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Helping Employees Succeed

The ins and outs of reasonable accommodation

What’s Reasonable in a Reasonable Accommodation?

Lawyers attempt to unpack the definition under state and federal law 

How Reasonable Accommodation is Defined in Michigan

Unpacking the federal and state law for employers

When and How to Do an Internal Investigation

Employment and labor attorneys offer advice for businesses

A Vaccinated Workforce Doesn?t Have to Mean a Mandate

What some Michigan employers are doing to ensure a safe work environment

Valid Defenses to Workplace Sex Discrimination

How a Washington business might fight an employment lawsuit

What to Do If You Face a Sexual Harassment or Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

How employers should respond if they face a claim

Can I Lay Off My Furloughed Employees?

Legal considerations employers need to be aware of

How to Avoid a Discrimination Claim

Illinois employment attorneys share their advice

When You Need an Employee Benefits Attorney

Reach out to prevent harm at your Illinois company

When Do I Need an Employment Attorney?

Illinois business owners should be proactive

Protecting Your Business from Social Media Dangers

An employment attorney can help before issues arise in Illinois

How to Defend a Discrimination Claim

Employment lawyers give their advice

You Might Be an Employer and Not Know It

The line isn't clear, but here are the legal guidelines

Social Media and Hiring Decisions Are Not a Good Mix

Don’t check that applicant’s Facebook page

What to Do If You're Accused of Discrimination

Call an employment lawyer to prepare your defense

When ADA Accommodations Collide

What can employers do when two employee requirements conflict with each other?

Are Criminal Background Checks Discrimination?

They can be used for hiring decisions in Texas, but with discretion

Sick and Safe Time in Minnesota

How employers can comply with the law

Are Noncompete Agreements Enforceable?

Texas companies have the right to protect their investment in workers (within reason)

To Pay or Not to Pay Interns

That is the question, and the answer is hard to find in a grey area of the law

Protecting Yourself Against Corporate Espionage

It may sound like James Bond, but really, it’s just stealing

What is Employment Law for Employers?

Common considerations in the employment relationship

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