Super Lawyers testimonials

Learn how Super Lawyers selectees around the county view and leverage their selection.

Jessica Sleater

My selection to the Rising Stars list has helped me with starting my own firm this year. The prestige of being selected has enticed clients and other attorneys, who recognize the honor, to reach out to me and our firm to refer business to them and collaborate on cases. When you are the new firm, this type of selection makes a big difference to your credibility.

-- Jessica Sleater, Andersen Sleater Sianni LLC
Devin McNulty

Referral lawyers trust Super Lawyers because they know the lawyers selected for the honor are the best of the best. Being selected to the Super Lawyers list increases your firm's brand awareness and reassures referral lawyers that your peers hold you in high regard for your professional competence and expertise.

-- Devin McNulty, Chandler McNulty, LLP

Super Lawyers Readership Survey

What I like most about Super Lawyers Magazine is that it provides another resource for verification of the quality of lawyers in the community. The vetting process provides a very accurate reflection of the quality of lawyers.

-- Super Lawyers Readership Survey
Atessa Chehrazi

There are quite a few ranking services out there; Super Lawyers distinguishes itself in that it does not follow a "pay to play" model, and in that the designation is correct. Also, they use popular media to publicize the designation which means the information is accessible to clients (not just potential clients but existing) and not just other attorneys. I was surprised to receive congratulations from existing clients on being listed, which gives a sense of the effectiveness of the listing for referrals.

-- Atessa Chehrazi, Jackson & Hertogs LLP
Ron Bender

Super Lawyers is an effective and efficient way for lawyers to recognize their quality peers and for lawyers and others seeking legal advice to have easy-to-use access to top practitioners in every area of law.

-- Ron Bender, Levene, Neale, Bender, Yoo & Golubchik L.L.P.
Andrew L. Oringer

The Super Lawyers listings have broad distribution, and get significant attention from clients and other lawyers in the market. In a region with many lawyers like New York, the shorter and more specific lists get additional attention. I think that recognition from one's peers is something special in itself.

-- Andrew L. Oringer, The Wagner Law Group
Mark Lanier

Super Lawyers earns its name as the publication who is hot in each field. It is used by potential clients, and even by lawyers. We always see it as an honor to earn a listing.

-- Mark Lanier, The Lanier Law Firm
David B. Markowitz

Most directories do a great job reporting the top 20 or 30 lawyers in town. But finding that other 50 to 100 people who really deserve recognition, and need the recognition, to help establish themselves is what Super Lawyers does best.

-- David B. Markowitz, Markowitz Herbold PC
Theodore J. Fournaris

Super Lawyers is a tremendous way to raise visibility, build credibility, and best of all, reaffirm the relationships I have worked so hard to establish.

-- Theodore J. Fournaris, Fournaris & Sanet PA

J.D. 'Johnny' Cargill

The reason we value our selections to Super Lawyers and the attorneys that are honored is because it comes from a peer review—the nominations come from their own peers. These are people they’ve worked beside and against at times, and still have that respect to nominate. The process that Super Lawyers puts through each and every nomination to select the best of the best truly makes it an honor.

-- J.D. 'Johnny' Cargill, Director of Marketing & Communiations, The Lanier Law Firm
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Nancy S. Shilepsky

One of the things that is really impressive about Super Lawyers is the integrity of the selection process. The more I have learned about it, the more impressed I have been. It’s not a situation where you select people for Super Lawyers to interview. [Super Lawyers asks for feedback from] people who might not say good things about you: opposing counsel and your competitors. If all of those people come out and actually rate you highly, then that says a lot and I think it is really one of the strengths of Super Lawyers.

-- Nancy S. Shilepsky, Sherin and Lodgen LLP
Super Lawyers Readership Survey

Being listed [in Super Lawyers] provides objective evidence of being recognized for excellence by peer nominations and independent verification.

-- Super Lawyers Readership Survey
Michelle Tiger

Super Lawyers is different from other ratings services because not only is there a peer review, but there’s research that goes into it. Super Lawyers is looking not only at what your peers say, which is important, but the types of activities you do—pro bono, results that you’ve had and other things. It’s a more comprehensive review.

-- Michelle Tiger, Youman & Caputo, LLC
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Karl P. Numinen

I practice in a small firm in a rural area. Being listed in Super Lawyers has been a great benefit because I receive calls from attorneys who found me on the Super Lawyers list who may not otherwise have known about my areas of practice. And when I consider referring a client to an attorney, being listed in Super Lawyers is the only criteria I need.

-- Karl P. Numinen, Numinen, DeForge & Toutant, PC
Adina R. Bergstrom

Super Lawyers has increased my firm's presence nationally, as other firms have been able to reliably identify our areas of practice and years of expertise.

-- Adina R. Bergstrom, Sauro & Bergstrom, PLLC
Super Lawyers Readership Survey

Super Lawyers recognition has been a big plus to me and I’m proud to be recognized by my peers. It has been a strong validation and marketing tool.

-- Super Lawyers Readership Survey
Super Lawyers Readership Survey

On several occasions new clients have acknowledged finding me via Super Lawyers and current clients have commented on my listing in a very positive manner.

-- Super Lawyers Readership Survey
Gary W. Marsh

It is a great honor to be selected to a Super Lawyers list. Clients want their lawyer to be well recognized in the legal and business community, and the Super Lawyers designation has raised my profile and personal brand.

-- Gary W. Marsh, Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders LLP
Jason Paul Beaulieu

The credibility obtained by the peer-driven selection to a Super Lawyers list has greatly enhanced our marketing efforts and resulted in new clients. It also tends to reassure existing clients that they have made a good decision.

-- Jason Paul Beaulieu, Timmerman Beaulieu & Hinkle, LLC
Keith A. Williams

The Super Lawyers distinction is a valuable resource for solo practitioners like myself. It provides outside, third-party validation that is so important in an overall marketing strategy.

-- Keith A. Williams, Law Offices of Keith A. Williams, P.A.
Anna N. Martinez

Being selected to the Rising Stars list is crucial to building public confidence in my abilities as a younger lawyer. Knowing that this accolade is the result of peer nominations is essential for creating trust with the legal community and prospective clients. Similarly I use the Super Lawyers list to vet those lawyers that I do not know well when referring cases to someone outside of my practice area or focus as a plaintiff's lawyer, i.e., when searching for defense counsel.

-- Anna N. Martinez, Martinez Law Colorado LLC
Brandon M. Schwartz

Inclusion on the Rising Stars list immediately validates you to a prospective client as a knowledgeable and effective attorney. Because the Super Lawyers and Rising Stars lists are limited to the top attorneys in the state, being included on either list immediately gives credence to your abilities to handle the prospective client's matter and lends credibility to any referral I have received.

-- Brandon M. Schwartz, Schwartz Law Firm
Stuart J. Reich

I strongly believe that being able to claim Super Lawyers recognition enhances my brand, and is a key component of online reputation marketing.

-- Stuart J. Reich, Law Offices of Stuart J. Reich, PLLC
Darren A. McNair

Being selected to the Rising Stars list has increased my business because potential clients can identify with the Super Lawyers brand and recognition. Clients have told me that they believe the Super Lawyers recognition gives me more credibility and helps make their decision to hire me.

-- Darren A. McNair, Lardiere McNair DiNicola & Stonebrook, Ltd., LPA
Super Lawyers Readership Survey

Being part of Super Lawyers/Rising Stars has been a great way to increase my business network, not only for referrals of cases to me but it also gives me a lot of confidence referring cases to others on the list. Great job, Super Lawyers!

-- Super Lawyers Readership Survey
Sofia Adrogué

Super Lawyers/Rising Stars’ methodology is an initial point of differentiation—a powerful base line for seasoned expertise. The selection process with its independent research, peer nominations and peer evaluations, ensures a credible brand that merits highlighting online, as well as via print.

-- Sofia Adrogué, Diamond McCarthy LLP
Michelle M. Kniess

I practice in family law, so a lot of my clients come to me through the internet and online searches. They as a group, tend not to necessarily reach out to friends for an attorney referral; they are dealing with the sensitive issues that they don't necessarily want to share with other people. So they don't have anything to measure the worth of an attorney by. There's a lot of attorneys online. There's a lot of rating services online. Super Lawyers is a process that is I think well-known and it has been tested and proven to be a very good system. And so clients have mentioned to me or even potential clients in their initial consultation have mentioned 'oh, I see you're a Super Lawyer you've been named to the Rising Stars list and they've cited that as one of the reasons they sought me out. 

-- Michelle M. Kniess, Messerli | Kramer
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Scott D. Smiley

I have found many times when a client is deciding between hiring me and another attorney, my inclusion on the Super Lawyers list steers their decision to me.

-- Scott D. Smiley, The Concept Law Group, P.A.
Paul D. Peterson

Super Lawyers gives you an instant sense of credibility with people who are figuring out the legal landscape.

-- Paul D. Peterson, Harper & Peterson, PLLC
Jeff Marshall

I have noticed a substantial jump in referrals since I have been selected to the Super Lawyers list and believe that it is an instant boost in credibility among the bar as all attorneys strive to get selected to the Super Lawyers list.

-- Jeff Marshall, Marshall & Taylor, PLLC
Super Lawyers Readership Survey

A new client retained my services in the past week after she was informed of my addition to the Rising Stars list in Super Lawyers Magazine; I strongly believe the selection to the Rising Stars list made a contribution to her decision on whether to retain my services.

-- Super Lawyers Readership Survey
Christopher A. Macey, Jr.

My selection assures referral sources that they can refer clients to me with a certain level of confidence that I will be an effective advocate for the client they referred. It also instills potential clients with confidence that they are receiving quality representation from me and the other attorneys at my firm who have also been selected. In addition, it is a nice for me to be able to communicate my selection to the Super Lawyers list to clients and potential clients given the ethical restrictions on attorney advertising that otherwise exist.

-- Christopher A. Macey, Jr., Bell & Bell LLP
Eugene R. Egdorf

I value my selection to Super Lawyers primarily because it’s a validation of my abilities and what I’ve managed to do all these years. It also helps instill into clients a confidence level that they are represented by someone who is known in the industry as being reliable.

-- Eugene R. Egdorf, Daniels & Tredennick PLLC
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Joseph S. Friedberg

The first thing that comes to mind about valuing my selection by Super Lawyers is that it’s a self determination that my peers and other lawyers in other fields have recognized me and believe that I’m worthy of this kind of honor.

-- Joseph S. Friedberg, Joseph S. Friedberg Chartered
Super Lawyers Readership Survey

Clients vet lawyers online. Inclusion in Super Lawyers gives the clients some level of comfort that you deserve their trust - that you have a respected reputation.

-- Super Lawyers Readership Survey
Sam Aguiar

Selection to the Rising Stars list was a great feeling of validation. It also helps in the credentialing process with prospective new clients. In this era, there are so many resources at the disposal of one seeking the best lawyer for his or her case. Being able to confirm recognition by peers goes a long way towards showing the prospective client that you've earned the reputation of one who is highly experienced and capable in handling matters such as his or hers. I believe that peer recognition and client testimonials are currently the two most powerful tools in credentialing a lawyer. Don't believe me? Just look at the reliance we ourselves now place upon reviews and testimonials from Trip Advisor, Open Table, Google, Yelp, Angie's List and so many other resources in making our own decisions of businesses to choose and products to buy.

-- Sam Aguiar, Sam Aguiar Injury Lawyers
Thomas E. Lavender III

Being selected to the Super Lawyers list for the past eight years has been very helpful to me receiving referral business. It is an objective measure new referrals can check when they have initial questions while vetting me to be their attorney. I use the Super Lawyers list as a place to go when looking for attorneys to refer clients who have legal needs that are outside my practice area. Seeing a lawyer on the Super Lawyers list gives me confidence that I am referring a client to a quality attorney with expertise in the needed practice area.

-- Thomas E. Lavender III, Lavender Hoffman, LLC
Laurie Mack-Wagner

I really value Super Lawyers because it enables me to reach another level in my business, by identifying me as being particularly skilled in the field by others who are in my field. And so it gives an added sense of credibility that I think the average person would not otherwise know about.

-- Laurie Mack-Wagner, Mack & Santana Law Offices, P.C.
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Jess Block Nerren

We engage in both print and online opportunities with Super Lawyers—it’s one of our biggest marketing endeavors that our firm participates in each year. We have seen really positive results. A number of our attorneys send me the feedback they receive once everything runs. They’ll get congratulatory notices from people that they know, referral sources, and even people that they interned for 20 years ago before they were partners at the firm. They enjoy that feedback, which is meaningful in such a connected world such as the legal sector.

-- Jess Block Nerren, Director of Marketing & PR, Berger Kahn
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Super Lawyers Readership Survey

Super Lawyers advertising keeps me aware of the status of the attorneys listed and of their specialties. It is also useful when I am seeking to refer a client to an attorney who specializes in fields that my firm does not.

-- Super Lawyers Readership Survey
Debra F. Bogaards

My Platinum Profile ad has definitely paid off! Our ad in the Super Lawyers section of San Francisco magazine reaches non-lawyers. Now, people at the gym, Peet’s, the dry cleaners tell me that they had no idea of what I do, and they will come to me when they need a lawyer. The Super Lawyers selection is like the “stamp of approval." Once I meet with a prospective client, I don’t need to tell him or her about my 32+ years of practice and successful results. The prospective client says: Oh, I know. You're rated by Super Lawyers!

-- Debra F. Bogaards, ADR Services, Inc.
Steven A. Mindel

Our affiliation with Super Lawyers has been very effective in growing our Family Law Practice. By advertising in Los Angeles magazine, we are able to reach a wide consumer audience which is virtually impossible to do with an 18-attorney firm.

-- Steven A. Mindel, Feinberg, Mindel, Brandt & Klein, LLP
Gerald R. Uram

The Standard Profile has allowed my partners and me to expand our presence to the readers of Super Lawyers Magazine and The New York Times Magazine as well as strengthen relationships with current clients and friends.

-- Gerald R. Uram, Davis+Gilbert LLP
Michael Caldwell

Super Lawyers Magazine has, by far, been the best business-attracting publication that I have ever tried. I’ve received numerous calls that have become new clients and current clients tell me they saw me in Super Lawyers. It is an honor and it is a marketing golden apple!

-- Michael Caldwell, DeLong, Caldwell, Bridgers, Fitzpatrick & Benjamin, LLC
Danielle Russo

The Super Lawyers Premium Online Profile has helped rank our firm higher in search results and attract new clients.

-- Danielle Russo, Office Manager, ComputerLaw Group LLP
Nancy S. Shilepsky

Both the print and online advertising that we’ve done with Super Lawyers has been very important to our business. It has caused people to contact us, who I think would not have otherwise known about us.

-- Nancy S. Shilepsky, Sherin and Lodgen LLP
Michael Caldwell

I have always found my listing on the Super Lawyers list to be an incredibly profitable producer of new clients. It also has helped cement my reputation and relationships with existing clients. I am always more confident in the result for a client when I can refer them to another selectee for expertise that I or members of my firm might not have.

-- Michael Caldwell, DeLong, Caldwell, Bridgers, Fitzpatrick & Benjamin, LLC
Super Lawyers Readership Survey

A major benefit of Super Lawyers is that I am able to use the complimentary badge on all my emails which immediately tells my clients of my selection to this organization.

-- Super Lawyers Readership Survey
Gregory S. Rubin

The Platinum Profile has been a great resource for client referrals as well as lateral hires. It enhances our name recognition and literally provides a snapshot of our personnel, expertise and credentials. Thank you, Super Lawyers!

-- Gregory S. Rubin, Rubin, Fortunato & Harbison P.C.
Mark Lanier

Our Texas Super Lawyers ads have been a great way to let other attorneys know about new matters and developments at our firm, including our offices in California and New York. Positive relationships with other lawyers are a hallmark of our firm, and we know we speak directly to the legal community with our ads in Texas Super Lawyers Magazine.

-- Mark Lanier, The Lanier Law Firm
Whitney Warner

Some of my best cases have come through inquiries from my Expanded Online Attorney Profile. I get more internet inquiries through Super Lawyers than my firm web site or any other internet source. I no longer spend marketing money on any other internet source (aside from my firm web site).

-- Whitney Warner, PB&J Family Services, Inc.
J.D. 'Johnny' Cargill

There’s something about being on the printed page that verifies you in a lot of ways in people’s minds. ...those that are not even within the industry and especially with those that are in the industry, your peers. It means something.

-- J.D. 'Johnny' Cargill, Director of Marketing & Communications, The Lanier Law Firm

Amber R. Hayes

Because the process by which attorneys are selected to either the Super Lawyers or Rising Stars lists ensures that only those attorneys included have excelled in their practice field, have a special level of knowledge or expertise, and have positive peer recognition, I am confident in using the Super Lawyers and Rising Stars lists as a referral source for my own clients.

-- Amber R. Hayes, Hayes Family Law, APC
Super Lawyers Readership Survey

Super Lawyers is a great resource for practitioners looking to be better-connected; so often we only know one field, it's helpful to know where to turn if we need someone outside our little bubble.

-- Super Lawyers Readership Survey
Lyle A. Wallace

In some cases, when I need to make a referral to a lawyer specializing in a practice area where I have no personal relationships, there are a few criteria that I look at and Super Lawyers recognition is one of those. My experience is that lawyers recognized on the Super Lawyers list have a high degree of expertise in their area of specialty and to a person have taken great care of my clients.

-- Lyle A. Wallace, Sherman & Howard L.L.C.
Sofia Adrogué

Without a doubt, the annual Texas Super Lawyers accolade creates a level of prestige and comfort for a prospective client and for me when searching for Counsel in a state where I do not have peers or initial contacts.

-- Sofia Adrogué, Diamond McCarthy LLP
John A. Lentine

Super Lawyers has been a great asset in referral business especially from lawyers outside my own state referring business to me and when I look for lawyers in other states. I know that using Super Lawyers Magazine or the online directory will find clients the best in our business across the country.

-- John A. Lentine, Sheffield & Lentine, P.C.
Kevin E. Hulslander

The top 10 and top 50 lists legitimately include some of the best lawyers in the State some of whom I have referred numerous cases based in part on their inclusion on those lists. Those lists are solid and sound...and should be used by every attorney who is looking to make a client referral.

-- Kevin E. Hulslander, Smith, Sovik, Kendrick & Sugnet, P.C.
John J. Marchese

The Super Lawyers list is my first and most important reference when considering to whom a client referral should go.

-- John J. Marchese, Colucci & Gallaher, P.C.
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