Washington Super Lawyers Articles

The Journey Home

Washington attorneys share their experiences immigrating to the U.S.

Featuring Chun M. Ng, …

Rick Dahms

Mix Masters

In appellate law and jazz, Ken Masters lives up to his name

Featuring Ken Masters

Rick Dahms

The Many Lives of Janet George

The onetime blackjack dealer, pilot and prosecutor brings a lot—especially empathy—to the family law table

Featuring Janet A. George

Heart Strings

Environmental lawyer Beth Ginsberg is making beautiful music out of a childhood passion

Featuring Beth S. Ginsberg

Drawing on Experience

A little humor never hurts—just ask Kennewick litigator Jay Flynn

Featuring William J. Flynn, Jr.

‘A Society That Gets Along’

Judge Michael Scott says his landmark Arlene’s Flowers case boils down to respecting each other despite differences


Discovery with Tyler Arnold

Got five minutes? Tyler Arnold can finish your crossword


Rick Dahms

Bankruptcy, Bach

Diana Carey’s talents range from tracking down fraud to tickling the ivories

Featuring Diana K. Carey

Rick Dahms

Righting Wrongs and Keeping Things Simple

Darrell Cochran has taken on the state of Washington, an insurance powerhouse and Apple with his special brand of ‘inefficiency’

Featuring Darrell L. Cochran

It Takes a Tugboat

How Bert Markovich navigated his way to maritime law

Featuring Bert W. Markovich

To Market, to Market

How Seattle attorneys gave us even more to love about the city’s favorite shopping destination

Featuring Thomas H. Wolfendale, …

The Searcher

IP attorney Robert Cumbow shares his lifelong love of movies

Featuring Robert C. Cumbow

The Road Less Traveled

Mark Kamitomo’s circuitous path to law

Featuring Mark D. Kamitomo

‘Out of the Jury Box’

Sheri Pewitt’s personal mantra guides her practice—and her pro bono work representing political protesters

Featuring Sheri Pewitt

Steve Berman: Putting the Brakes on Alleged Emissions Cheating

The Seattle heavy-hitter accuses GM of deception similar to that used by Volkswagen

Featuring Steve W. Berman

Legal Community Mourns Attorney Who Helped Shape Seattle

Melody McCutcheon’s  projects ranged from Safeco Field to the Yesler Terrace housing redevelopment


Discovery with Corrie J. Yackulic

How peanut butter helped save Corrie Yackulic’s career

Featuring Corrie J. Yackulic

Local Counsel with Kathryn Naegeli Boling

Seattle’s Kathryn Boling tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Kathryn N. Boling

Rick Dahms

Zen and the Art of Criminal Defense

How Richard Hansen wins the cases he ‘has no business winning’


Rick Dahms

Finding Her Voice

In kindergarten, Tana Lin was punished for not speaking English. Today, she speaks for those who have been treated unfairly


Featuring Tana Lin

‘If I’ve Helped Some People Along the Way, That’s Enough’

An oral history of practicing law in the days when Dictaphones were cutting-edge, women in the office were secretaries, and attorneys worked for as little as $275 a month


Featuring Camden M. Hall, …

The J.D. from PNB

Before he cracked cases, business litigator Charles E. Newton was dancing in The Nutcracker

Featuring Charles E. Newton

Keith Kessler Goes the Distance

The Hoquiam lawyer fights for injured cyclists

Featuring Keith L. Kessler

It is Not ‘OK’

Local attorneys volunteer their time to help domestic-abuse victims become survivors

Featuring Loretta S. Story, …

Judicial Notice with Mary E. Fairhurst

Washington State Supreme Court Justice Mary Fairhurst On Making a Difference


Discovery with Jeffrey I. Tilden

Jeffrey I. Tilden’s wins include the 1994 reinstatement of National Guard Col. Margarethe Cammermeyer, discharged for being a lesbian

Featuring Jeffrey I. Tilden

Local Counsel with Claire L. Rootjes

Seattle litigator Claire Rootjes tells us what’s good in the neighborhood.

Featuring Claire L. Rootjes

Redstone Pictures

‘We’ve Got to Get Kelly Corr’

Why Nirvana, Alaska Airlines and Hearst wanted him around; Bill Gates and Courtney Love, not so much


Redstone Pictures

Balasubramani, Offline

Internet attorney Venkat Balasubramani loves talking about tech matters and legal theory, less so about himself

Featuring Venkat Balasubramani

Bob Geballe

The Great Debater

Tacoma family law attorney Laura Carlsen can parry like nobody’s business

Featuring Laura Carlsen

Budding Business

Seattle lawyers have high hopes for Washington’s fledgling marijuana industry

Featuring Hilary Bricken, …

Landmark Lawyer

Melody McCutcheon worked on the Bullitt Center and helped the Sorrento Hotel achieve historic status



The Spokane litigator is all about protecting liberties

Featuring Kevin J. Curtis

Redstone Pictures

Akane Suzuki’s Journey of 5,000 Miles

A fascination with far-flung lands and languages brought the international-estate planning attorney from Japan to the U.S. at 16

Featuring Akane R. Suzuki

Redstone Pictures

Keep It Simple, Stupid

That’s what Steve W. Berman has always done, in class action lawsuits against Jack in the Box, Big Tobacco, Toyota, the NCAA …

Featuring Steve W. Berman

Redstone Pictures

The Rock Star

High-profile trials and links to headline-grabbers like Amanda Knox and Mary Kay Letourneau have garnered the spotlight for Anne Bremner, bringing celebrity and sprezzatura

Featuring Anne Bremner

Redstone Pictures

Defending the Mastros

Jim Frush has always lived for high stakes—and high peaks

Featuring C. James Frush

Bellingham Boosters

Efforts to transform a pulp mill into a waterfront gem have consumed a decade (so far) of legal navigations by Frank Chmelik and Jon Sitkin

Featuring Frank J. Chmelik, …

Spreading Justice

Steve Fury co-founded a volunteer group that helps coach trial lawyers in Africa

Featuring Mark C. Wagner, …

The Good Foot Soldier

David Goodnight’s client list ranges from Amazon to Monsanto to a Napa Valley vineyard—and in his spare time, the Stoel Rives litigator helps Burundian widows rebuild their lives

Featuring David R. Goodnight

Redstone Pictures

Picking Fights With Big Shots

That’s what Hoquiam attorney Paul Stritmatter does best—and the smart money’s on him

Featuring Paul L. Stritmatter

Redstone Pictures

The Overdog

Barry Kaplan is a defense lawyer to the bone

Featuring Barry M. Kaplan

What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Age Discrimination?

Seven local attorneys try to bring light to a murky issue

Featuring Clifford Freed, …

Redstone Pictures

The Right Ingredients

Family lawyer Marijean Moschetto’s recipe for success: empathy, diligence and experience

Featuring Marijean E. Moschetto

Second-Generation Success

Intellectual property attorney Janet Kim Lin’s heritage is a source of strength

Featuring Janet Kim Lin


Melissa Roeder brings a rural work ethic to the civil defense table

Featuring Melissa K. Roeder

Stew Cogan Takes Sides

The Seattle mediator and arbitrator is a natural at helping people work things out

Featuring Stew Cogan

Redstone Pictures

Power Player

How David Burman helped decide a historic governor’s race

Featuring David J. Burman

Redstone Pictures

Paramount Duty

Thomas Ahearne wins one for public education

Featuring Thomas F. Ahearne

Redstone Pictures

The Big-Picture Man

Tacoma attorney Jack Connelly’s long-shot cases have triggered major reforms

Featuring John R. (Jack) Connelly, Jr.

Redstone Pictures

Employing Justice

Sheryl Willert defends bosses—and reminds them to play fair

Featuring Sheryl J. Willert

Making a Difference

Washington lawyers take time to help out

Featuring Zachary R. Hiatt, …

Champion of Peace

The explosive case that took David Mann to the U.S. Supreme Court


Outing Gay Baseball

Lawyers Suzanne Thomas and Michael Reiss negotiate how gay a league needs to be

Featuring Michael Reiss, …

B. Gerald Johnson: Civic Booster

The co-founder of Pacifica Law Group helped shape Seattle

Featuring B. Gerald Johnson

Rick Dahms

The Competitor

Rebecca Ringer’s battles for justice began with Sadie Hawkins Day

Featuring Rebecca S. Ringer

Rick Dahms

James Lobsenz Rewrites the Rules

How a Seattle appellate lawyer helped end 'don’t ask, don’t tell'

Featuring James E. Lobsenz

Rick Dahms

Battle in the Bayou

Brad Marten and Billy Plauché tackle the Gulf oil crisis—from Seattle

Featuring Bradley M. Marten, …

The Strategist

Stephen Graham takes battlefield strategy from Board game to boardroom

Featuring Stephen M. Graham

Flight Path

Geoff Grindeland saved lives as a naval aviator; now he saves the day for pilots in court

Featuring Geoffrey M. Grindeland

Simply the Best

Simeon Osborn lands a record settlement for a man injured by a King County deputy

Featuring Simeon Osborn

Mr. Hopeful

John Hempelmann was there for Camelot, nearly became a U.S. congressman, and is still shaping public policy—and the landscape—every day at Cairncross & Hempelmann

Featuring John W. Hempelmann

Going the Distance

In court or on the bike path, trial lawyer Jeff Tilden stays at the top of his game

Featuring Jeffrey I. Tilden

The Truth-Seeker

It’s what you do with the knowledge, once you find it, that matters to Rita Bender

Featuring Rita L. Bender

Rebel With an Assortment of Causes

Lembhard Howell has spent 40 years bringing justice to his clients and change to the system


All Business …

… Her job description, that is. But real estate lawyer Jane Rakay Nelson is about more than finance and acquisition

Featuring Jane Nelson

The Green River Killer’s Lawyer

Mark Prothero knows it’s a label that will stick


When the Dog Bites …

… It’s time to call in W. Mitchell Cogdill or Christopher M. Davis

Featuring Christopher M. Davis, …

Double Duty

How Andy Maron pursued a path in both government and construction law

Featuring Andrew W. Maron

Q&A With Charlie Wiggins, Wiggins & Masters, Bainbridge Island

How a ‘military brat’ ended up setting his sights on the state Supreme Court


Brad Smith 2.0

Microsoft’s GC on myths about the company, the financial crisis and why he wouldn’t amend the Constitution

Featuring Bradford L. Smith

All Things Joyce Slocum

NPR's GC takes us behind the scenes


Somebody’s Got To Do It…

Defend the 'black hats,' that is. And nobody can do it like Brad Keller, the guy who helped the Sonics skedaddle

Featuring Bradley S. Keller

Q&A: Take This Job and Love It

Never mind the long hours and bottomless inbox; Brad Smith wouldn't trade his gig as Microsoft's top lawyer for anything

Featuring Bradford L. Smith

Never a Dull Moment

If you think constitutional law is dry, you haven't met Stephen A. Smith


Mr. Startup

Whether it's business or bands, Jim Austin makes things happen


The Accidental Entertainment Lawyer

O. Yale Lewis Jr. may not love rock-'n'-roll, but musicians find him irresistible

Featuring O. Yale Lewis, Jr.

Labor Ready

Ron Knox keeps his calm despite the economic forecast


In This Case, It’s No Cliché

Michael Nelson really does feel his clients' pain: He recovered from a brain injury himself

Featuring Michael E. Nelson

Long-Term Commitment

Barbara Duffy's team caters to the needs of the senior health-care industry

Featuring Barbara J. Duffy

Q&A: Robert K. Dawson, DawsonBrown, Seattle

The 55-year-old litigator is hooked on adrenaline—whether it be in the courtroom or hurtling through the air attached to a bungee cord  

Featuring Bob Dawson

Over the Horizon

Starbucks' Paula Boggs isn't intimidated by 1,200-ft. drops, military brass or sitting presidents        

Featuring Paula E. Boggs

Windows of Opportunity

In 1978, Bill Neukom helped launch Microsoft. Now he's going after a small thing called world justice


Winters Can Rock

Busy Seattle patent lawyer Steve Winters finds time to jam with his band, Morris Can Fly

Featuring Steven B. Winters

The Friendly Foe

Trial lawyer John Chun is not your stereotypical pit bull in the courtroom. But make no mistake: He’s there to win.


The Player

Whether in the courtroom or at the piano, Louis Peterson is known for his virtuoso performances. 

Featuring Louis D. Peterson

True Believer

Aaron Caplan, champion of justice and home-brewer extraordinaire, took his fifth-grade civics lessons to heart


Who Says Nice Gals Finish Last?

Karen Jones finds success representing the boss, but she always keeps the employees in mind 


Agreeing to Disagree

Some quick tips to tell if mediation is right for you

Featuring Howard R. Bartlett


Seth Fine never expected to find himself on the prosecutor’s side of the courtroom, much less in charge of appellate law for the Snohomish County prosecutor


Meet the Generalist

Maureen Hart kept sex predators locked up, fought for legal services for the poor, battled union power—and found herself with the title of solicitor general


Keeping Counsel

More companies are scouting for their own attorneys, and young lawyers are happily signing on


Parting Ways

Splitting up is as complicated as it is gut-wrenching. Just ask a divorce lawyer


Courtroom Gladiator

Fearless, relentless and modest to a fault, Jeffery Robinson is not the guy you want to see at the defense table if you’re a prosecuting attorney


Giving Back

After hours, a lot of attorneys open their hearts and wallets to make their communities richer


After Hours

Sure, they shine at their day jobs. But these four attorneys are just as stellar when it comes to their spare-time pursuits

Featuring Matthew S. Topham, …

With Honors

Many Rising Stars have a cum laude or two under their belts. Are those resume adornments worth all the sleepless nights?


Voteless in Walla Walla

If Tom Scribner's legal briefs are anything like his prose, they’ve gotta be darn good reading

Featuring Tom Scribner

Second Time Around

For this group of overachievers, the second career was the charm. But the lessons from their ‘past lives’ have served them well.

Featuring William H. Fligeltaub, …

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