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No Country for Old Workers

Almost two-thirds of older workers have reported experiencing age discrimination

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Q: How does Labor Law Section 240 protect me in a scaffolding accident in New York?

Sponsored answer by: Andrew Levine

A: Working in construction is a job that inherently comes with risk. Of the many risks, one that often presents itself is falling from scaffolding. A …

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Q: Can I sue my doctor for cancer misdiagnosis in Massachusetts?

Sponsored answer by: Zachary B. Lang

A: Answered by Zachary B. Lang     Yes, a doctor can be sued for medical malpractice for failure to diagnose cancer or for initially misdiagnosing …

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Our Patented Selection Process

The objective of Super Lawyers’ patented multiphase selection process is to create a credible, comprehensive and diverse listing of outstanding attorneys that can be used as a resource for attorneys and consumers searching for legal counsel.

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