Online content best practices

When writing content for your online profile, the following best practices should be considered to ensure your profile gets the best possible visibility in search engines.

  1. Include at least 200 words in your bio (350+ is ideal)The greater the word count, the easier it is for search engines to clearly understand what the content is related to. When search engines are confident about the subject matter of a page, they tend to place that page higher in rankings.
  2. Include relevant keywords and phrasesIn order for a page to be ranked highly in search engines for a particular keyword phrase, it’s important that phrase is present within that content. If one of the goals is for your page to surface high in search results for “attorney specializing in high asset divorces” – it is a good idea to include that exact phrase within your content. Be careful though, keyword phrases should be naturally integrated within your content and should not sound awkward when read aloud. Blatant, over-aggressive “keyword stuffing” can get your page banned from search engines.

    Also, just because you include the keyword phrase in your text doesn’t guarantee you will automatically rank highly for it. Many factors come into play when search engines rank pages on a keyword. In order to achieve the best results, choose desirable keywords that don’t have a lot of competition.

  3. Do not duplicate contentThough it may be tempting to copy the text from your website and include it as the bio on your profile, it is best to refrain from this. Search engines like Google now penalize pages that include content that has been duplicated from another page on the web.

    You can use your website as a guide for certain elements to include in your content, but it’s important to come up with completely unique content for your profile. Make sure to vary the wording and the flow of content from what is on your website to ensure the best visibility opportunities for your profile.

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