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Super Lawyers Wills Articles

When to Consider Living Will and Medical Directive in Nebraska

The circumstances in which these estate planning tools can help

Do You Need a Will if You Do Not Have Kids?

Without a will, your wealth might end up with those who don’t need it

If I Make a Will with an Online Template, Is it Legal?

What you need for a valid will in South Dakota

If You Don't Have a Will in New York

What happens if you die without an estate plan in place

There's a Way for a Will During COVID in Florida

Even in the midst of the pandemic, it’s not too late to do your estate planning

How to Set Up Your Will to Avoid Disputes

An estate plan can help to peacefully pass down your homestead to heirs

If Your Will Doesn't Include Your Online Property

Then your family members might be out of luck

A Loved One Passed Away Without a Will. Now What?

The survivors are left with some difficult probate decisions

If Your Spouse or Parent Dies Without a Will

You may not inherit what you think is yours: Georgia’s intestate succession laws

If You Haven't Written a Will, New York State Has

Where there's a will, there's a way

An Overview on Wills Law

Understanding how this document controls your property after death

With a Will Comes Peace of Mind

Washingtonians should really do it, estate planning attorneys say

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