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Maryland Super Lawyers Legal Issue Articles

Five Things to Look Out for in a Non-Disclosure Agreement

What to be wary of when a Maryland employer hands it to you

How to Fight Fraud Charges in Maryland

First, know the laws at play. Second, call a Maryland Criminal Fraud Lawyer

What If You Find Mistakes in Your Credit Report?

Get to know the laws consumer reporting agencies must follow

Your Smartphone Can Be Evidence in a Car Accident

If there’s reason to believe it played a part, cell phone use may make or break your case

How Precise is DNA Evidence in a Criminal Case?

A Maryland criminal defense attorney says it’s not as open-and-shut as you might think

Challenging the Baltimore Curfew

The city has the strictest curfew laws in the country. Here’s what you should know

How Bail Bonds Work in Maryland

Explaining the lender systems for posting bail and getting out of jail

Gray Divorce in Maryland

Considerations for divorces after 50

Passing Off Your Passwords When You Pass On

Estate planning in the digital age

DUI v. DWI: What is the Difference?

The charges and penalties are separate, albeit similar, in Maryland

What Should You Do When You Get an IRS Audit Notice?

Don’t panic. Do call a professional.

What Happens to Inheritance in a Maryland Divorce?

It may—or may not—be divided

Ensuring Fairness in a Divorce and Getting to Court Sooner

A limited divorce can provide relief to Maryland couples

What Benefits Am I Entitled to If I?m Permanently Injured at Work?

Filing for permanent partial disability in Maryland

How to Change Your Name in Maryland

The legal ins and outs 

What is a Public Benefit Corporation?

Maryland allows social enterprises to pursue legal designation

Maryland Security Deposit Law

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, protect your rights

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