West Virginia Super Lawyers Articles

Discovery with Monté L. Williams

Monté L. Williams’ nickname is top secret, but his goat-milking skills sure aren’t (anymore)

Featuring Monté L. Williams

Local Counsel with Ellen S. Cappellanti

Charleston’s Ellen S. Cappellanti checks in from Italy

Featuring Ellen S. Cappellanti

Local Counsel with JB Akers

Charleston’s JB Akers tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring JB Akers

Princeton’s Pioneer

Teacher-turned-attorney Kathryn Bayless was the first female attorney to set up shop in her West Virginia town

Featuring Kathryn R. Bayless

Richard S. Lee

Insurance Quotes

Insurance coverage attorney Lee M. Hall on contracts, the happy side of failing, and why she knows West Virginia’s golf courses better than you do

Featuring Lee M. Hall

Richard S. Lee

Carter Country

In labor disputes, clients often bypass New York and Chicago firms to work with West Virginia’s Mark Carter

Featuring Mark A. Carter

In the Footsteps of Big Grandma

Thomas Hurney Jr.’s thriving practice is part of a family legal tradition

Featuring Thomas J. Hurney, Jr.

View from the Top

How Susan Brewer landed at the helm of a major law firm

Featuring Susan S. Brewer

The Vintner

James C. Peterson has balance, clarity and a great finish

Featuring James C. Peterson

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