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Ask Super Lawyers

I am a heir or beneficiary of an estate or trust in Washington State, should I hire my own attorney?

Fiduciaries (personal representatives, administrators and trustees) must meet strict duties in dealing with beneficiaries and heirs under Washington …

Answered by Theresa Petrey, 9 months ago

Do I Need A Lawyer For A DUI In Washington?

Yes.  Washington Law's on drunk driving are harsh and a DUI conviction can have far reaching consequences.  That said, many times a reduction in …

Answered by Brian M. Sullivan, 11 months ago

How do I choose a DUI Lawyer in Washington State?

Choosing the right DUI attorney for your case in Washington is not only a difficult task, but an intensely personal one as well. It is the first step …

Answered by Jonathan P. Dichter, 1 year ago

Articles from Washington Super Lawyers
‘We’ve Got to Get Kelly Corr’

‘We’ve Got to Get Kelly Corr’
By Ross Anderson
2015 Washington Super Lawyers

Why Nirvana, Alaska Airlines and Hearst wanted him around; Bill Gates and Courtney Love, not so much

Balasubramani, Offline

Balasubramani, Offline
By Erik Lundegaard
2015 Washington Super Lawyers

Internet attorney Venkat Balasubramani loves talking about tech matters and legal theory, less so about himself

The Great Debater

The Great Debater
By Bob Geballe
2015 Washington Super Lawyers

Tacoma family law attorney Laura Carlsen can parry like nobody’s business

Budding Business
By Allison Peryea
2015 Washington Super Lawyers

Seattle lawyers have high hopes for Washington’s fledgling marijuana industry

Landmark Lawyer
By Margaret Friedman
2015 Washington Super Lawyers

Melody McCutcheon worked on the Bullitt Center and helped the Sorrento Hotel achieve historic status

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