Wisconsin Super Lawyers Articles

OK, Ladies, Now Let’s Get in Formation

Leadership diversity, equal pay and discrimination: Eight women weigh in on how far the legal profession has (and hasn’t) come

Featuring Diane S. Diel, …

The Case That Came Back to Life

William Sulton thought the case was over and done with. Then new evidence resurrected it

Featuring William F. Sulton

The Silent Partner at Sweet & Maier

The historic home adds something strange to the neighborhood

Featuring John L. Maier, Jr.

Every Rose Has Its Horn

Larry Bechler performed in three Rose Bowls with ‘The Best Damn Band in the Land’

Featuring Lawrence E. Bechler

Local Counsel with Jack W. Ebbott

The Madison attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Jack W. Ebbott

Cream of the Crop

Cannon and Dunphy have built powerful legal careers from lessons they learned growing up in Wauwatosa

Featuring Patrick O. Dunphy, …

Providing for Providers

Sarah E. Coyne helps rural hospitals apply big health care laws to small-scale operations

Featuring Sarah E. Coyne

The Tie That Binds

Stephen Hayes tried the first traditional surrogacy case in Wisconsin, then helped write the law on it

Featuring Stephen W. Hayes

Discovery with Bridget M. Erwin

The Fox Valley attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Bridget M. Erwin

Dean Strang Has the Mic

Making a Murderer has brought him, and the justice system, to the national stage

Featuring Dean A. Strang

Where There’s Smoke, There’s John V. McCoy

Following fires and finding who’s at fault

Featuring John V. McCoy

Divorcing from the Status Quo

Susan Hansen and Gregory Hildebrand created the Family Mediation Center to meet evolving legal needs

Featuring Susan A. Hansen, …

Staying Afloat

How Brent Nistler keeps businesses—including his own—above ground

Featuring Brent D. Nistler

A Game of Millimeters

In a past life, Nate Olson worked drug intelligence and served in Iraq

Featuring Nathan Olson

Q&A with Dean Strang

The Making a Murderer lawyer talks about Brendan Dassey's overturned sentence

Featuring Dean A. Strang

Discovery with Dennis M. Melowski

Ironman Dennis Melowski on throwing fastballs, Jay Z name drops and being unapologetic

Featuring Dennis M. Melowski

Local Counsel with Kristen E. Lonergan

The Wausau attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Kristen E. Lonergan

The Bookends

How sharing a room as kids helped turn Heidi Vogt and Linda Vogt Meagher into top litigators

Featuring Linda V. Meagher, …

The Man From Luck

Ardell Skow has spent 50 years taking personal injury cases in northwestern WisconsinFeaturing Ardell W. Skow

Brew Crew

Milwaukee Brewers’ extra-base hits make wishes come true—and not just at Miller Park

Board Games

Lance Trollop on the challenges facing education in WisconsinFeaturing Lance Trollop

The Long and Winding Road

Bob Gegios’s six-year battle to try his caseFeaturing Robert L. Gegios

Labor Force

Barbara Zack Quindel on east coast sarcasm, the Wisconsin idea, and the last five years for Wisconsin laborFeaturing Barbara Zack Quindel

On the Variety of Things

To general litigator Dean Laing, it’s a new day every dayFeaturing Dean P. Laing

The Silent Part of the Conversation

It’s just one reason why Marie Stanton thrives as a mediator

Paradigm Shifts

Jerry Gonzalez fosters relationships between corporations and minority- and women-owned firms

Trial Dog

In an age of settlements, clients with must-try cases are relying on experienced lawyers like J. Ric GassFeaturing J. Ric Gass

The Human Side of Law

Elder and family law attorney Margaret W. Hickey guides people through disasters both natural and emotionalFeaturing Margaret W. Hickey

The Things He Carries

Stephen J. Meyer’s clients tend to be good people who have screwed up onceFeaturing Stephen J. Meyer

Schooling Banks and Brokers

What Stephen E. Kravit and C.J. Krawczyk found in three million pages of discoveryFeaturing Stephen E. Kravit, …

Life, Death and the Green Bay Packers

Real estate attorney Benjamin S. Stern, of Chernov, Stern & Krings, talks about the global financial meltdown, the importance of the dash, and some football team or otherFeaturing Benjamin S. Stern

The Quick and the Reserved

Terry E. Johnson likes helping lawyers with problemsFeaturing Terry E. Johnson

Longtime Adviser

Anne Ross’ calm, elbows-in approach keeps clients coming back for decadesFeaturing Anne E. Ross

Act 10, Scene 2

Shana Lewis is a problem-solver for Wisconsin school districtsFeaturing Shana R. Lewis

Buting for the Defense

Cancer survivor Jerome Buting on fallibility, prejudgment and the deterioration of criminal lawFeaturing Jerome F. Buting

Professional Calm

Daphne Webb stays level in the emotionally charged area of family law  Featuring Daphne Webb

Flying Colors

Aviation defense lawyer Bill Katt avoids the cockpit but goes full throttle in the courtroomFeaturing William J. Katt

Situation NORML

Why Kirk Obear, a former chief of military justice, works pro bono for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana LawsFeaturing Kirk B. Obear

Act 10, Scene 1

Lester Pines and Tamara Packard were ringside during the Madison protestsFeaturing Tamara B. Packard, …

War Stories

Dennis P. Coffey on the war on drugs, law schools, and how overlegislated we areFeaturing Dennis P. Coffey

Everybody Likes Don

Plaintiff’s lawyer Don Prachthauser is true and preparedFeaturing Don C. Prachthauser

The Book of Daniels

Real estate lawyer John Daniels uses business instincts and people skills to help shape MilwaukeeFeaturing John W. Daniels, Jr.

Packed to the Gills

Brothers Pat and Greg Gill Jr. bring gridiron intensity to their family-owned firmFeaturing Patrick P. Gill

Turning Al Anbar

Why Mark Budzinski left his med-mal practice to lead troops in IraqFeaturing Mark T. Budzinski

Sympathy for the Defendant

Tracey Wood is energetic, optimistic, and represents ‘the most hated’ defendantsFeaturing Tracey A. Wood


Philip J. Halley could tell you about his practice; but then he wouldn’t be a trusts and estates lawyerFeaturing Philip J. Halley

Man of Milwaukee

Why Frank Gimbel loves jury trials and Don QuixoteFeaturing Franklyn M. Gimbel

Barristers of the Ballot Box

How five Wisconsin lawyers got involved in the political processFeaturing Keith R. Clifford, …

Corner Man

Former cop Ed Harness is empathetic and unintimidatedFeaturing Edward Harness

Late Bloomer

How Corrado Cirillo demonstrated his wherewithalsFeaturing Corrado Cirillo

Woman’s Best Friend

How Megan Senatori helps domestic abuse victims—and their pets—get to safetyFeaturing Megan A. Senatori

The Pugilist (Not) At Rest

Michael Tarnoff of the Warshafsky Law Firm is boxing again—after 50 yearsFeaturing Michael I. Tarnoff

Rainy Day Man

Stephen P. Hurley fights ‘the 21st-century version of lynching'Featuring Stephen P. Hurley

The Catcher of the Lie

Ted Warshafsky on community, Ralph Nader and getting the motherf---ers to fess up

Keeping an Eye on What’s Right … And Wrong

Patricia Struck is looking out for your retirement savings

Give Us Your Scientists, Your Engineers, Yearning to Breathe Free

Immigration lawyer Glorily Lopez on who we're keeping out and whyFeaturing Glorily A. Lopez

Confronting Our No. 1 Fear (And It’s Not Death)

Trial lawyer Brenda Sunby once dreaded public speakingFeaturing Brenda K. Sunby

Keep Manhattan, Just Give Her That Countryside

Brittany Ogden couldn't resist the pull of the family farmFeaturing Brittany S. Ogden

The Lawyer Who Saw the Lightning

Stephen M. Glynn and nearly 40 years of moral fitness

The Guy From the West End of Milwaukee

Mike Jones is the public face of Milwaukee’s most iconic product

We Are Family

Relatives who play and work well togetherFeaturing Mark J. Gherty, …

From Court to Court

Karie Cattanach is still sinking threes as Dane County assistant D.A.

One-Man Law & Order

Mark Tilkens went from Top Cop to Top Lawyer

Peer Recognition

How Erik Guenther gets juries to sympathize with clients accused of sexual assault

The Lawyer With a Bear in His Briefcase

Frank Daily chose the law because of Atticus Finch’s example, Bobby Kennedy’s letter and a healthy Irish respect for the rules

The Supreme Thrill

Four Wisconsin attorneys talk about taking their cases all the way to the Supreme Court

Featuring Daniel A. Rottier, …

The Lawyer Who Can Save Your Soul

Personal injury lawyer Emile Banks moonlights as associate pastor at Christian Faith Fellowship Church
Featuring Emile H. Banks, Jr.

If Life Gives You Lemons, Call Vincent Megna

The Waukesha attorney finally found his niche at 46: representing Davids against automotive Goliaths
Featuring Vincent P. Megna

A Small Part to Play

While forging a business litigation practice in Milwaukee, Tomislav Kuzmanovic also helped liberate Croatia
Featuring Tomislav Z. Kuzmanovic

Lady Justice

Linda Balisle just wanted a part-time job; she wound up making new law
Featuring Linda S. Balisle

The Boxer

Pedro Colón’s life reads like a Horatio Alger story

Get Your Motor Runnin'

Jennifer Kent went in-house with the most famous motorcycle company in the world

Getting Even

Robert L. Habush went into the law reluctantly; now Wisconsin’s Trial Lawyer of the Year award is named after him.

The Crusader

Robert Henak’s mission is to make sure no one slips through the cracksFeaturing Robert R. Henak

Milwaukee's Prosecutor

After 37 years as Milwaukee’s district attorney, E.Michael McCann keeps going ... and going ...

The Storm

Victor Arellano makes waves to help immigrants find peaceful shores.

Bringing Momentum to Milwaukee

Amelia McCarthy tosses footballs, shatters ceilings

The Listener

Reflecting on a year as state bar presidentFeaturing Michelle A. Behnke

Carrie Bradshaw of the Tundra

Billie Jean Smith travels far and wide for adventure … or a good pair of shoesFeaturing Billie Jean Smith

The Voice

Philip O’Brien speaks well inside the courtroom and inside the boothFeaturing Philip R. O'Brien

Representing the First Americans

Brian Pierson knows what sovereignty meansFeaturing Brian L. Pierson

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