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How Karra Porter’s viral client led to a pro bono initiative and a 22-year-old cold case

Featuring Karra J. Porter

Larry Laycock’s Christmas Stories

How one lawyer’s post-trial mopes spawned a tradition

Featuring Larry R. Laycock

Discovery with Kathryn “Kass” Harstad

Kass Harstad traded in an office on the 81st floor of the Sears Tower for one above a Skechers store, and it has made all the difference

Featuring Kathryn (Kass) Harstad

Local Counsel with Diane H. Banks

The Salt Lake City attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Diane H. Banks

The Adventures of ScienceLawyer

Tammy B. Georgelas talks science, tech and the beauty of a four-digit bar numberFeaturing Tammy B. Georgelas

The Higher Law

"You get people at the absolute lowest points of their lives," says Utah family law attorney Sharon A. DonovanFeaturing Sharon A. Donovan

King of Controversy

As outside counsel to the Mormon church, Von G. Keetch has been called every name in the book

A Can-Do Mentality

Salt Lake City attorney David Gee makes real estate projects happenFeaturing David E. Gee

Drop by Drop

Wendy Bowden Crowther helps her clients preserve and secure rights to Utah’s water sourcesFeaturing Wendy Bowden Crowther

A Crushed Camera in Chile

Utahan John Pearce's travels abroad taught him to be grateful for freedoms at home

He Works While You Sleep

Salt Lake City's Jason Hardin left the Navy to slow down. That was the idea, anyway        Featuring Jason W. Hardin

The Advocate

What do the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the University of Utah and the Rocky Mountain Innocence Center have in common? They can all count on Alan SullivanFeaturing Alan L. Sullivan

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