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Massachusetts Super Lawyers Legal Issue Articles

How Do I Get an H-1B Visa?

It’s a simple process that requires a lot of luck

How Do Employers Determine Prevailing Wage?

A Massachusetts attorney can help

What Benefits Do I Get From Temporary Partial Disability?

How relief is determined for workers’ comp in Massachusetts

The Legal Benefits and Pitfalls of a Joint Venture

Advice for establishing a business agreement in Massachusetts

Do You Have a Duty to Prevent Suicide?

Massachusetts May Have Limited Circumstances of College Liability

Designing a Legal Plan for Your Business

One size doesn’t fit all startups

Can Bankruptcy Get Rid of Student Loan Debt?

Yes, but those with student loans in Massachusetts will be in a for a battle

Slip-and-Fall Injury Claims Made Easier in Massachusetts

Don’t let your case for injury recovery slide by

It Wasn't My Fault: The Snow Caused My Car Accident!

New Englanders may still be partially at fault for auto accidents in bad weather

How to Save Assets and Qualify for Medicaid

In Massachusetts, pooled trusts help

Cohabiting Couples Can Have Protections Similar to Marriage

Legal documentation can protect your property, children and estate in Massachusetts

Attractive Nuisances: Shocking Liabilities for Homeowners

If a child gets hurt playing on your property, you could be responsible for their injuries

Does My Landlord Have to Fix My Refrigerator?

Massachusetts rentals may not require all that you think they do

Your Options to Catch Up on Student Loan Delinquency

Specialized legal help can cut through the confusion

Employment Discrimination Based on Criminal History

The legal protections relating to background checks in Massachusetts

Can I Get My Record Expunged in Massachusetts?

The process to request erasing your criminal past

Stand Up to Debt Collectors' Harassing Calls

Consumer protection law pays you to pursue your rights

Making Lemonade from a Car Purchase Gone Wrong

Massachusetts’ Lemon Law protects new and used car buyers

Signed, Sealed, Disputed: Noncompetes

How to resolve your noncompete agreement disputes in Massachusetts

Avoiding Vacation Home Havoc

Tips for passing down the summer cottage or beach house in Massachusetts

Why You Should Establish a Health Care Proxy

Save time and money while preparing for the worst in Massachusetts

Why You Should Establish a Durable Power of Attorney

Save time and money while preparing for the worst in Massachusetts

What Is Considered Reasonable Accommodation in Massachusetts?

Federal and state employment rights for individuals with disabilities

Tax Liabilities for My Home-Based Business

The hidden costs (and benefits) of working for yourself

Modifying Child Custody Arrangements in Massachusetts

Why divorce doesn’t always end disagreements over parental rights

Massachusetts? New Earned Income Tax Credit and Your Tax Return

Qualification considerations and what you can expect

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