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Super Lawyers Business/Corporate Articles

Merging Risks and Rewards

What to look for—and look out for—in a merger or acquisition

The Dangers M&A Attorneys Protect Michigan Businesses From

Why to call a mergers and acquisitions lawyer when you're looking to sell or grow

To Mediate or Arbitrate, That is the Question

How alternatives to litigation can save businesses time, money and more

What Is Business & Corporate Law?

A deep and complex area of law to suit the many needs of today's business world

Do You Need a Lawyer to Transfer/Restructure Business Ownership?

The legal implications for such arrangements in Oklahoma

The Quicker, Easier, Cheaper Way to Solve a Business Dispute

Mediation allows all sides to have their say outside the court system

What Can Be Done About Ransomware Attacks?

Legal advice from New York data security attorneys

When to Consider Mediation in a Business Dispute

Getting the skinny from alternative dispute resolution specialists

The Care and Feeding of Nonprofits

Nonprofit business attorneys give their legal advice

How to Solve an Impasse in a Business Dispute

Michigan mediators share the tips of their trade

Does My Small Business Need a Lawyer on Retainer?

Why Washington entrepreneurs might want to consider counsel

What Does a Small Business Lawyer Cost and Do I Need One?

And how to go about finding one in Washington state

Bring All of the Relevant Documents

Bring all of the relevant documents

The Dos and Don'ts of Starting a Nonprofit

It begins with the size, the board, the name and the mission

Can Businesses Plan for the Next Pandemic?

M. Heath Gilbert Jr. says yes—to a degree

The Legal Drawbacks and Liabilities for Restaurants Under COVID-19

Tips from a South Carolina retail attorney on the harsh realities this pandemic presents

Does a Nonprofit Need a Lawyer for IRS 990 Forms?

What’s tricky or dangerous for the tax-exempt organizations that are required to submit them

How Much Cybersecurity Does My Business Need?

Protecting sensitive data is an ongoing process for mid-size and small businesses

Does My Business Need Cyber Insurance?

And what does cyber insurance cover?

Capitalizing on Offshore Wind

How New York can become the Saudi Arabia of renewable energy

Why You Need a Lawyer to Help Comply with the CCPA

You can navigate it on your own, but a data privacy professional is a safer bet

Will the California Consumer Privacy Act Affect My Business?

Even Ohio businesses need to double check

DIY Legal Documents on the Internet May Lead to Trouble

A few reasons Los Angeles startups might want legal advice instead

What Laws Govern Charitable Solicitation in Massachusetts?

The state and federal regulations a nonprofit must follow when seeking funds

Brave New Workplace

Welcome to the Brave New Workplace

How Should Technology Platforms Be Categorized?

Telecommunications attorney Peter Schildkraut on the recent legal question

What New Legal Issues Are Media Companies Facing?

Telecommunications attorney Peter Schildkraut on how the industry is changing

Why Would You Need an Agriculture Attorney?

They may save farmers money, time and worries

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