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Stan Kaady


When Brent O.E. Clinkscale decides on a goal, he makes it happen

Featuring Brent O.E. Clinkscale

‘That Gift of Life’

How a successful kidney transplant changed Ken Lester

Featuring Ken H. Lester

Rachael Anna’s GOOOALLLLS!

Before finding the law, Rachael Anna traveled the world and played pro soccer

Featuring Rachael L. Anna

Spreading Civics One Instagram Video at a Time

The Your Big Idea scholarship program was actually Julie Moore’s big idea

Featuring Julie Moore

Discovery with Kristin Starnes Gray

Kristin Starnes Gray talks sense, sensibility and Sarah Connor

Featuring Kristin Starnes Gray

Stan Kaady

The Energizer

Terry Richardson keeps going and going and going …

Featuring Terry E. Richardson, Jr.

Just Do It

Tina Cundari’s simple motto for giving back


Defending the Fourth Estate

Jay Bender has a sense of duty to protect the First Amendment

Featuring Jay Bender

’Round About 6 p.m. on Sunday

Outside the courtroom, you can catch Luther J. Battiste III spinning jazz on the radio

Featuring Luther J. Battiste, III

Discovery with Douglas W. Kim

Doug Kim on his heroic father, guitar chops and dead-horse objections


Stan Kaady

A Short History of Charleston’s Cherished Couple

Robert and Susan Rosen have spent decades uplifting the city

Featuring Susan Corner Rosen, …

A South Carolina Attorney in Kosovo’s Court

How an email sent Thomas H. Pope III to law universities
all over Eastern Europe

Featuring Thomas H. Pope, III

Oil and Water

The many routes McClellanville’s Lionel S. Lofton took before law

Featuring Lionel S. Lofton

Discovery with Cheryl L. Behymer

The Fisher & Phillips employment attorney, dedicated to promoting inclusion in the workplace, discusses Atticus, The Princess Bride, and her desire to be a race car driver.

Featuring Cheryl L. Behymer

Local Counsel with Mark W. Buyck Jr.

The Florence attorney and history buff with Willcox, Buyck & Williams tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Mark W. Buyck, Jr.

Stan Kaady


Whether facing racism, sexism or homophobia, M. Malissa Burnette doesn’t back down

Featuring M. Malissa Burnette

Stan Kaady

My Case, I Rest

Litigator Steve Farrar of Smith Moore Leatherwood in Greenville speaks about his background in accounting, finding humor in the courtroom, and why his grandkids call him Yoda

Featuring Steven E. Farrar

Stan Kaady

From Greenville to American Greed

Criminal defense attorney Beattie B. Ashmore has encountered a wild world of Ponzi schemes and dinner-time shootings

Featuring Beattie B. Ashmore

Stan Kaady

The Need Factor

Elder law attorney Franchelle C. Millender on getting benefits to people who have fallen out of the social safety net

Featuring Franchelle C. Millender

Stan Kaady

“You Will Become Like the People Around You”

Henry L. Parr Jr. finds himself at home and in good company

Featuring Henry L. Parr, Jr.

Stan Kaady

No Time to Waste

Celeste Jones is well-known for her expertise in health care litigation. She is also the go-to person when someone faints in the courtroom

Featuring Celeste T. Jones

Stan Kaady

Son of the Sage of the South

The third Gedney M. Howe continues his father’s tradition of amassing successful results for his clients

Featuring Gedney M. Howe, III

Stan Kaady

From Bubble Test to Bankruptcy Law

Barbara George Barton debunks the myths around Chapter 11 and explains the impact the recession has had on her practice

Featuring Barbara George Barton

I. Wilson Baker

Cool Under Fire

Dawes Cooke represented The Citadel when Shannon Faulkner sought to become the first woman to enroll at the military college

Featuring M. Dawes Cooke, Jr.

Word For Word

Super Lawyers asks: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Featuring Benton D. Williamson, …

People Person

Lewis Smoak credits relationships and early education for his success

Featuring Lewis T. Smoak

The Universal Education of Andrew Savage

Where did the South Carolina criminal defense attorney learn his most valuable lessons? Inside a New York City taxicab

Featuring Andrew J. Savage, III

Warrior for the Worker

Ken Suggs remembers his roots

Featuring Kenneth M. Suggs

The English Major Makes History

J. Kendall Few combines his two passions: writing and the law

Featuring J. Kendall Few

Written in the Cards

Like her literary heroes, Anne Ellefson's happy ending seemed predestined

Featuring Anne S. Ellefson

The International Language of Law

Victoria Eslinger holds court from Columbia to Cannes

Featuring Victoria L. Eslinger

Major Leaguer

From asbestos to tobacco to 9/11, Ronald L. Motley has been at the center of the cases that changed the world


The Accidental Lawyer

The law chose George Cauthen; now he chooses to give back

Featuring George B. Cauthen

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