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Texas Super Lawyers Articles

Belonging Somewhere

After many years, Rasha Zeyadeh Thompson has found a place in her country

Real-Life Gladiator

How Cornelia Brandfield-Harvey became a champion for survivors

'A Niche Within a Niche'

Artists, galleries and more make up Sammetria Goodson’s practice

Projecting Confidence

A refereeing career taught Matthew Foerster how to make difficult calls

Shouldering the Load

For Anitha Kumpati, pro bono immigration work is spiritual satisfaction

More at Stake

Jack Siegel repped his biggest client—Mom—against CVS

Heart of a Lawyer

Jon Spiers brings surgical precision to health care law

D&D, RBG and Charcuterie

Discovery with Shann Chaudhry

'Where You Are and Where You've Been'

Six attorneys share their stories of coming to America

Furthering Justice

For Warren Harris, the legal system doesn’t stop at the courtroom door; he’s bringing it into Texas schools

Tenaciously Civil

Former Judge Marilea Lewis believes in strength—and also in being nice

Dominion Voting Systems Employee Sues Trump Supporters for Defamation

Texas lawyer Steve Skarnulis says his client is in hiding after death threats

'The Best Lap'

Despite the danger, Kyle Fox is hooked on motorcycle racing

With a Little Luck

Trial superstitions might or might not help—but they can’t hurt

Paving the Way

Anna Sankaran is trying to make things easier for other South Asian and women attorneys

Monument Maker

Charles Foster has seen to it that memories of George H.W. Bush, James Baker and LBJ are set in stone

Gentleman of the Court

Persistence and composure serve Richard Mithoff well, in court and on the mountainside

Geoff Weisbart Saddles Up

The business litigator rides in cutting competitions and turns out champions

'You Fight for Your Side'

Texas attorneys who switched from prosecution to defense talk about what stays the same: getting the job done

A Legacy to Savor

Lena Laurenzo carries on the spirit of her famous restaurateur-grandmother, Mama Ninfa

'I Had to Do Something About It'

Joseph Mathew won a record verdict in a revenge-porn case—before Texas even made it a crime 

All In

When Jamila Brinson signs up for a volunteer role—from AIDS outreach to holiday drives for the needy—she comes with sleeves rolled up

Making Magic

While brightening the lives of sick kids, Amber Carson was undergoing health crises of her own

Stirred, Not Shaken

Contract lawyer by day, Marc Kaliser raises mixology to a fine art

Please Do Touch the Fuzzy Chair

Discovery with Brandy Austin

Vital Force

Dallas litigator Victor Vital makes it his business to parachute into cases and stick the landing with juries

The Well-Grounded Career of Debbie Alsup

This Austin litigator has helped make Texas law—while making life better for abused children

Tribute to 'Lion of the Bar' Stephen Susman

Founder of Susman Godfrey pioneered boutique and contingency law

Sister Act

Gwen and Sharla Frost didn’t plan on growing up and practicing law together; it just worked out that way

'Punching a Hole in the Ground with Fingers Crossed'

Oil and gas attorneys on what they love most about their clients: a spirit of resilience

Game Plan

Bill Stark covers all the legal bases for his interactive-entertainment clients

From the Heart

Yvonne Ho uses skills gained from both lawyering and playing concert piano to serve her community and support fledgling attorneys

By Subscription

How ByrdAdatto is replacing traditional billing with a Spotify-esque system

The Art of Being Becky Beaver

The civic activist’s office showcases treasures from her far-flung travels

A Q&A on how COVID-19 is Affecting One Texas Firm

Houston appellate attorney Jeff Nobles on working from home

Trail Blazer

Amy Emerson hits the ground running, whether she’s taming construction disputes or exploring trails 

Technical Difficulties

Or why you should always bring a stack of boxes to court

Courtroom Drama

A role in Inherit the Wind set theater kid Danielle Hatchitt on a path that led to the law

Colin Pogge's Teachable Moments

You can’t take this Houston litigator out of the classroom

'The Mom Guilt Is Real'

Christine Leatherberry co-founded Moms in Law to help women attorneys balance work and home

Dodge Challenger

A dodgeball fundraiser is just one of the ways David Gail gives back

'In Different Shoes'

Five Texas women follow the ‘path through the jungle’ carved by predecessors like Sandra Day O’Connor

Strike Force

Dawn Estes tears it up, both at her women-owned powerhouse and with the band

Helping Them Upward

For Michael Rodriguez, that goes for clients and community

'I'm in the Right Place'

How Laura Brown found her niche handling birth injury cases

Instrument of Change

Benjamin L. Hall III believes in the power of the written word—and the pen that creates it

Force for Nature

Bill Jackson has taken on cases involving Agent Orange and the Deepwater spill; this one is bigger

Austin Mourns Passing of Phil Durst

‘Texas Treasure’ Dies at Age 63

Wearing the White Hat

Former Marine K. Knox Nunnally still works toward the greater good

Conversation Starter

Karen Gross is carving out an online space where kids can learn to agree to disagree—with civility

Promoting Pro Bono

Philip Vickers inspires colleagues to help others move forward in life

The Value of Heritage

Kari Konikowski Blackman’s family found its American dream; now she helps others in their search

The Inside Story

Prisoner rights attorney Scott Medlock says making a mistake shouldn’t mean losing your dignity

Being Mark Lanier

The Houston attorney’s talents include a strong work ethic, natural connection with juries, technological savvy, deep faith, photographic memory—and even acting chops

Everything Yvette Ostolaza Needed to Know She Learned at Sears

The Dallas litigator says the pathway to relationship-building is through customer service

Class Action Hastens MLB’s Extension of Safety Netting

Texas attorney Bob Hilliard calls suit ‘the crack in the dam’

Houston’s Mark Lanier Wins $4.7 Billion Verdict in Talcum Case

The largest jury award in the U.S. this year went against Johnson & Johnson 

The Dealmaker

Lobbyist Mark Vane shines at persuading lawmakers to change things. Or, sometimes, keep them the same

Marathon Man

Larry Macon holds the Guinness World Record for most runs in a single year. That would be 239

Liza Farrow-Gillespie’s Heart Song

The lyrics tell of beating cancer, then sailing ‘round the world

After the Storm

Local law firms pitched in to help Houston recover from Harvey’s wallop

Discovery with Sofia Adrogué

Sofia Adrogué says “sí se puede” to life

‘You’re Just Ready’

A case of the jitters, a bleeding ankle and a nearly missed entrance couldn’t keep 7 Texas lawyers from their dates with the nation’s highest court

‘You Helped Me Change My Life’

These are the words that get Sujata Ajmera out of bed every morning

Trey Crawford’s Vintage Venture

How a weekend wine-sipper turned his passion into an excellent cabernet

A Better Person

Jason Steed on making time to lend a helping hand

The Deal-Maker

Rodrigo Dominguez’s negotiating skills are helping change the energy game in Latin America

Discovery with Angel Berbarie

You won’t read Angel Berbarie’s favorite word here—not her second-favorite, either

Justice Net

Why so many lawyers do pro bono work—and why so many people still slip through the holes

Doug Alexander and the Art of Persuasion

The appellate attorney helps shape the law—and sometimes ‘translates’ it for judges

Seeing the Big Picture

When a charity needs a little help, four Beaumont attorneys are ready to jump in and get it 'from here to there'

The Tax ‘Angel’

Elizabeth Copeland spearheaded a program to help low-income taxpayers stand up to the IRS

The Balloon Man

Nick Bettinger spends his free time twisting ‘sculptures’ and delivering smiles

Fostering Hope

How Paul Yetter made a federal case out of the state’s foster-care program

Detail Work

In Robin Russell’s world, practicing law and quilting are both fine arts.

Robert Hilliard Cries Foul Against Major League Baseball

The Texas attorney is handling a lawsuit that would force ball clubs to do more to protect fans

Discovery with Kevin R. Lashus

Kevin Lashus’ health tip: Do more pro bono

Far from Pearsall

How Manuel Berrelez worked his way from his hometown to Yale to Dallas

Welcome to the Town of Trial

Population: the five lawyers of the Simpson clan

The Dronemaster

How ‘gadget nerd’ Coyt Johnston became an expert in unmanned vehicles

Constructing a Career

How John Warren went from sweeping construction sites to representing builders in court

The Other Arnold

Arnold Shokouhi made the journey from revolutionary Iran to Cowboys Stadium

Practical Applications in Texas

Handy technologies fellow attorneys are using

Turning Lives Around

Jeff Barnes fights for refugees and troubled teens

Discovery with Emily G. Stroope

Emily Stroope: courtroom dynamo, skydiver and lover of all things sweet

On Becoming Perry Mason

Rhonda Hunter started out her career as Della Street—but soon realized she could aim much higher

‘An Orderly Mind’

Austin litigator Stephen McConnico puts his straightforward style to work for clients ranging from big pharma to a former governor of Texas

Land Lover

Natural resources attorney Tom Paterson wrangles cattle—and government agencies—to manage his ranch and environs

‘Never forget where you came from’

His mother’s words inspire Frank Herrera Jr. to help empower the Latino community

Andrew B. Sommerman Wants You to Vote

Why the Dallas attorney tackled Texas’ tough election-ID law

On to the Next One

Jeff Blackburn is freeing one wrongly convicted Texan after another

The Patriot

Wesley E. Wright tells how he ended up riding a horse and bringing our 1st president to life

Discovery with Marshall M. Searcy

Marshall Searcy’s clients range from oil companies to big law firms. Just don’t ask him to give up the coffee and cigarettes.

Practical Applications in Texas

Handy legal apps fellow Texas lawyers are using

Local Counsel with Ashley McDowell

Dallas attorney Ashley McDowell tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

A Little More Than Luck

An oral history with a half-dozen attorneys who got their start back when a lawyer could cut his or (occasionally) her teeth on trials

Local Counsel with Trey Peacock III

The Houston attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Discovery with Joan Foote Jenkins

The Houston family lawyer knows secrets, imitations and the accordion

From DJ to J.D.

Former reporter, campaign manager and disc jockey Adam Milasincic holds one other title: No. 1 on his Bar exam

Jessica Janicek’s Game Plan

The Southlake family attorney has already tackled 2 national headline-grabbing cases

Not Playing the Safe Card

For health care lawyer Richard Cheng, that’s the one to avoid

The Border Patrol's Loss

Things haven’t always gone the way Michael Gavito wanted—usually, they’ve turned out better

Keeping Up with Jones

How a major in Spanish led Erin Jones to a career handling multimillion-dollar bankruptcy suits

Future Lawyer of America

Jessica Palvino has come a long way from walking her cows every morning to walking the halls of the courthouse.

Judicial Merit

Former judge Deborah Hankinson on access to justice, bringing appeals, and the battle over Prop 12

Coming to America

Gordon J. Quan helps shopkeepers, laborers and cooks step out of the shadows

Sweet Deals

Jane Snoddy Smith handles complex, high-stakes real estate transactions—without the high anxiety

Shannon Schmoyer Finds Her Groove

Once an aspiring drummer, the San Antonio attorney discovered a new love in labor law

If it quacks like a duck …

… It’s probably Lynn Tillotson Pinker & Cox, working its magic on a jury

Embracing the Ugly Baby

Dick DeGuerin doesn’t sidestep reality when he represents clients like accused murderer/millionaire Robert Durst

The Lawyer Who Unfriended Facebook

Conor Civins negotiated a settlement for Lamebook, which parodies the social-media giant

A Forensic Revolution

Gary Udashen leads the way to help Texas’ wrongfully imprisoned

The Accidental Lawyer

Carl Roth has racked up $2.4 billion worth of patent cases—and championed a heroic burn victim along the way

Hopeless Romantic

Natalie Gregg is a lover of fairytale endings ‘trapped in a divorce lawyer’s body’

Tran’s Way

As a kid, Tai C. Tran mapped buildings; now he puts buildings on maps

Moving Walls

The hard hats in personal injury lawyer Matt Matheny’s office are not for decoration

This Land Was Claimed for You and Me

Mary Hazlewood Barkley takes on eminent domain cases for landowners and public authorities

Cheaper to Call a Cab

Brent de la Paz on the new wave of DWI forensic law

The No-Comfort Zone

McCathern business lawyer Jesse Hoffman likes to tackle questions that haven’t already been answered

Ricardo G. Cedillo’s Shining Armor

The business litigator has suited up for clients ranging from Blockbuster to Playboy

Essentially Allyson Ho

A harp performance at Sandra Day O’Connor’s request came early in a legal career that is hitting all the right notes

‘The Biggest, Baddest, Meanest Dog in the Yard’

If you ask Tony Buzbee, only losers are OK with losing

Mission: Control

Aviation attorney Michael L. Slack, a former NASA engineer, shoots for industry reform as well as client compensation

She’s Got You Covered

Amy Elizabeth Stewart’s favorite things include digging into complex insurance policies, serving as head rainmaker and helping women move out of ‘second chair’

Revisiting Warren Jeffs

Former prosecutors Eric Nichols and Fields Alexander and defense attorney Deric King Walpole revisit the mayhem surrounding the polygamist’s trial

Partners for Life

Husband-and-wife duo Caddell & Chapman commit to their clients and their family

The Real Lyon

Mesquite personal injury lawyer Ted Lyon has set his sights on the Koch brothers, the Texas prison system and, lately, on marauding packs of wolves

At Your Service

Lessons learned as an Air Force captain have inspired Jeff Whitfield’s litigation practice—and his commitment to helping veterans

The Closer

How Suzette E. Selden quietly eviscerates witnesses

The Judge, the Prosecutor and the Criminal Defense Attorney

They’re all Kerrisa Chelkowski, whose anxious parents bought her a black cowboy hat when she switched from prosecuting accused criminals to defending them

Shared Vision

How the courtroom duo of Dustin and Dennis Burrows overcome the latter’s failing eyesight

Sarah E.W. McGahee’s Pet Project

The employment attorney defends the ‘puppy mill’ law

How Taj Clayton Got Book-Smart and Street-Smart

The Fish & Richardson partner reflects on humble pie, hard work and comparisons to President Obama

How Hilda Galvan Beat the Odds

The intellectual property litigator didn’t let neighborhood gangs or a naysaying teacher derail her dreams

The Man Who Said No to LBJ

Shannon Ratliff chose politics over ranching, then law over politics

‘Coach Benny’ Fights Injustice

Microbiologist-turned-lawyer Benny Agosto Jr. is devoted to kids, soccer and underdogs

AJ: The Whole Person

The Houston employment lawyer would rather keep the peace than go to trial

Military Man

Former Marine Patrick J. McLain has 10 kids and a strong sense of right and wrong

Master of Disaster

Thad Dameris’ phone started to ring after the Costa Concordia ran aground in Italy

The Case Against Do-It-Yourself Divorce

Diana Friedman and Sherri Evans are recruiting their colleagues to guide low-income couples through breakups

Saving Mao’s Last Dancer

Charles C. Foster marshaled the force of the entire U.S. government to help a Chinese ballet artist who wanted to stay in Houston

Austin Energy

Leslie Ritchie Robnett carries on a proud legal legacy in her oil-and-gas regulation practice  

Raising the Bar

Trial lawyer Ryan Zehl has a rare combination of tenacity and people skills  

How Christian Dennie Stayed in the Game

When life threw him a curve, the sports attorney found a new way to play ball

Charlie's Angel

Appellate lawyer Ryan Clinton helped make Austin one of the country’s most animal-friendly cities

Firm Commitment

At Arnold & Itkin in Houston, friendship is the main ingredient for success

The Organizational Genius of Dara Hegar

The young Houston lawyer’s trial-prep proficiency landed her the role of managing attorney for the firm’s national asbestos practice

The Trailblazer

Lynn Kamin entered family law and made it her own

Texas Two-Step

Veteran trial lawyer A. Martin Wickliff Jr. follows in his father’s pioneering footsteps by starting the largest minority-owned law firm in Texas

The Peaceful Warrior

Windle Turley fights for gun control

The Whistleblowers’ Advocate

Philip H. Hilder helps whistleblowers like Sherron Watkins do what’s right

The Puzzle Solver

How tax attorney Emily Parker became the first female managing partner in 125 years at Thompson & Knight

The Aviator

Jon Kettles is the guy to call when something happens in the sky

Tom Melsheimer’s Absolutely Irrational Level of Dedication

There’s a reason he’s the lawyer other attorneys don’t want to face in court

Family Business

Michael Jung’s love of law seems to be genetic

The $100 Million Closer

Joel W. Heydenburk brings commercial deals across the finish line

Persuading in a Raw, Simple Way

Toby Cole advocates for personal injury clients by being himself in the courtroom

Shelly T. Greco Keeps Her Cool in Court

The Dallas trial lawyer excels at handling heated situations

Helping the Defrauded

Nobody fights harder to recapture lost savings for his clients than Jason Braun

When a Click Is More Than Just a Click

In the world of click-fraud investigations, Dean Gresham’s name is at the top of any search engine

Emmanuel E. Ubiñas Is Headed to the Airport

The Jones Day attorney has carved out a niche in representing international corporations that are dealing with fraud matters, which has him doing a lot of traveling to Mexico and Central America. We caught up with him in his Dallas office and found out why he’s discovered it’s sometimes best to stay near the hotel

Family Law in the Age of Facebook

Be careful what you post—Plano family law attorney Rick Robertson has seen e-communications come back to haunt

The Accidental Lawyer

Ophelia Camiña entered law school on a lark, but her success has been far from a fluke

The Bulldog

Bob Hilliard takes on the cases other lawyers won’t touch—and wins

Ahead of the Game

Kathleen Wu advocates for diversity in the boardroom and on the tennis court

The Polunsky Unit

Allan Polunsky has a Texas death row facility named after him and doesn’t mind

Fred Streck and Dwain Dent’s Mission

The Fort Worth attorneys win a 25-year case to prove that vitamin E supplement E-Ferol can be harmful to babies

Is This a Deposition Which I See Before Me?

How Michael P. Maslanka applies Shakespeare to his practice

Seduced by Trial Law

Robin Gibbs on the opportunity that he saw 40 years ago for small firms in commercial litigation

Catching up with Kathleen Wu

What hasn’t kept Kathleen Wu busy since her feature story in 2011?

On the Job

Daniel N. Ramirez helps employers comply with immigration and employment laws regarding employee documentation

Power Broker

Diana M. Liebmann has quietly become one of the top wind energy lawyers in Texas

Travis Crabtree’s Second Dream Job

He’s already had his first one, as a sports reporter. Now he has his second, as a media lawyer

The Life Aquatic

James Bailey enjoys maritime law

Joshua Skinner and the Candy Cane Case

When can a Texas school ban religious proselytizing on its grounds?

The Critic

When Anthony Lowenberg isn’t handling products liability claims, he’s reviewing restaurants

Word for Word

What was the best advice you ever received?

The Minimalist

No one knows how to get to the essence of an appeal like Greg Coleman

Can Paxil Cause Birth Defects?

Sean Tracey looks for the answer

Dallas Maverick

Gayla Crain wanted to work at a new kind of law firm, so she went and helped build it

Defending Big Oil

Environmental litigator Rick Faulk sticks to the facts

Tough as Nails

That’s Linda L. Addison, the daughter of Holocaust survivors and current leader at Fulbright & Jaworski

When a Case Cries Out for Justice

Kevin Glasheen takes on Cargill, railroads and the Lone Star State

Getting Around the Normal Armor Involved in Litigation

Mark Mueller adds Eastern thinking to the Western practice of law

The Social Worker in Angeline Lindley Bain

Bringing collaboration and reasonableness to divorce law

Five Days in Thailand

What Mike Gruber learned about life and law from volunteering with Habitat for Humanity

Family Guy

Richard Orsinger of McCurley Orsinger McCurley Nelson & Downing talks about designing CLE presentations, the genius of Bruce Bowen and just how long it takes for a divorce to stop hurting

The Lawyer Who transformed Texas Schools

How Mark Trachtenberg parlayed a great law school paper into billions for education

Demographics and the Fight for Equality

How Wendy Wang discovered civil rights law is more complex than it used to be

They must be guilty; they can barely speak English!

After seven years and about $2.5 million, Sarah Teachout helps to free two innocent men

The Trials of Brian Robison

How one little girl taught a good lawyer to be a great man

From the Produce Aisle to the Courthouse

Juan Garcia started out in supermarkets and ended up in Super Lawyers

The Man Who Made Driving Safer

Jeff Embry spotted a flaw in airbags and pushed for their redesign

How The Soviet Union Helped Make a Great Family Law Attorney

After Marjan Shansab’s harrowing escape from Afghanistan, nothing seemed impossible

Play It Again, Joe

Stallone inspires children to turn to music

Watch Great Ones, Become a Great One

How Tony Taft unlocked the secrets of the courtroom

A Believer in Second Chances

Nicole DeBorde knows the other side—she was on it for almost a decade

Just Plane Smart

Former Dallas City Attorney Madeleine Johnson pilots the Southwest Airlines legal team

Mona Patel’s Tour de Force

She cycled, ran and traveled to France for Lance Armstrong. Now, as GC of LiveStrong, she works for him—and the 28 million people fighting cancer worldwide

The Busiest Septuagenarian in Texas

By day, a few million-dollar cases; by night, Wayne Fisher smokes six briskets at once

A Poet, A Museum Director and A Lawyer Who Refuses To Lose

Frank Branson does just what he wants, and that includes winning cases

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Like Abraham, Craig Watkins asks if we want to destroy the righteous with the wicked

The Crusaders of Death Row

Houston neighbors Scott Atlas and Stanley Schneider run their own personal innocence project

Just a Closer Walk

After more than $250 million in wins, Ray Thomas found he was missing something—and it wasn’t success

Being Buffalo Bill

J. Gary Trichter channels a Western hero

Searching for Sodom

Jeff Kobs is digging in Jordan for a biblical hotspot

A Lawyer in Love With Two Blind Disciplines: Justice and Wine-Tasting

Both Randy Roach and his wines have depth and good character

Q&A: Racehorse Haynes

How Richard Haynes kicked a spittoon and launched a legendary career

Yearning to Return to Zion

Aubrey Connatser and Ramsey Patton took on one of the largest custody cases—over 400 children—in Texas history

A Family Affair

What's it like to work every day with the person you wake up next to each morning? Or to settle payroll disputes with the man who paid your first allowance?

Three Kings and a $25,000 Pot

Rick Daly found a novel way to finalize the deal—poker

The Republican from Harvard

Don't try to pigeonhole Chris Ward; you're sure to get him wrong

Reign Man

Chris Smith takes on Ike and Rita       

A Young Man in an Old Boys’ Club

Raul Leal gets to play J. Beresford Tipton to Texas landowners

Defeating Public Enemy No. 1

John Boundas wins the most important fight of his life

How a Mysterious Stranger Changed Yolanda Garcia’s Life

A classroom visitor supplied the key to a college education

From CIA to TBA

Brad Caldwell meets the most convincing law school recruiter ever

The King of Dallas’ Homeless People

Jennifer King enlists the homeless in community service

A Song for Justice O’Connor

Brett Busby clerked—and played violin—for the Supreme Court

An Emmy for Jennifer

Jennifer Morris tells tales of unsung heroes

Growing Up in the Navy

Amy Jetel puts the skills she learned while in uniform to good use

Riding Passenger, For Fun and Profit

Chris Collins liked being a rock star, but he loves being a lawyer

The Energy of Charles Matthews

ExxonMobil's GC discusses Valdez, the merging of two oil giants and more

Bend ’em Like Beck Can

Clients in trouble—and the Supreme Court—beckon Dave Beck

The Singer and His Fallen Friends

Greg Westfall sings the stories—and saves the lives—of society's rabble        

56 Years of Civility in Texas Law

You can overuse the Atticus Finch comparison—few people really deserve it. Jim Coleman does

The Rise and Fall of Enrique Moreno

The El Paso lawyer refuses to let a political derailment make him bitter        

West Texas Hammurabi

David Keltner expands the law to new frontiers        

The Crusader

Paula Sweeney works (and works and works) for her clients        

Come, Let Us Reasoner Together

Harry Reasoner has been injecting the law with his good sense for almost half a century

The Barrier Breaker of Baker Botts

Jim Cannon fires a shot heard 'round Texas        

Mississippi Learning

Shawn Raymond is poised to revolutionize public service in America

What Nikkee Wants, Nikkee Gets

Nikkee Espree — Mehaffy Weber        

The Tahoka Kid

Jeremy Brandon brought a little bit of West Texas to Harvard  

Sen. Cornyn’s Adviser

Jim Ho plays well on both sides of the aisle

The Prosecutor Gonna Knock You Out

Amy Dinn fights hard, on skates and in the courtroom

The Glass Ceiling Shatters

A new class of younger female attorneys is upending the Texas legal world

Sergio Garza and the American Dream

Sometimes marching to your own beat is just what’s called for

International Woman, International Law

Karla Pascarella interfaces cultures

Strom's Right-Hand Man

Trey Branham gets a senator’s job done

The Postmaster’s Daughter

Toto, we’re not in Wright City anymore

The Day I Swam to the White House

Visiting Harriet Miers, on (and under) cloud nine

A Small Town's Big Fish

Craig Brown plays in the big leagues but lives in the small ones

How Mike McKool Keeps His Cool

He’s an uber-boy scout, ultra-prepared

Sarah Weddington and the Supreme Court Case of the Century

The woman behind Roe is still fighting for women's rights, almost 40 years after revolutionizing the United States

Van Fleet's Grand Feats

A billion-dollar win? He's got lots of those

Marin-ating the Law

Michael Marin fights for fairness, whether his client is a huge corporation or the average Texas juror

Alchemist of the Courtroom

Dick DeGuerin magically transforms losers to winners

A Man for All Religions

Kelly Shackelford fights for people of faith

The Minister, the Lawyer, and a Quarter Billion Dollars in Wins

In Ben Hall’s world, only the bad guys get caught in the web

Reflections of a Radio Minister Turned Employment Lawyer

John Allen Chalk likes to tell his clients that he was happy with his first career 

How to See the Softer Side of 300-Pound College Linemen

E. Michelle Bohreer spends much of her off-time each year watching and learning about the top college football linemen

The Weekend Cowboy

Kinnan Golemon invests much of his time on his 600-acre cattle ranch

The Tattler

We know what you don't know about the goings on with Texan lawyers

The Second Coming of Mickey Washington

A star trades the end zone for a courtroom

The Cheerleader’s Mom Murder Case and other Tales

Terri Zimmermann learned her chops in the Military

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Angela Zambrano out-Algers Horatio Alger

Great Scott

Iowa’s son Matt Scott loves Texas—and Texas reciprocates

Being No. 1

Does being at the top of the class make any difference in life and law?

To Baghdad and Back

Where the military is, there is Stephen Karns

Simon Says

At Mary Kay, what Julia Simon says, goes

The Perfect Match

K. Marshall Dye found her place at

Queen of the Thinking Kids’ Olympics

Donate hundreds of hours? Tammy Wood would—and did

Fighting With All His Might

Trek Doyle put everything into his wife’s fight against leukemia

The Documentary Maker

Hilaree Casada’s five years of making movies gave her invaluable legal skills

It’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll, But He Likes It

Daryl Lansdale and the Green Elephant

Squeezing Terrorists' Bankbooks

Mark Werbner finds a novel way to fight terrorism

Straight Up and Unshaken

Richard Mithoff “just goes down to the courthouse and does it”

Download This Story

John Browning sticks up for the average guy against the recording industry

Baptism By Fire in the Governor's Mansion

How could Bill Jones prepare for space shuttle debris and executions?

Watching Over the Champs

Tullos Wells is the off-court MVP for the San Antonio Spurs

The Romance of Baron and Blue

For Texas’ No. 1 power couple, it’s just an old-fashioned love song

The Sex Therapist Who Upended the Law

Lisa Blue is revolutionizing how lawyers see juries

Doing Well--Very Well--By Doing Very Good

Fred Baron became a big guy by never forsaking the little guy

An Attorney Who Admits That His Head is (Often) in the Clouds

Steven K. DeWolf and his 1943 PT-17 open-cockpit biplane

A Double Brush With Greatness

Rufus Cormier has run into Nelson Mandela and the Clintons

Life’s Too Precious to Be a Bystander

Linda Addison in the daughter of two Holocaust survivors

Roger Sanders' Peacemaking Experience

He proves something to himself in Iraq

Fear and Loathing on Aspen's Alps

Off the slopes, Gerry Goldstein palled around with Aspen neighbor Hunter S. Thompson

Paying It Forward with Black Dollars

James Payne's effort to promote black-operated businesses

Back in the Saddle Again

That Herman Miller chair was just too confining for Jay Mac Rust

Bridge Across the Rio Grande

Schooled in London,Mexico City and Austin, Adolfo Campero is multiculturalism incarnate

When is it Right to Let a Baby Die?

Grappling with the right to life

Keeping Austin Green

In her spare time, Nikelle Meade is helping preserve 50,000 acres of land in Austin

The Ballad of the Stolen Lyrics

Janice Leverett learned early on the value of intellectual property,when a song she wrote as a teenager was stolen from her

Dealing With the Home-Wrecker from Hell

Jason Ryan spent 17-hour days helping hurricane victims — then he became one of them

Picking His Place

Geronimo Rodriguez left the picking fields to go to high school; by age 22 he was working for the Clinton White House

The Lawyer Who Walks Death Row

Morris Moon tracks all 400-plus death row inmates in Texas.

Flying With the Hawk

Cheryl Leb protects the legacy of Ben Hogan

Lady Justice Holds a Paintbrush

Mary Ellis Lagarde’s secret weapon

The Lawyer with Solid Gold Intuition

Charla Aldous finds her way to big-money cases by listening to her heart

"Screw You, Rusty"

Anna Nicole Smith made Rusty Hardin a Texas legend when she spewed those three words while on the stand

How to Lose Friends and Influence First Amendment Freedoms

At peril to his own popularity,Anthony Griffin slugs it out for free speech and civil rights

Free Speech Rocks!

When Babcock got Oprah off the hook in her notorious $11 million defamation suit, she was so grateful that she loaned him her 160-foot cruise boat

The Laundryman Cleans Up

Stephen Susman keeps winning and winning and winning

The Techno-Criminal’s Public Enemy Number One

Matt Yarbrough goes after the crooks that attack the rest of us with bits and bytes

The Beautiful Bounty of Bubba Burns

Want his athletic expertise? His coaching abilities? His gym? They’re yours

Out to the Ballgame

Talmage Boston’s new book explores baseball’s most important year

Steve Stodghill, Master Thespian

Steve Stodghill steals the show from Luke Wilson as his lawyer in The Wendell Baker Story

Most Eligible Lawyer

D Magazine named Peggy Facklis one of the 12 Most Eligible Bachelorettes in Dallas

Breaking the Code of Bureaucracy

George Parker Jr. (left) helped World War II veteran Teddy Draper Sr. finally get the benefits — and the Purple Heart — that he’d been denied for 60 years

The Life Aquatic

Since Fanning and his wife Carolyn made their yacht a permanent home in 2001, they have traveled more than 10,000 ocean miles

The Pill Mill Killer

Erin Nealy Cox is leading the fight against Internet drug dealers

Working for a Great Society

Catherine Robb brings her famous family's spirit to a new generation

From La Traviata to Torts

The man who shook Europe’s opera scene now shakes its legal scene

Growing Up Nebraskan

How you gonna keep them down on the farm …?

A Perfect Storm

Bill Jackson had to make a tough decision: stick by his client or stick up for his bankbook

The Suicide Lawyer

To be or not to be. That is the question

Rendering Unto Caesar

Bob Bragalone serves God by serving his clients well

Bock in the Saddle Again

In court or the arena, Bock takes challenges in stride

Oh, Oh, It's Magic

Beckman can turn a Barbie doll into a living, breathing human being

The Pen is Mightier

Panatier likes making trouble across party lines

The King of Pro Bono

Pro bono work gives Blum the chance to get out of the office and into the courtroom

It's Good to Be the King

He may be the richest lawyer in America, but even at 78 Joe Jamail shows no signs of slowing down

The Accidental Trail Blazer

When that (other) rich and famous Texan decided to run for president, he chose Kim J. Askew to lead the charge

The Poster Child for ... Posters

Rogge Dunn sees art where others see only advertising

You'll Not See Nothing Like the Mighty O'Quinn

The man The Wall Street Journal calls the “second richest lawyer” in America says when it comes to winning cases, he’s number one

Political Lawyers

Patrick Oxford and Boe Martin

Everyone Likes Ike

Rumors of his client's death have been greatly exaggerated

Is the GOP’s Big Tent Too Small?

Mark Lanier, founder of the Christian Trial Lawyers Association, is no one's liberal

Life (and Law) Begins at 40

Mary Alice McLarty took the long way to becoming a lawyer. But she’s made up for lost time.

Les is More

The Mystery of the Week is “How does Les Weisbrod find time for everything he does?”

The Family 2004: Mom, Dad (and Biological Parent)

After going through it himself, James Burnett is now the go-to guy for couples seeking surrogacy help

The Lawyer and the Ultra-Terrible Headache

Maybe a brain tumor slows other people down, but not Scott Schwind

Practicing Law From a Hospital Bed

Beth Sufian doesn’t let her battle with cystic fibrosis stop her from crusading for the rights of the disabled

Warrior Attorneys

Through two wars men and women from across Texas have helped reshape Iraq. From the front lines to the courtrooms, with bullets and ballpoint pens, Texas attorneys have taken great risks to restore some measure of freedom to that country. Below we profile three such heroes, Bill Gameros, Brad Clark and Brian Farlow

Horatio Alger, Meet Bryan Brown

In a cynical era, the American Dream is reaffirmed in Bryan Brown. From the ROTC to the SEC, he has made a habit out of exceeding expectations

Motley's Crew

When push (a family member in need) meets shove (the demands of the job), sleep and social life disappear

Kent Rutter's Very Lonely Book Club

No time for The Da Vinci Code — Kent Rutter spent thousands of hours examining the records of the Texas Court of Appeals

In Godwin They Trust

Take the most daunting of legal challenges, such as the asbestos litigation that Halliburton was facing, and Don Godwin will find a solution. He always does.

The Dark Knight

Holy transactions and litigation! Steve Stodghill comes to the rescue for all his famous clients

Bliss on Life

For former POW Ronald Bliss, every moment matters

The Hall of Fame at Diamond McCarthy

At this Houston firm, expert legal work goes hand in glove with epochal sports moments

Lock ‘Um Up, Lock ‘Um Up, Throw Away the Key

The men of Death by Injection can argue your case during the day, and rock your socks off at night.

Law School: The Movie

At the University of Texas, watching is learning

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