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Super Lawyers Tax Articles

The Tax Responsibilities When a Business is Sold or Closed

The legal requirements laid out by the IRS and state of Ohio

Which Divorced Parent Gets to Claim the Kids in Taxes?

The federal rules on dependent exemptions for parents doing their tax returns

What Are the Penalties for Filing Taxes Late?

How the IRS and Washington state sort out tax debts

What’s a Form 1099-C and Why Was I Sent One?

If you settled a debt for less than you owed, you may owe taxes on it

Tax Law Problems in the Gig Economy

Receiving something other than money for services is still income to the IRS

Tax Fraud and Other Games of Chance

If you’re getting audited and haven’t paid your taxes, call a litigator immediately

Expats Still Must Pay U.S. Taxes

Sam is still your uncle

What Should You Do When You Get an IRS Audit Notice?

Don’t panic. Do call a professional.

What Do I Do When My Tax Return Is Audited?

Consider representation when the IRS comes calling

Estates of Confusion

Tax attorneys help us wade through the estates of confusion

How a 529 Plan Can Maximize Savings for College

Legal advice on the little-known tax advantage

Didn't Pay Your Taxes in DC? There is Good News

Failure to file is a crime, but the IRS offers options before it seeks penalties 

Taxing Situations for New Yorkers

What to do if you owe Uncle Sam back taxes

Tax Liabilities for My Home-Based Business

The hidden costs (and benefits) of working for yourself

What is Tax Law?

Understanding taxes and when you may want to talk to a lawyer

Massachusetts? New Earned Income Tax Credit and Your Tax Return

Qualification considerations and what you can expect

What Happens if You Don?t Pay Your Taxes?

The IRS has three types of agents; you want to avoid the third

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