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Super Lawyers estate planning & probate legal resources

What Happens if Someone Dies Without an Estate Plan?

Avoid intestacy by having an estate plan in place

What’s the Difference Between an Estate Plan and a Will?

A will is just one important part of your overall estate plan

What Digital Assets Should I Include in an Estate Plan?

An estate plan isn’t complete without considering your digital property

After an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

How to memorialize your wishes with a carefully crafted estate plan

What Assets Should Be Considered When Planning Your Estate?

Consider all assets in creating your estate plan

What Is the Role of an Executor in Estate Planning?

Understanding the duties of an executor in estate administration

Four Ways To Reduce and Avoid Estate Tax

Understanding methods to shield your estate from state or federal taxes

How Can a Probate Court Process Be Avoided?

Understand your options for getting around the probate process

What Does an Estate Planning Attorney Do?

An estate planning lawyer helps you prepare for the future

What Happens If You File for Bankruptcy Multiple Times

Only the timing matters, New York attorneys say

What Is a Power of Attorney?

Peace of mind for you and your loved ones

How to Protect Your Most Valuable Assets in an Estate Plan

What Hoosiers need to know about estate planning in Indiana

Writing Wills and Trusts in Ohio 101

Ohio attorney Susan E. Wheatley covers the basics you should get to sooner rather than later

What Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney Mean

What the Illinois estate planning laws say about advance directives

The Four Pillars of a Good Estate Plan in California

And why a will doesn’t necessarily help you avoid probate court

An Estate Plan Can Be a Wealth Preservation Plan in Kentucky

Legal strategies to save your estate, gift, income, and generation-skipping taxes

3 Essential Estate Planning Documents Everyone in Massachusetts Needs

Common mistakes people make with their estates and legal documents

What to Know About Special Needs and Disability Planning in Connecticut

The reasons why you should have a legal plan for long-term assistance

How to Succeed at Succession

The importance of creating a plan to keep a business going for generations

The Levels of Eligibility for Ohio Veterans Benefits

The financial assistance vets and survivors can apply for

Am I Eligible for Veteran Benefits or Pension?

How veterans and survivors can apply through the VA

How to Begin an Estate Plan in New York

Your attorney will—comfortably—guide you through the process

How to Manage Your Digital Afterlife

Floridians can protect their online and cloud assets via estate planning

Is It Better to Have a Will or a Living Trust?

How to decide when a revocable living trust might be better for you

Should I Start or Update My Estate Plan During a Pandemic?

An emergency situation can serve as a catalyst, but don’t panic

Map Your Digital Assets Before It's Too Late

Leaving your loved ones online access best prepares them in the event of your death

What to Know About Estate Plans in California

Even with Alzheimer’s, you can still have the capacity to complete one

What Happens in the Louisiana Probate Process?

And should I avoid it, if possible?

Benefits for Elderly Veterans and How to Get Them

Navigating aid and attendance, medical, geriatrics, and long-term care in Texas

Estate Planning for Your Digital Presence

How and why New Yorkers should do it

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