Local Counsel with Diane H. Banks

The Salt Lake City attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Published in 2016 Mountain States Super Lawyers Magazine — July 2016

Best place to take a client  -  Jazz game, Utah Symphony or a quiet restaurant.

Best restaurant​  -  Depends. Elegant dinner? Go to the New Yorker. More vibrant? I like Bambara. More casual? Try Current or Eva’s, for small plates. Red Iguana is great for Mexican or Mazza for Lebanese.

Weekend getaway​  -  The mountains are cool and beautiful in the summer, while the desert can’t be beat in the winter time—all within easy driving distance from Salt Lake.

Favorite city event​  -  The pumpkin regatta at Sugar House Park in the fall. The participants hollow out giant pumpkins and cut them in half, then use an oar to row them around in the lake at the park. 

Favorite historical resident​  -  Wallace Stegner.

Where to go after a win​  -  For me, a win is a closing. I splurge on ingredients and fix a special dinner at home. Or, better yet, my husband cooks.

Favorite thing about your office​  -  We have the most fabulous view—mountains, streets with busy people on the move, and many buildings presently under construction. On a sunny day it can’t be beat.

Favorite lunch spot​  -  Unless I’m taking a client, I prefer a place that can get you in and out in a hurry, but has good food. Cancun Café is right across the street and I love Mexican food. The Mexican street cart right across the street is pretty good, too.

Favorite local shop​  -  Hip & Humble.

Favorite delicatessen​  -  Feldman’s Deli.

Favorite pizza joint​  -  Vintos—except they just went out of business, so I will have to look around.

Favorite movie theater​  -  My big screen at home, or sometimes Broadway Center for Utah Film Center events. The Sundance Film Festival has a huge variety of films shown throughout Park City and Salt Lake.

Best place to reflect​  -  My office or my bicycle, depending on the weather and the time of day.

STRANGEST city law​  -  Utah has unusual liquor laws. Out of towners just don’t get it. I don’t like them, but locals are accustomed to them and the laws really don’t have a big negative impact on us. 

Out-of-town guests are impressed with​  -  The Great Salt Lake and Temple Square.

Most famous resident​  -  The Mormon Church—people have interesting misconceptions or selective memories.

Go-to arts venue​  -  The gallery stroll on the third Friday is great. You can take in the work of many local artists and wind down at the end of the week. The Utah Symphony is really a gem and the ballet is extraordinary—they perform at Carnegie Hall next week. 

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