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Connecticut Selection Statistics — 2022

The statistical information below applies to designations appearing in the special section appearing in the November 2022 issue of Connecticut Magazine.

The Final Selection for 2022 was made from a pool of 7,521 attorneys, producing the final 2022 Connecticut Super Lawyers list of 1,730 attorneys.

For 2022, 388 Connecticut attorneys were invited to participate as Blue Ribbon Panel (BRP) members, evaluating candidates in their primary practice area. 49 of the attorneys participated contributing 1,892 evaluations of 1,284 candidates.

In addition, the "Star Search" process produced a pool of 2,185 names for the 2022 candidate pool.

As part of the selection process conducted for 2022, Super Lawyers sent 9,177 emails to all active, resident Connecticut attorneys licensed for five years or more. This year, 496 (or 5.4%) returned ballots. That population provided 3,189 nominations. Since some lawyers receive multiple nominations, 1,728 lawyers were placed in the nomination pool.

The following is the detailed statistical information for the current and prior years.

* About the Connecticut Super Lawyers 2011/2012 list.

Connecticut Super Lawyers and Rising Stars are our only lists nationwide that have been published in a year that is different than the list selection. For example, the Connecticut Super Lawyers 2011 list was selected and notifications were mailed to attorneys in late May 2010. The Super Lawyers list was then published in New England Super Lawyers Magazine in November 2010 and in Connecticut Magazine in February 2011.

Super Lawyers has made a one-time change in the way the year is designated to align Connecticut Super Lawyers with the way we make the designations nationwide. This transition year will be 2011.

In late May 2011, selection notifications were sent to the 2011 New England Super Lawyers list. That list was featured in New England Super Lawyers Magazine in November 2011 and Connecticut Magazine in a special advertising section in February 2012. We refer to this list online as Connecticut Super Lawyers 2011/2012 so that it is differentiated from the list previously designated as Connecticut Super Lawyers 2011 (which was selected in 2010).

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