Available header images

Please select a header image for your Super Lawyers Premium Online Firm Profile from the selections below.

Please note: not all header images work well with each template. Be sure to check that the header image looks good with your chosen template.

Law and justice law and justice sign on a stone building
Column scroll close up of a column with a scroll
Columns above view of ceiling with supporting columns
Legal notes person at desk writing on a document
Liberty lady of justice statue close up
Gavel close gavel
Law books and gavel books and gavel
Scales on desk scales of justice on a desk
Handshake close two people shaking hands
Office desk office desk with computer, book and scales of justice on it
Office abstract 1 abstract image of a hallway with light
Office abstract 2 abstract image of a hallway
Glass building exterior of a glass building
Exterior of buildings exterior of three buildings
Meeting 1 three people at a conference table looking at documents
Meeting 2 two men and two women across from each other at a conference table
Meeting 3 a couple meeting with an attorney
Remote meeting person in a remote work meeting
Business abstract exterior of office building looking in to office space
Business skyline two men shaking hands in front of a large glass window with a skyline
Diverse group of people group of 7 diverse men and women in a conference room
Family outside family of four sitting on a porch outside
Medical worker medical professional with stethoscope and ipad
Real estate view from above of a housing development
First responders first responders at a car crash
Gas and oil construction workers on scaffolding
Workers workers in a warehouse
Nature abstract abstract view of skyline
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