tool

‘I Can Do That’

Elizabeth Ainslie has never met a case she didn’t want to try

The Council Counselor

Opportunity or obstacle? David Hyman helps clients deal with the government either way

The Twenty-Seven Years’ War

Two Berger & Montague attorneys on Rocky Flats, one of the longest cases in U.S. history

Discovery with Mark A. Martini

Mark A. Martini on flexibility, spending time with his kids, and running wild with a great courtroom walk-up song, brother

The Securities King of Pennsylvania

When millions of dollars are on the line, companies turn to Marc J. Sonnenfeld

Turning Corners

As a nurse, Bobbie Pichini cared for her patients’ physical health. As a lawyer, she aims to put lives back together

“Gee, I Helped This Guy Today”

An oral history of five Pennsylvania attorneys who graduated from law school in the 1950

Uphill Battle

Sean Summers of Summers Nagy shares his memories of arguing Snyder v. Phelps before the high court

In It For the Long Haul

To be a successful child advocate, Megan Watson knows you have to develop long-term relationships

Complementary Counsel

Mary Kohart likes trying cases, and her husband, Dean Phillips, likes settling them

Man of Reason, Man of Faith

The two halves of trial lawyer/minister Daryl Winston

Beyond the Front Page

Civil litigator David A. Strassburger of Strassburger McKenna Gutnick & Gefsky in Pittsburgh on media law, courtroom surprises and moving past yellow legal pads

Making Her Mark (And Protecting Yours)

From Switzerland to Pennsylvania, Dina Leytes talks IP law


Indefatigable trial lawyer Abbe Fletman has worked on Title IX matters, voting rights cases and everything in between

The Beasley Legacy

Everyone who worked with legendary Philadelphia trial lawyer Jim Beasley has a story or two to tell. Some of the attorneys who knew him best shared their memories with us

The Grappler

Former collegiate wrestler C. James Zeszutek learned discipline on the mat. Now, as a partner at Dinsmore & Shohl in Pittsburgh, he puts it to use for some of college sports’ most well-known coaches

Fostering Hope

Penn State’s Children’s Advocacy Clinic helps young clients with life and legal issues

Pro Bono vs. Cons

Villanova Law student Vanessa Stine assists immigrants who’ve been victims of notario fraud

Automotive Authority

Bryan W. Shook kicks tires and takes names

Living It Completely

Trial lawyer Slade H. McLaughlin does nothing at half speed


Criminal defender NiaLena Caravasos goes the extra mile for her clients

The Many Great Roles of Laura Ellsworth

The commercial litigator and partner-in-charge at Jones Day’s Pittsburgh office has created a second career as a social entrepreneur

Connecting the Dots

Lisa Casey Spaniel helps U.S. companies extend their reach

Meeting a Growing Need

Pittsburgh Pro Bono Partnership members work together to alleviate legal need in their hometown

The Original

In 1904, University of Denver kicked off the first clinical program in the nation. today, it’s still going strong

Calm in the Courtroom

Trial lawyer Bill Hangley wins cases with conversation and charm


Criminal defense lawyer Anna Durbin takes the cases no one else will

Keeping the Family in Family Law

Candice Komar guides clients through divorces that preserve family relationships and bank accounts

Defending the Blogosphere

How Adam Bonin safeguarded blogs from campaign finance law

Becoming a Voice

Law student John Rafferty’s mission: help the powerless

Philadephia Born and Bred

Workers’ comp attorney Samuel H. Pond, one of the founders of Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano, draws on his blue-collar background to create a successful practice

The Raconteur

When Shanin Specter speaks, med mal juries listen

The Honor of the Force

State trooper-turned-attorney David J. MacMain now serves and protects his former comrades

There and Back Again

Employment lawyer Martha Hartle Munsch’s journey from the courtroom to the classroom and back

Speaking for the Speechless

Gabrielle C. Sereni fights for special ed kids

Square One

How William Sylianteng went from being homeless to having a successful subrogation law practice

Becoming a Voice

Law student John Rafferty’s mission: help the powerless

Trademarks, Dragon Boats and Roberta Jacobs-Meadway

The Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott IP attorney found her strength on the water during her recovery from breast cancer

Family Guy

Albert Momjian wrote the book on family law, literally

Dianne Elderkin Finds Her Voice

How a shy chemistry student became a commanding and record-breaking patent lawyer

The Collector

Greg Gifford has spent a lifetime gathering historic bottles and deeply satisfying thank-you letters

If It Can Be Tried In Front of a Jury, Mark Tanner Can Do It

At 39, medical malpractice attorney Mark Tanner became one of the youngest fellows in the International Academy of Trial Lawyers. He was just getting started

Cleaning Up

Maritime lawyer Richard Ogrodowski goes from part-time janitor to full-time partner

A Voice for Kids

Jennifer McGarrity provides one for children who need one

Lawyer, Uninterrupted

Although Shevelle McPherson’s adolescence ended abruptly, that didn’t stop her from becoming a top trial lawyer

The Debt Doctor

Pittsburgh’s Matt Herron restores his clients to financial and emotional health

Q&A With Daniel Ryan III

Daniel Ryan III of O’Brien & Ryan in Plymouth Meeting on working with surgeons, letting clients be teachers, and still not being over that Georgetown-Villanova game

In Bobbi They Trust

Why Roberta Liebenberg is a heroine to her clients

The Cable Guy

Art Block has been structuring deals for Comcast since 1978

The Negotiator

Louis Kushner believes any two parties can reach a settlement

Bezar Experience

Nadeem Bezar grew up around doctors. Now he sues them  

The Big Talker

Rick Grimaldi has opinions and isn't afraid to share them over AM radio

Top Gun

Denny Shupe's high-flying career

The Pope, The Prince and Mickey Pohl

The key to his success? He treats everyone the same

Q&A: Roy DeCaro

The keys to trying a case

Eddie Edwards’ Field of Dreams

To him, life is just one long fantasy camp

'I Refuse to Hear She Died. The Blood Will Be on All Our Hands'

The pressure on immigration lawyer Elena Park

Citizen Cohn

Joseph Cohn has made a career out of arguing ferociously for the disadvantaged

Ed Ciarimboli is likable, he’s honorable and you can see it

He would be an engineer today except he enjoys people too much

The Jet

Bill Vinsko's uncommon ability to make peace with the sharks

Steven Voigt’s Quest to Renew America

In conservative principles he trusts

Lorena Ahumada Was Never Promised a Rose Garden

But that was just what she got as a staffer in the Clinton White House

The Oracle

Manny Pokotilow and the digital revolution  

The Partner

Lynne Gold-Bikin on saving, and ending, marriages  

In The Ring With Jerry McDevitt

He's who Vince McMahon calls when the WWE is up against the ropes        

Inside Joseph Tate’s Cocoon

Why clients feel safe there  

Ed Mullin Is No Mother Teresa

But he did advocate for her mission in one memorable case

Pedaling a Cure for Multiple Sclerosis

That's what David Pollock does every year on his spring bike outing  

The Tattler

Fantasy ballplayers, Ironmen and more  

From the Barbershop to the Courtroom

Bernard Smalley of Anapol Schwartz on cutting hair, making arguments and watching waves  

The Colleran Calling

David Colleran’s legal prowess runs in the family

Leap of Faith

Meet six young lawyers who took a deep breath and plunged into solo practice

David Berney’s Search for Meaning

A civil rights crusader travels to Germany to try to make sense of the unthinkable

Poetry in Motion

Tonya Evans-Walls has made careers out of law, tennis and verse

Weber Grilled

Melissa Murphy Weber on life inside the courtroom and outside of politics 

Opening Doors

Kassem Lucas isn’t just kind to old ladies

Christian Farmakis Is Busier Than You

Don’t believe us? Keep reading

Don't Mess with Mongo

Robert Mongeluzzi comes from a long line of people injured on the job­, which is why he fights so hard against workplace negligence

Like a Good Neighbor

Stephen Cozen has built an empire helping insurance companies sort out the damage

Freedom Fighters

J. Gordon Cooney and Michael Banks just couldn’t let John Thompson die in prison

Doing What Ought to be Done

Sharon Dietrich lives by this credo. Just ask her clients at Community Legal Services

Man of Steel

William Caroselli was driven by one motivation: not to work in a mill

The Supreme Thrill

Meet seven lawyers who have appeared in the Super Bowl of law

Assist Leader

Peter Tucci could have raked in the presents for his 40th birthday. Instead, he helped Dikembe Mutombo build a hospital in the Congo

Czech Mate

Need the name of a good restaurant in Bratislava? Frederick Frank is your man

Great Scott!

As a city prosecutor, Scott P. Sigman made waves by bringing WMD charges against drug runners. Now he's employing his trademark intensity at Bochetto & Lentz

Ready for Her Close-Up

Sally Mattison has gone from working behind the camera for Hollywood legend Roger Corman to brokering deals for entertainers

Tops in His Field

Corey Field makes sweet music for his clients

Master of Disaster

When the unthinkable happens, Daniel Gallucci helps make things right

Turning Brownfields into Gold Mines

To Jonathan Spergel, every day is Earth Day

The Big Raju

When someone knocks on his door and asks for help, Ajay Raju answers

Risky Business

Sunah Park went from being an entrepreneur to advocating for entrepreneurs

Oh, Her Humanity!

Kori Connelly helps families start anew through Habitat for Humanity

The Man Who Would Be D.A.

Seth Williams got 46 percent of the votes in a primary against an incumbent considered untouchable. He vows to do better next time

Mr. Right

Pete Gleason learned politics from two pros — Governors Ridge and Schweiker. Now he’s the pro, heading up the government affairs practice at Kirkpatrick & Lockhart

Between Iraq and a Hard Race

Patrick Murphy is back from Iraq and focused on a new mission — this one for a seat in Congress

The Startling Second Act of Marina Volin

She arrived in Philadelphia without a job, a child in hand, and knowing very little English. Now she’s one of the area’s top IP lawyers

Tops in His Field

There are few things Jonathan Spadt enjoys more than tending to his 20-acre farm

The Part-Time Partner

Joanne Soslow keeps her priorities in order

The Lawyer is In

Greg Fliszar’s training in psychology pays dividends

William Penn: Pennsylvania’s Original Rising Star

More than perhaps any other single case, Penn’s trial refined the trial system of Britain and America

The Saint

Jerry McHugh would never refer to himself as such. But others do—and not just his clients

Where There's Smoke, There's Sheller and Heim

How two Super Lawyers keep a friendship intact despite being on opposite sides of tobacco litigation

A Patriot Acts

Craig Trebilcock can’t stomach injustice, whether he finds it in Iraq or here at home

The New Head of the Philly Bar Association

Not that there's anything wrong with that

The Lady Thatcher of Pittsburgh

Marie Milie Jones is strong, tough and decisive.That’s what makes her such a good leader

MacKoul as a Cucumber

John MacKoul didn’t let a little thing like a heart transplant get in the way of doing his job

Four Out of Five Dentists Recommend Candy Barr Heimbach

Most dentists would advise steering clear of candy bars, but not in this case.

The Reluctant Pioneer

Audrey Talley cultivates her own garden

The Postman

Howard Bashman provides all the news about the appellate world in his blog ‘How Appealing’

Darwin's Defender

If not for Eric Rothschild, students in Dover, and perhaps across the country, would be learning intelligent design as well as evolution

The Bounty Hunter

Robert Goldman has traveled the globe tracking down stolen art

The Guy on the White Horse

Civil rights pioneer and criminal defense expert David Rudovsky has fought injustice for more than 30 years

Ring Master

In the legal world, Jimmy Binns is the undisputed champ

Rendell's Right-Hand Woman

Barbara Adams helps keep the state running

Top Gun

Jim Beasley Jr. doesn’t fly commercial

Bend It Like Rotwitt

Jeff Rotwitt is having a ball running the Philadelphia Kixx

Cohan's Koan

Larry Cohan believes in the transforming power of yoga

And the Oscar Goes to...

Lawyer and thespian Tom Kline for his outstanding performance in the courtroom and on stage

The D.A. Will See You Now

Lynne Abraham reflects on three eventful decades of public service.

Doing a Good Turn Daily

Eagle Scout John Pyfer Jr. doesn't just help old ladies cross the street

Judge Seamus McCaffery: Have Gavel, Will Travel

This former cop doesn’t wait for criminals to come to his courtroom. He seeks them out

Don't Know Much About History?

Talk to Ed Mannino, who teaches at the University of Pennsylvania in his spare time

Keeping Matisse in the Hood

The Barnes Foundation and its famous art collection might benefit financially from a move, but would it infringe on the late founder’s wishes?

The Long Road to Justice

More than 50 years ago, the government withheld financial reparations from the families of three plane-crash victims. Now that might change, thanks to Drinker Biddle & Reath

The Assignment of a Lifetime

Joe Connolly reflects on a little case called Watergate

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