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Ask Super Lawyers

My partner and I have been living apart for months, and have an unofficial parenting plan for our child. How can I keep the parenting plan in place when I file my case in Oregon?

In Oregon, if you are filing for divorce, separation or a case to establish custody or parenting time, at the same time you file your case, you may …

Answered by Alexandra Nowlin, 6 months ago

Will my prenuptial agreement be recognized in an Oregon divorce or legal separation?

As with many things in family law, "it depends."   Oregon adopted the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act (UPAA) - by the way, "prenuptial" and …

Answered by Michael T. McGrath, 6 months ago

Do I need an Oregon Lawyer for my Testosterone Lawsuit?

Angel Law, P.C., is currently reviewing potential lawsuits concerning Testosterone Replacement Therapy. The dangers of testosterone supplements are …

Answered by Patrick D. Angel, 6 months ago

Articles from Oregon Super Lawyers
When You Say “I Do,” But Now You Don’t

When You Say “I Do,” But Now You Don’t
By Nancy Rommelmann
2014 Oregon Super Lawyers

Family law attorney Tom Bittner tells his clients, “It’s never going to hurt me like it hurts you”

Work, Life, Balance

Work, Life, Balance
By Emily White
2014 Oregon Super Lawyers

Diane Polscer launched a small law firm when her daughter was three days old

Something Positive from Something Bad
By Jessica Tam
2014 Oregon Super Lawyers

How Personal Injury Law Hooked Don Corson

We Are Repeat Players

We Are Repeat Players
By Susan G. Hauser
2013 Oregon Super Lawyers

Bankruptcy attorney Teresa H. Pearson knows it’s all about practice, practice, practice

By Nancy Rommelmann
2013 Oregon Super Lawyers

How John McGrory saved an empire for his yogi-practitioner clients

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