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RBG: The 'B' is for Box Office

Ruth Bader Ginsburg had a cinematic 2018—but she’s been starring in our pages for a while

Featuring Thomas H. Barnard, Jr., …

Justice Kennedy: Renaissance Man, Decent Person, Mock Trial Enthusiast

How the lawyers of Super Lawyers have seen the court's longtime swing voter over the years

Featuring Kim Martin Lewis, …

Stephen Voss

Masters of the Insurance Universe

Lorelie S. Masters is an insurance lawyer by day, social activist by night—and in 2014, the overachieving moonlighter added political candidate, too

Featuring Lorelie S. Masters

Stephen Voss

The Kansas Peach

Ty Cobb, a distant relative of the famous ballplayer, is a big gun on whom powerful people rely


Once More, a Data Breach, Dear Friends

Protecting yourself against identity theft

Featuring Kurt Wimmer, …

Homage to Sarchio

The granddaughter of a Francisco Franco political prisoner, Christina Guerola Sarchio grew up to prosecute her FORMER neighborhood bully

Featuring Christina Guerola Sarchio

The 554 Million-Dollar Man

Sam Buffone led the way for the Navajo Nation’s historic settlement—oh, and he kept Google out of trouble, too


Trevor Potter and the Magic Briefcase

Does Trevor Potter look familiar? The Caplin & Drysdale lawyer helped Stephen Colbert’s “Americans For A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow” Super PAC navigate federal election law

Featuring Trevor Potter

Brick by Brick

GCs and outside counsel weigh in on best practices to build a solid foundation

Featuring Keith John Nelsen, …

Michael Paras

The Dream Team

Theodore B. Olson, David Boies, and the federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage

Featuring David Boies, …

Stephen Voss

The Queen of Consensus

If you build it, disparate parties will come to the table. At least, they will for Deborah Garza

Featuring Deborah A. Garza

Stephen Voss

The Culture Changer

Personal injury attorney Salvatore Zambri remembers the most important thing about clients

Featuring Salvatore J. Zambri

Energy Bar

Sheila Hollis has been having fun in energy law since the late 1970s

Featuring Sheila Slocum Hollis

Legal Eagle

Glen D. Nager is back in the swing of things after his stint as president of the United States Golf Association

Featuring Glen D. Nager

Stephen Voss

In Brad Lerman’s Submarine

Fannie Mae’s general counsel has one rule for his legal ship—work together or perish together


Getting Schooled with Maureen Mahoney

The Latham & Watkins appellate attorney talks about her landmark decision for education, her attendance record at the Supreme Court, and why we all should do our summer reading

Featuring Maureen Mahoney

Stephen Voss

Q&A: Ted Olson

The lawyer behind just about everything

Featuring Theodore B. Olson

Stephen Voss

The Lawyer’s Lawyer

Q&A with Carter Phillips

Featuring Carter G. Phillips

It Came From Hollywood

NATO (the other one) turns to former TV screenwriter Gary Klein as its legal counsel


Some Little Ol’ Lawyer in Rockville

For 50 years, Albert D. Brault has fought for the righteous cause

Featuring Albert D. Brault

The Queen of Malpractice

Sandra Robinson is empathetic and easygoing: Watch out

Featuring Sandra H. Robinson

Protecting the Insider

Four whistleblower attorneys tell their stories

Featuring John R. Phillips, …

What Is Life Worth?

After 9/11, Kenneth Feinberg had to answer that unanswerable question

Featuring Kenneth R. Feinberg

The Safety Net

Sandy Ain provides unshakable stability to stressed-out clients

Featuring Sanford K. Ain

Roberts' Rules of Order

As a child, Michele Roberts was fascinated with trial lawyers. Now she’s one of the best


Clearing Lenny Bruce

That’s just what Robert Corn-Revere did in 2003

Featuring Robert Corn-Revere

Don’t Shoot the Messenger’s Messenger

Bruce Sanford combines a keen understanding of the media, and a love of writing, with the practice of law

Featuring Bruce W. Sanford

Allan Topol’s Not-So-Dark Ambition

His goal was to practice law, raise a family and write bestsellers. He does all three

Featuring Allan J. Topol

Being Jim Halpert

Not the guy in Scranton—the D.C. attorney for whom the character was named

Featuring Jim Halpert

Inside Man

Robert Barnett is a giant in publishing, an expert at presidential debate prep, and just an all-around nice guy

Featuring Robert B. Barnett

Pushing the Law

Michael Hausfeld has earned some of the largest judgments in history by following his instincts

Featuring Michael D. Hausfeld

A Stern Talking To

Elizabeth Espin Stern has used the diplomatic skills she learned from her father to become a top business immigration lawyer

Featuring Elizabeth Espin Stern

Plato’s Republic

Who did Monica, Fawn and Aldrich call when they had to get out of a jam? Plato Cacheris


Gilbert's Arena

Scott Gilbert combines work with play

Featuring Scott D. Gilbert

John Dowd’s Hall of Fame Career

Baseball has been very, very good to him

Featuring John M. Dowd

International Road Warrior

Rachel Robbins, lead lawyer for the World Bank's International Finance Corporation, always knows where her passport is


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