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Super Lawyers Trusts Articles

Setting Up a Special Needs Trust in New York

How to do it, with help from an estate planning attorney

What Is a Trust?

A powerful legal document that helps you transfer assets as intended

What to Know If You're Considering a Pet Trust in New York

Planning for the care of your pet when you're no longer able

Things to Know When Considering a Cabin Trust in Minnesota

When is a cabin trust a good idea, and when should you choose another route?

What are the Benefits of a Living Trust?

The situations in which Illinois estate planning attorneys would recommend it

Common Reasons to Create a Trust in Maine

When a simple will simply won't cut it

Tips for Setting Up a Pet Trust in Arizona

The legal document allows you to care for your pet after you die

How Much Money Do I Leave for a Special Needs Trust?

With public funding under pressure, your child may need trust funds more than you think

Who Should Be Your Special Needs Child's Trustee?

New York legal experts often recommend professionals over family members

What Are the Benefits of a Charitable Remainder Trust?

How and why to have an estate planning attorney set one up in Utah

Does a Revocable Living Trust Protect Me From Creditors?

No, but it protects your kids and is a recommended way to pass down inheritance in Arizona

The Tax Benefits of Charitable Estate Planning

How to set up a charitable trust in Oregon

Gun Trusts Allow You to Legally Pass Down Your Firearms

The mechanism protects you, your family and beneficiaries from breaking federal law

What Trust Should I Choose in Texas?

An overview of the types within which you might place your assets

Creating a Family Trust or LLC in West Virginia

How to protect a family’s land interests and ensure they’re properly passed down

The Advantages of a Special Needs Trust

SNTs and Pooled SNTs allow loved ones to gift money to those on government benefits

What is Trusts Law?

Benefits and drawbacks when property is held for the benefit of another

Minnesota's Trust Law Overhaul: What to Know

How the new law affects a key part of estate planning

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