Virginia Super Lawyers Articles

‘I Wanted to Sue Everybody’

The arrest that made a lawyer out of Nina Ginsberg

Featuring Nina J. Ginsberg

Rick ‘n’ Roll

Rick Friedman on his hair metal and Punk’d past

Featuring Rick A. Friedman, II

A Bit Complex

Andrew Painter on uncorking Virginia’s wine history

Featuring Andrew A. Painter

The Real Challenge

Like Tolstoy, Reeves Mahoney knows that every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way

Featuring Reeves W. Mahoney

‘Justice Ultimately Prevails’

Mark Cummings defended Mark Felt before the world learned he was Deep Throat

Featuring Mark D. Cummings

Ascending the Stage

Divani Nadaraja’s footwork through dance and the law


Jeff Cravotta

A Star in Star City

Growing up on a tobacco farm, Brett Marston learned the value of hard work. Now he reaps the rewards

Featuring K. Brett Marston

In the Lymelight

IP lawyer and biotech company co-founder Thomas Dunlap helped create a test for Lyme disease

Featuring Thomas M. Dunlap

Of Headlines and Coal Mines

Karen Elliott’s journey from journalism to the law

Featuring Karen S. Elliott

Book Case

Angela Matney shares her story in the Human Library 

Featuring Angela R. Matney

Discovery with Sandra Giannone Ezell

Sandra Giannone Ezell knows who runs the world

Featuring Sandra Giannone Ezell

Chris Winton-Stahle

Notes on How to Beat Claire Cardwell

But they won't work any better for you than they did for the feds


Putting on a Clinic

Robert F. Redmond Jr. puts the pro in pro bono

Featuring Robert F. Redmond, Jr.

Discovery with Michael Robusto

Voted “Tidewater’s Funniest Lawyer,” criminal defense lawyer Michael Robusto of Slipow, Robusto & Kellam is quick with a joke. But ask him to wear a tie on the weekend, and that’s no laughing matter.


Featuring Michael Anthony Robusto

Local Counsel with Andy Condlin

Richmond land use attorney Andy Condlin of Roth Doner Jackson Gibbons Condlin tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Andrew M. Condlin

Chris Winton-Stahle

The Brain Behind Brain Injuries

Irvin Cantor brings light to the mysteries of traumatic brain injury

Featuring Irvin V. Cantor

Sam Dean

Scalpel, Please

Trial attorneys get to build cases. Gentry Locke appellate lawyer Monica T. Monday delights in slipping on doctor’s gloves to dissect them

Featuring Monica T. Monday

Casey Templeton

Media Player

Craig T. Merritt is the first lawyer to call in Virginia’s First Amendment cases

Featuring Craig T. Merritt

Crowning Achievements

When Courtney Moates Paulk isn’t resolving disputes on land, she’s conquering open water

Featuring Courtney Moates Paulk

Turning Hate Aside

Michael HuYoung fled Castro and embraced a skinhead client

Featuring Michael HuYoung

“Building Families and Rebuilding Lives”

In her personal injury, employment and surrogacy/adoption practices, Colleen Quinn’s mantra rings clear

Featuring Colleen Marea Quinn

At Your Service

Agnis Chakravorty on being a lawyer, a restaurant owner and a human crawfish

Featuring Agnis C. Chakravorty

Stephen Voss

In the Wake of Strong Women

Family attorney Marcia Maddox took hints from Lady Bird Johnson and Betty Thompson, and it made all the difference


Adam Auel

The Can-Do Counsel

When Ann K. Sullivan rolls up her sleeves, problems get solved—by bake sale or legal brief

Featuring Ann K. Sullivan

Behind-the-Scenes Man

Bennett Fidlow brings Hollywood to Richmond

Featuring Bennett J. Fidlow

Adam Auel

Bill Axselle: At Your Service

After 16 years as a legislator, the government law attorney at Williams Mullen lobbies for change from the outside. And yes, he helped bring Nordstrom to Richmond


A Colorful Phenomenon

Buddy Allen tells us where we are


Uncle Sam Wanted Him

How Peter Greenspun, a table-pad manufacturer’s son from Philadelphia, wound up representing Caleb Hughes, Marv Albert and John A. Muhammad

Featuring Peter D. Greenspun

L’Americaine à Paris

To Leigh-Alexandra Basha, nothing is certain but travel and taxes

Featuring Leigh-Alexandra Basha

In Pat Robertson’s Orbit

Lou Isakoff went from the Christian Broadcast Network to Regent University


The Astounding Success of Plan B

James Theobald builds consensus so others can build

Featuring James W. Theobald

Speak Softly, Shatter a Glass Ceiling

Anne Marie Whittemore and the charisma of quiet competence

Featuring Anne Marie Whittemore

The Curious Case of a Button Collector

James Korman witnessed political history; now he collects it  

Featuring James W. Korman

Double Duty

How Thomas Dunlap and Daniel Grubb started a firm while serving their country

Featuring Thomas M. Dunlap

Hail to the Self-Deprecating Chief

Jimmy Morris downplays his success; and that's a key to his success        


Grace Under Fire

Family law attorney Betty Moore Sandler's goal is to bring people to consensus ... and to cheer on Kentucky basketball  

Featuring Betty Moore Sandler

The People’s Lawyer

Allan Karlin's work reverberates through the halls of power  

Featuring Allan N. Karlin

The New-School Citizen-Lawyer

Richard Ottinger is a star litigator who shines outside the courtroom        

Featuring Richard H. Ottinger

Arguing the Medicine

Heather Ellison handles med-mal defense delicately  

Featuring Heather E. Zaug

The Lawyer Is IN

Family law attorney John Karanian was once a shrink for the CIA        

Featuring John K. Karanian

Not Your Average Dirt Lawyer

Bob Hughes uses real estate expertise to fight homelessness        

Featuring Robert W. Hughes

Have Salami, Will Travel

Alan B. Plevy takes Katz's kosher salami around the world        

Featuring Alan B. Plevy

Enter the Courtroom

Charlie C.H. Lee, a five-time karate world champion, carries his martial-arts values into the legal world        

Featuring Charlie C.H. Lee

Q&A with Edna Ruth Vincent

Edna Ruth Vincent, a family law attorney with Colten Cummins Watson & Vincent in Fairfax, Va., was born in Roxboro, N.C., where she grew up and went to college. After completing a master's degree in education at Howard University in Washington, D.C., Vincent taught high school for five years before becoming a lawyer.


Goolsby on Goolsby

The author of Goolsby on Virginia Corporations tells all

Featuring Allen C. Goolsby

The Supreme Thrill

Four Virginia lawyers on arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court

Featuring Ammon G. Dunton, Jr., …

The Meat Cutter's Daughter

Lisa A. Bertini on delis, Fabio and the terror of hanging your own shingle

Featuring Lisa A. Bertini

The Loudest

David Baugh fights to preserve the Constitution—including the rights of Klansmen and al-Qaida terrorists

Featuring David P. Baugh

All the Livelong Day

Susan Armstrong’s been working for the railroad

Featuring Susan C. Armstrong

Iron Man

Frank Santoro goes the extra 140.6 miles


That's Not All, Folks!

How cartoonist Michael L. Goodman went from Bugs Bunny to the business page

Featuring Michael L. Goodman

Emch as in Mensch

Al Emch pilots the Jackson Kelly law firm like he did C-130s


Jennifer McClellan is in the House

The Verizon counsel is also a state rep


The Self-Starter

How high school dropout Russell “Rusty” McGuire dropped back in, became the state’s assistant attorney general and advised the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq


Doing the Right Thing

Corporate lawyer Maya Eckstein knows why this day is different from all other days, and it shows in her pro bono work

Featuring Maya M. Eckstein

Handling the Curve Balls

Lori D. Thompson couldn’t get a job as a teacher, so now she’s saving jobs as a bankruptcy lawyer

Featuring Lori D. Thompson

My Son, the Non-Doctor

Michael Guanzon shames his family by becoming a lawyer

Featuring Michael C. Guanzon

The Last Great General Practitioner in Virginia

James C. Roberts gives us a tour of his office and talks about the debt he can never repay


The Shenandoah Valley Lawyer

Everyone is impressed with Craig Cooley—except Craig Cooley

Featuring Craig S. Cooley

The Conscience of an Ex-Judge

Ronald Tweel’s stand against the Iraq War is reminiscent of the anti-war stance of his most famous client: Muhammad Ali

Featuring Ronald R. Tweel

Going Over the Mountain

How John Charles Thomas overcame poverty and racism to become the first African-American justice on the Virginia Supreme Court

Featuring John Charles Thomas

Elaine Bredehoft Keeps Coming At You

The Fairfax County lawyer’s arsenal includes intense concentration and a well-known soft drink

Featuring Elaine Charlson Bredehoft

The Young and the Restless

Real estate lawyer Gina Burgin once went coast-to-coast on Weekend Today


A Bronx Tale

Malik Cutlar’s route to the law was a paper route


He’s With the Band

Philip Goodpasture helps the Dave Matthews Band deal with cybercriminals and typosquatters

Featuring Philip H. Goodpasture

The Gold Standard

Capital One's John Finneran expects the best


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