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What Would I Do with a Blank Check? One Word: Waterslide

Discovery with Halleh T. Omidi

Published in 2020 Colorado Super Lawyers magazine

I can’t go a day without … some type of exercise or ChapStick.

My colleagues would be surprised to know that … as a child, I thought I was going to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records for hula-hooping. Sadly, I did not quite make the cut, but I can still hula-hoop for a ridiculously long period of time!

The lawyer I most admire is … the Honorable William Lucero, who is the Presiding Disciplinary Judge of the Colorado Supreme Court. I clerked for him during and after law school. He is the epitome of professionalism.

My pre-trial routine is … just the basics: a good night’s rest and a good breakfast. 

When I started, I wish I knew … some of my closest friends were previously my opposing counsel.

If I weren’t a lawyer, I’d be … a nutritionist.

The SCOTUS justice I’d like to meet is … RBG! 

The SCOTUS decision I’d overturn is … Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

My favorite Twitter feed is … @MazJobrani.

The talent I wish I had is … figure skating. Who wouldn’t want a matching velvet leotard and scrunchie?

I can’t believe more people haven’t read … Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison.

I can do a pretty good impersonation of … Dr. Evil.

On summer weekends I … can be found wake surfing at the lake. On winter weekends you can find me enjoying brunch with my husband and daughter.

The most fascinating person I ever met is … Joe Biden.

I get angry when … I am hungry.

The craziest thing I witnessed in a courtroom is … an opposing party trying to flip over counsel’s table during the court’s ruling, and, after she struggled to do that when she realized how heavy the table was, running out of the courtroom screaming.

My earliest memory is … trying to delay bedtime as a toddler by making various requests to stall my mom.

My favorite song lyric is … “To all the ladies in the place with style and grace”—“Big Poppa” by The Notorious B.I.G.

My favorite podcast is … Serial.

If I had a morning show, my co-host would be … my toddler daughter—she’s hilarious and adorable. 

The last TV shows I binge-watched were … Sneaky Pete and Suits.

If I won the lottery I’d … get a house with a waterslide connected from the master bedroom to the pool. Please tell me you have seen the 1994 Disney movie Blank Check.

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