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What New Legal Issues Are Media Companies Facing?

Telecommunications attorney Peter Schildkraut on how the industry is changing

Why Would You Need an Agriculture Attorney?

They may save farmers money, time and worries

Is Your Nonprofit Eligible for Tax-Exempt Status?

California nonprofits must determine problematic issues before filing

Filing the IRS Form 1023-EZ?

It’s less work for California nonprofits, but does not assure tax-exempt compliance

Steps to Take Before a Nonprofit Applies for Tax-Exempt Status

California nonprofits have major decisions to make before filing the application

Shareholder Rights in a Private Corporation

If a corporation doesn’t protect them, Oregon law will

How Do I Maintain Tax-Exempt Status?

For Georgia’s nonprofits, compliance is simple, but penalties are significant

When Is a Nonprofit Lobbying?

In California, excessive lobbying could lead to loss of tax-exempt status

Can Nonprofits Endorse Politicians in California?

501(c)(3) organizations can’t, but there is room for election involvement

How Much Can Nonprofit Founders Pay Themselves?

Donors serve as the ultimate check on Pennsylvania nonprofits

Legal Tips if Your Business Is in a Buyout

Some things New Jersey entrepreneurs need to know

How is Compensation Enforced for Nonprofits?

The scrutiny that Pennsylvania nonprofits face from the IRS

Determining Reasonable Compensation for a Nonprofit Job

The IRS guidelines for organizations in Pennsylvania

How to Start Your Own Sports Betting Facility

Wait for the states to pass legislation, then call a lawyer

Can a Georgia Nonprofit Increase Its Lobbying?

Taking the 501(h) election typically gives nonprofits more opportunity to lobby

Is There an Alternative To Applying for Tax-Exempt Status?

Smaller New York nonprofits should consider finding a fiscal sponsor

Five Ways to Ensure Your Business Contest is Legal

Challenge your marketing department’s sweepstakes ideas to be above board in Rhode Island

The Legal Benefits and Pitfalls of a Joint Venture

Advice for establishing a business agreement in Massachusetts

Starting a Small Business in Minnesota

The legal pitfalls to avoid

Designing a Legal Plan for Your Business

One size doesn’t fit all startups

Planning the Future of the Family Business in New Jersey

Are your kids really the best choice to take over the company?

Tips for a Family Business Succession Plan

How to get your baby on board in Ohio

How Are Debts Paid When a Business Closes?

Corporate dissolution tips in Oregon

Privacy and Terms of Use Policies Need Regular Updating

Check your website terms or risk legal headaches later

6 Tips for Opening Your Doors on the Web

Protecting your startup when you launch an e-commerce business

Data Breaches Happen

It’s not always someone’s fault when private information goes rogue

How to Crowdfund Equity for a Business

Tips from the lawyer who wrote Illinois’ bill on it

An Overview on Mergers and Acquisitions Law

Things to consider when beginning your merger or acquisition

An Overview on Subchapter S Corporations Law

Pros and cons of choosing this legal structure for your business

10 Tips to Avoid Legal Pitfalls in Business

Super Lawyers selectees weigh in on practical legal considerations for businesses

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