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Can You Sue the City for Potholes?

Recovering for damage in New Jersey can be a rough road

What to Do If You Find a Foreign Object in Your Food

An injury attorney can help with your beef. Literally

When Commercial Airlines Are at Fault for Injuries

What to do when a commercial airline is at fault for an injury

Who Pays for a Riot?

Tips for property owners when fans and demonstrators turn destructive in Pennsylvania

Can Retail Stores Videotape Their Dressing Rooms?

Illinois has no preventative law

Recovering Damages Against a Texas Local Government

How “sovereign immunity” can affect your personal injury claim

When Fake Online Profiles Ruin Lives

What can be done when you’re a victim of Catfishing in California?

If You’re Injured on a Bike in Minnesota

Resolving insurance and legal issues in a cycling accident

Personal Injury Damages and Proportionate Responsibility

Texas limits recovery to plaintiffs who are 50 percent or less responsible

What Payout Can I Get in My Personal Injury Case?

Ohio unfortunately caps damages in personal injury lawsuits

What Oregon Personal Injury Attorneys Look For in a Case

Personal injury cases aren't as simple as they seem

Laws of the Road for Minnesota Bicyclists

Bikes are vehicles in the eyes of the law (with a few exceptions)

Recovering Damages for an Injury Where I'm Partly at Fault

The basics of New Jersey's “modified comparative negligence” rule

An Overview on Aviation Accident Law

Several types of personal injury claims may apply 

What Is Personal Injury Law?

Learning about one of the most prevalent areas of tort law

Finding a Personal Injury Attorney in New York City

Painless tips to incorporate into your search

The Four Things to Look for in a Personal Injury Case in Colorado

People who complain about frivolous lawsuits have no idea

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