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Civil RightsCivil Rights

California’s Legal Protections for Sexual Orientation

It’s a protected status, making discrimination illegal for any business

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Estate Planning & ProbateEstate Planning & Probate

Death and Digital Assets

When our online footprints outlive us, estate planning gets complicated

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Health CareHealth Care

Should I Elect COBRA Coverage?

New York employees should understand the costs and benefits before deciding

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Ask SuperLawyers

Q: Do I need a lawyer for a DUI/DWI in New York?

Answered by: Daniel J. Henry, Jr.

A: Although many motorists choose to automatically plead guilty to a DUI or DWI charge, the consequences of even a first-time DUI conviction will …

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Selection Process Infographic

Our Patented Selection Process

The objective of Super Lawyers’ patented multiphase selection process is to create a credible, comprehensive and diverse listing of outstanding attorneys that can be used as a resource for attorneys and consumers searching for legal counsel.

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